63+ Sample Appraisal Forms

What Are Appraisal Forms?

An appraisal form works like an evaluation form where you can assess and rate a certain subject. And it is commonly used in the workplace where a manager or HR evaluates the performance of their staff. Appraising helps answer a bunch of questions from a subject’s strengths, weaknesses, and other factors to measure. Thanks to these appraisal forms, you can tell if operations are successful, going on the right path, or needs improvement.

According to Statista’s 2020 research survey, the real estate appraisal’s market size in America was $7.57 billion.

The Standard Parts of an Appraisal Form

Albeit appraisal forms are not the same for every organization, there are common aspects to expect too. And each part makes your appraisal form whole. And what are they? Here are the basic parts of appraisal forms:

Title: Start identifying what your form is by ensuring the words ‘Appraisal Form’ are entitled in the document. You can also be more specific by adding words related to your appraisal’s purpose.Instructions: While the title serves as a clear introductory statement, you can’t forget the instructions on how to use the appraisal form. Most often, the instruction is about how to rate your subject and to introduce the rating rubrics for clarity.Rating Rubric: There should be a clear rating system in the appraisal form. And the 5-point rating rubric or the Likert scale is the usual way to do it, wherein you assign number one as poor until number five which is for excellent.Areas to Assess: List down the areas or items to assess. Take a teacher appraisal, for example. Did the teacher start the class on time? You eventually rate from one to five. And that item referring to the teacher’s punctuality and other standards set by the appraisal are the areas to assess.Notes: Lastly, leave extra room for notes. The notes is where you can write about anything that isn’t present in the form. It can be where you write your feedback form, additional comments, and others.

How to Make an Appraisal Form

Take time to check out every sample appraisal form on top. Each template gives you the leeway to produce as many appraisal forms as you want, edit the format and design, and even download different versions of the form. And to make sure your appraisal form really pays off, don’t forget to apply the following steps:

Step 1: Know Your Main Purpose

Why are you making an appraisal form in the first place? That eventually leads you to remember your purpose. This part is where you figure out if you are assessing a vehicle, an employee, a supervisor, or any other subject. Once you learn your purpose, ensure that the rest of your appraisal form’s data will be related to that of your purpose.

Step 2: Set the Appraisal Form’s Basic Parts

Include the standard parts of a basic appraisal form, which you already learned earlier. Thus, the title until the notes should be seen in your appraisal form. But, you can also customize it by adding more parts and categories. However, you should only focus on the relevant elements so you won’t lose track.

Step 3: Arrange Your Details Carefully

Don’t simply insert the different parts and information without organizing your details. Arrange everything properly like ensuring the different categories are divided with tables. Or perhaps, you categorize the areas to assess according to their common elements. Hence, you can group questions related to customer service in one category, another category for productivity, and many more.

Step 4: Observe a User-Friendly Output

Observe an output that is user-friendly. And you can tell that it is like that when using the form doesn’t take too much time and effort. There are many ways to make the appraisal form less complicated from being straightforward, using simple language, adding visuals and charts, or implementing crystal clear instructions. And go for the output you want, whether it is printed or not.


What is a performance appraisal form?

A performance appraisal form is a document used to assess a person, thing, or event’s performance. Since you can appraise any example with a general appraisal form, a performance appraisal form is more specific since it is already focusing on performance mostly.

What is real estate appraisal?

Real estate appraisal refers to assessing a land or property’s value. Hence, you can study a property’s valuation and other real estate transactions with the appraisal. And here’s a fun fact: the real estate appraisal’s market size in the US was $7.57 billion in 2020.

What are some tips to work an appraisal properly?

There are many ideas involved in acing an appraisal. And here are a few examples:

  • Set a to-do list or checklist to write the necessary appraisal steps.
  • Be objective in assessing.
  • Focus on constructive criticism; don’t just focus on negative feedback without helpful advice.
  • Follow up on your subject’s next performance if there is development involved.

An appraisal isn’t an excuse to brutally criticize employees or performances; it is about awareness. You can identify what areas need improvement, which parts are doing well, and what other alternatives could solve an issue. Hence, you need not guess or assume about a project because monitoring displays the actual results. So you want to guarantee your success? Use sample appraisal forms every now and then!