51+ Sample Research Progress Report

What is a Research Progress Report?

A research progress report is a clear and well-integrated written document that fully presents the original information directly and it contains context-specific data that can solve a specific issue or situation. It is a valuable communication tool that facilitates academic researchers, market researchers, scientific researchers, business researchers and other kinds of researchers to study, analyze, and demonstrate first-hand information in an orderly manner, expressing its authenticity and validity in a specific research management, research committee, or institution. Doing this will enable an eclectic range of high-quality, reliable microdata available to empirical researchers in the social, behavioral and economic sciences, as well as other kinds of research fields and sectors.

One example of a research progress report is a medical research progress report published in 2020 concerning the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as it presented the progress of the coronavirus disease based on bibliometric analysis. The reference stated that the report is composed of comprehensive information which aims to explore the distribution of research capabilities of countries, institutions, and researchers, as well as the hotspots and frontiers of coronavirus research in the past two decades. Based on the results of the analysis of trend of annual publications, the growth of publications depicted a rising trend from 2003-2004 and from 2012-2016 as a total of 11,036 documents were retrieved, including 9459 articles (85.7%), 1173 reviews (10.6%), and 404 letters (3.7%) showed in the growth trend. Thus, all types of research professionals such as market researchers, academic researchers, medical researchers, biological scientific researchers, and many others should record and examine the process of their research progress while creating a clear and systematic research progress report. 

Different Types of Research Progress Report

Paul Dirac said: “The measure of greatness in a scientific idea is the extent to which it stimulates thought and opens up new lines of research.” Examining and measuring development and progress in a certain research project report are integral when it comes to driving new avenues in various research fields and industries. In this section, we will help you to supply your knowledge and research skills as you learn and understand the different types of research progress reports because your technique of writing is determined by the type of research progress report you will write. Read the following details below:

1. Research Performance Progress Report

A research performance progress report contains basic components such as cover page data elements, research accomplishments, timeline of research work, and quality of overall research performance. If you need to accomplish a research performance progress report, define the following mandatory elements: the name of federal agency and organization element to which the progress report is submitted, the federal grant or other identifying number assigned by agency, project title, the name, title and contact information (e-mail address and phone number) of the research program director or principal investigator, the date of submission, DUNS number, the name and address of recipient organization, the start and end date of research project/grant period, the end date of reporting period, report term or frequency (annual, semi-annual, quarterly, other) and the signature of submitting official or the acceptable electronic signatures). For the research accomplishments, explain what research work was done and what was learned throughout the research project.

2. Research Internship Progress Report 

Research interns typically assist their employer or a professor at their college or university with a plethora of tasks such as conducting research, collecting data, implementing ideas, and helping write research papers. They often work closely with other students and research interns. A research intern is qualified when he or she has an interest in the research subject and strong communication skills. Research internship is beneficial for amateurs in the research work as they will be trained to gain interpersonal skills, creativity, and the ability to be effective in memorizing and following complex safety guidelines. If you need to prepare a progress report for your research internship, indicate the date, name of scholar, name of faculty mentor, and title of research project. Then, write in a few sentences about the specific progress you have made on your research project so far. Explain if you encountered anything you did not expect. Tell more if there are any changes to the original research project proposal.

3. Research Administration Progress Report

Do you need to write a progress report for a research administration? First, you need to track deadlines of the research administration as several progress reports are due 45 days before the start date of the next budget period, other progress reports are due two months before the start date of the next budget period, and deadlines are automatically moved forward to the next business day if they fall on a weekend or federal holiday. After that, request or obtain access online. Review current award information while determining whether there are subcontractors and locating administrator contact information, determining whether there are animal and/or human subjects and make sure current protocol approvals are on file and determining which other research personnel.

4. Research Center Progress Report Format

To prepare and submit a well-detailed progress report for a research center funded project, follow the basic guidelines like submitting a specific number of progress reports per year and submitting them on the right time and date. For example, follow the guidelines if you need to submit short progress reports or detailed progress reports. If you are required to submit detailed research progress reports, make sure that the reports have no more than 5-8 pages of text, not including figures, tables, images, literature cited or other information which may be included as addenda. Or if you are required to submit short research progress reports, make sure that they should be one page, and bullet point lists. When you include an abstract, it should be written for a well-informed layperson, including the media. The body of the report should be written for a scientific audience as long as clarity is maintained. Include figures, maps, photographs, and tables to support and explain your text. Graphics should be placed near the text that they support.

Basic Elements of a Research Progress Report

In this section, you will learn how to construct a remarkably written and well-detailed research progress report. However, a research progress report has different features. Include the following elements for you to create an impressive document:

Cover Page: One of the primary elements of a research progress report is the cover page. It comprises the title of the research project, the full name of principal investigator and sponsoring organization, the names of other research collaborators, other research firms and organizations providing project resources, present funding period, specific dates of the research progress report coverage and the deadline of the research progress report.Executive Summary: This part is the imperative section of your research progress report. Being the most read section of a research progress report, it provides a simple, cohesive, and easy-to-read summary of the fundamental details. Most of the decision makers only read this section. So, this stand-alone overview of the entire research progress report must clearly highlight the major findings. Include the description of the products, processes, and/or services, projected results of your funded research project. Usually, an executive summary is written only in one page. Table of Contents:To make the document well-structured, add a table of contents page. List the headings and subheadings by page number. Then, add the location of all exhibits, tables, and figures that should also be listed by their assigned titles.Timeline of Research Progress: Describe the overall progress of the research work. Construct a clear and comprehensive timeline of the activities, methods, and other tasks performed throughout the research project. Indicate the time, hours and dates showing the research process and how the research project developed. Results: Illustrate the research progress findings addressing the research questions and hypotheses. Explain the choice of data analysis techniques and show the details of the result.Research Project Accomplishments: Summarize the research project accomplishments clearly. Use bulleted text to list the research accomplishments and other technical achievements.

How to Write a Research Progress Report

Writing a research progress report is a significant method to help different kinds of researchers in analyzing and documenting the process of research progress. Thus, research program directors and principal investigators need to construct and submit research progress reports several days prior to the ending date of each research contract period. A research progress report can effectively outline a researcher’s evidence regarding the application of diverse methods in their research practice. Below are some easy-to-follow tips that indicate how to design and write a professional research progress report:

Step 1: Create a Cover Page

Include these basic elements to the cover page of your research progress report: the number and title of research project, the name of principal investigator and sponsoring organization, the name(s) of the co-principal investigator(s) and sponsoring organization(s), other organizations providing project resources, current funding period, the specific dates the research progress report covers and the due date of the research progress report.

Step 2: Make the Executive Summary

Briefly summarize work-to-date for a lay reader. Don’t include information which must be kept proprietary. First, describe the products, processes, and/or services, which is the projected outcome of your funded research project. State the overall research project goals and objectives. Summarize the significant technical achievements and notable technical achievements to date on your research project. Then, describe the market potential as presently assessed.

Step 3:  Define the Participants of the Research Program

If you are creating an annual progress report, list the organizations currently participating in the research project, state the type of organizations for each business/industry, university, non-profit, etc., and describe the type and level of each involvement. Elaborate any changes in organizational participation planned/expected for the next year. If you are creating a final progress report, discuss changes in organizational participants expected during the development period for the product, process or technology at the focus of the research project

Step 4:  Describe the Research Project Accomplishments

The next step is you need to discuss the research completed on the research project during the current funding year, specifically it is important to assess the significant technical achievements, the notable technical achievements and the success in achieving the research project objectives in the time projected including comments on any planned but unachieved objectives.

Step 5: Proofread, Revise, and Prepare the Final Research Progress Report

Review your overall research progress report and check if you fully include all the crucial elements in your report. If you notice that you overlook some sections that require sufficient points, we recommend that you edit and revise the document thoroughly. After the proofreading and revision process, you can now prepare the final research progress report. Add some notes and other messages you want to inform the management on the concluding part of your document. Skim your research progress report for final evaluation and quality check. 


What are some examples of research progress reports?

Some examples of research progress reports are research performance progress report, research internship progress report, research progress and advisory committee meeting report, graduate student research progress tracking report, annual research progress report, graduate student research progress report, human subjects research progress report, weekly research progress report, research center progress report format, quarterly research progress report, research training progress report, competitive research grant one year progress report, research support program progress report, agricultural research student progress report, science research project progress report, Ph.D research progress report, and more. 

Why is a research progress report important?

A research progress report is important for businesses, institutions, research groups, and professionals because it helps them to understand the evident historical data of the business or research work to allow them budget, forecast, and plan for the future. Using this document will be beneficial to evaluate and monitor business performance over any period of time. It guides you to formulate better business decisions, project future results and drive improvements. 

What are the significant steps in writing a research progress report?

When you write your research progress report, you should perform the important steps such as stating the primary goals in the research, inserting several questions of research progress, plans and problems, enabling  demonstrating the research progress process, illustrating the outcomes of the research progress, proofreading and revising the research report, preparing the completion of final research progress report, using section headings to make reading and easier and more organized, and utilizing simple and straightforward language.

How to write a PhD progress report?

In order to write a PhD progress report, each doctorate student need to write the progress report using a simple, well-structured progress report template, present the PhD progress report to their respective supervisor(s), call in the follow-up group meeting, send the PhD progress report to your follow-up group at least 2 weeks prior the follow-up group meeting, set the follow-up group meeting, update the PhD progress report and show it to their follow-up group members and supervisor(s) and submit the updated PhD progress report to the doctoral programme thru  the online form according to the deadline.

All kinds of researchers need to reflect during the research process and the overall progress of their work so that they are able to maintain focus on the practical issues of the clients and their resolution while learning is fundamental to advance knowledge toward the goal of creating a theoretical contribution. To be successful in research progress report writing, it is essential that you always think about your readers as you think about what they want from your research project and why. Consider on how you want to influence them and how they will react to what you need to say through your research progress report. When writing your report, uphold the reader-centered approach.  So, here are some of our downloadable and printable research progress report samples available in different kinds of formats such as research internship progress report, research progress and advisory committee meeting report, graduate student research progress tracking report. Simply click our sample research progress reports in this article and start downloading now!