55+ Sample Work Order Forms

What Is a Work Order Form?

This can also be referred to as a job order or in some cases work ticket. It is a document that is used to outline the tasks or activities as well as the materials needed to complete the work. This is a document that is either sent by a customer from outside the business organization or sent from a department or individual within the boundaries of the business organization. 

A work order will only be formulated after the work request has been submitted, evaluated and approved. Work order is also given the abbreviation of WO.

Key Elements Included in a Work Order Form

The information of who issued the work: First and foremost, the form should contain who requested for the work to be done. Who issued the request for the work order? For external orders, this should contain the name, contact information as well as the address of the client or customer. For internal orders, this must contain name, contact information as well as their department or their position in the company. The date that the job order was requested and submitted should be stated as well.The information of who will perform the work: The next section is where you will state who will be in charge of performing the tasks related to the job. It is a must to indicate whether one individual is enough to finish the work or a group or department will be needed in order to complete the job. In this section, if the job will require an outside contractor or technician, it should be stated here as well.The description of the work: This section can be further divided into three subsections or statements and explanations. The first subsection is the description of the issue. This will give a clear explanation of the problem. This should clearly define the problem as well as the date it occurred. The second section is the checklist of the tasks or activities. This will list out the tasks or activities that are needed to be performed in order to address the issue and solve the problem. State and define the skills required to complete the job. The third section will be the instructions and guidelines. In most cases, a job order will come with a set of rules and guidelines that are to be strictly observed while performing the job.The information of the asset: This will clearly state and define what needs to be fixed or produced and where the work will be conducted. This should provide the exact location of where the work is needed. In some cases, especially in big and complex projects, they make use of ID numbers to identify their assets. It will be a big help to have an asset list.The necessary materials: Having a list of materials that are needed in order to properly perform the work is necessary. This should be very detailed and be taken seriously. The list of materials should also include the quantity needed as well as the size of each part that is required. This should as well include the cost of each necessary tools and pieces of equipment that is essential in order to complete the work. Having a detailed section for the materials will lead to a faster progress in the work.The duration of the work: In your WO form, there should also be a close estimation of the timeline of the work. In computing and filling out the section for the work duration, it is a must to include the expected date of completion and expected hours needed in order to complete the job. It is also important to state the actual date of completion and actual hours of work that was allotted in finishing the job.The level of priority: A document that may help in assigning the priority of work is the priority list. This is needed in a WO form. This will help technicians in making crucial decision. This section will identify how critical the work is. The more critical it is, the higher the priority level. Take a look at your critical path and identify the crucial tasks that will greatly affect the schedule.The additional notes: This section would identify the safety and health hazards notes or guidelines while performing the work. Another factor to add here is the notes or recommendations after the work is finished. This will give tips or techniques in order to solve the issue if they were to occur again. The completion note should also state the observations while the work is being conducted. Make use of log sheets to effectively list out the important notes.

Step by Step Process in Creating a Work Order Form

Step 1: Make Use of a Format or a Template

This is a type of document that can be considered as a legally binding agreement between two parties. This should be in no way taken lightly and as a joke. A job order should be created as clean and as organized as possible. The first step would be to look for a template and customize the template according to the pieces of information that you will input.

Step 2: Evaluate the Work Request Form

It is a must to carefully evaluate the work request. After receiving and evaluating the work request it is important to categorize them into different groups. This will lead to a faster and smoother transaction and progress in the operations. They can be categorized once in each of the groups stated in the type of job orders.

Step 3: Fill Out the Different Sections of the Form

The first thing to identify is the name and contact information of both parties involved in the contract agreement. Next thing to do is state the different issues that were observed, plans of actions necessary to finish the work as well as the guidelines in executing the work. It is also a must to identify where the work will be conducted as well as the information of the asset that needs to be fixed or constructed.

The next important factor that should be taken into account is carefully identifying and evaluating the tools and pieces of equipment that is needed to finish the project. It is a must to be very thorough in this step. One wrong size or lack of quantity in the materials will delay the work. A delay in the work will hinder the schedule of the project.

Step 4: Identify the Level of Priority

In order to know and understand how serious the work is. It is a must to make use of a priority list. The items listed at the top of your priority list will be the ones who will greatly affect the production level and the operational process of the business organization or the company. These are the ones that you should accomplish first.

Step 5: Documentation

While the job order is in process, it is important to take note of the observations and different recommendations in the future. This is especially observed in maintenance reports. Inspection reports are thoroughly stated and defined in order to have a point of reference in the future. This will serve as a guideline for future employees or maintenance in case the problem is to occur again.

Step 6: Check and Evaluate

This is an important document that will outline all the activities that will be performed all throughout the duration of the project. It is important that this is proofread. Make sure that there are no continuity errors. Also, it is a must to carefully evaluate the one in charge of performing the job. It is a must that the person in charge possess the necessary skills in order to finish the job order.

Type of Work Orders

There are many different types of work orders. They can be grouped based on different categories as well.

A work order may be categorized based on where they request originated

External work order 

This means that the job order came from someone outside the company or business organization. The one who issued the requests are from clients and customers.

Internal work order

This means that the job order came from someone inside the business organization or company. The one who issued the request may be an employee or the employer.

They may also be categorized based on how they will be scheduled.

Manual work order

This means that the project manager or whoever is in charge will manually receive and evaluate the work request and then formulate a schedule by hand. 

Automatic work order

In an automatic job order, you can install and set up a software tool in your equipment. This software will then automatically formulate the schedule based on the data that it will receive.

They can also be categorized based on what kind of problem will be addressed.

Unplanned work order

This means that there is no prior planning and schedule. This is used to address and solve issues or problems that happened unexpectedly. This usually happens when a piece of equipment suddenly malfunctioned.

Planned work order

This means that the job has been scheduled and planned carefully. In contrast with the unplanned work order, this is done in order to prevent unexpected and unnecessary malfunctions in the pieces of equipment. This is done in order not to delay the progress and operation. This is a type of job order that is applicable in a maintenance report form as well. 

They can be categorized based on the product or required output as well.


This type of job order is not included in the inventory. This is a list of products along with their respective prices. The customers or clients will then decide if it is able to meet their requirement in terms of their financial standing or their budget.


In contrast with quotes, this type of job order can be included in the inventory. The list of products stated here are the ones that are most likely to be availed by customers or clients.


What Is the Difference between a Work Order and a Purchase Order?

Work order or WO focuses on the labor or job that is needed to be accomplished. On the other hand, a purchase order or also referred to as a PO focuses more on the items or materials. This will outline the necessary tools, materials and pieces of equipment that are necessary to complete the project. A purchase order may be considered as a part of the work order.

What Are the Steps in a Work Order Process?

There are 6 basic steps in the job order process. The 1st step will be the identification of a problem or a task. The 2nd step will be the formulation of a work request document. After the work request is received, evaluated and approved, it will then proceed to the 3rd step which is creation of the schedule of the work. The 4th step is where you will assign the work to individuals or departments and then they will be conducting the terms included in the job order. The 5th step is the finishing. This is where you will document and close the job order. The last step is where you will analyze the job that is completed. This is where the authorities will identify whether the work needs to be conducted again or it meets the requirements and standards that are set.

What Is Preventive Maintenance?

A preventive maintenance is a kind of maintenance that is regularly done even without the need for repairs. It is done in order to maintain the optimal condition of the pieces of equipment. This is done to avoid delays in the production. It will include cleaning and replacement of parts. Replacement of parts will usually be prescribed in the policy and procedure.

A work order form or also known as job order form is a document that will outline the different tasks and guidelines that will be performed and observed throughout the duration of the work or project. This will as well include all the basic information about both parties that are in agreement of the terms stated here. A WO is an effective way and helpful instrument in maintaining and complementing the project status report. Make use of the templates above to help you in creating a detailed and solid work order form.