Maintenance Report Form

What Is a Maintenance Report Form?

First, let us look at the root word maintain, according to the Cambridge dictionary to maintain is to keep in an existing state. The business dictionary also explains maintenance as the activities that are needed in order to preserve the original state of an asset or resource. With that being said we can now define what a maintenance report form is. We can confidently say that a maintenance report form is a document or tool that helps users inspect a machine or facilities in order to keep business operations up and going. It is a record of the recent state of affairs a piece of equipment or facility is in.

What Are the Key Elements of a Maintenance Report Form?

Almost all report have a similar composition and they all include the following key elements:

The title: First and foremost, start with the title of the document. This usually include the name of the company and what type of report it is. Is it for pieces of equipment or vehicle? Also, include what type of maintenance is utilized.An introduction: This will usually be made up of one or two paragraphs. This is very similar to an abstract or an executive summary of a business proposal or plan. This is the section where you give the reasons why this document was created and the importance of this to the growth and completion of a project or a company.Statement of the problem: This is the most important section of a maintenance report form. This is the part where you will thoroughly indicate and explain the problem you have encountered or the malfunction you have experienced. In this part, it will be a great help if there is a graphical representation or picture describing the issue or concern. In this part, it is highly advisable to list out all the specific details. Who is the employee responsible when it happened? How long has it been since it stopped working? These are some questions you may need to answer in this part of the report.Possible solutions: This is the method and approach you will make use of to solve the problem stated in the section above. In this part, it will be a good idea to retrieve past documents and go over the history of said equipment or event. A possible question in this section is whether it has happened before. Another thing to add here is the possible technicians that are available for repair and maintenance. Also, include the tools and supplies that are needed in order to resolve the subject matter at hand. It will be a great idea to have a complete list of parts and a list of assets.Conclusion: In the last and bottom-most part of your maintenance report add a conclusion. This will answer the question of whether the problem was resolved. It is also a good idea to add suggestions to this part of the document. Depending on the situation and condition, this may recommend a change in the frequency of the maintenance of the pieces of equipment. This will be a great help in improving the maintenance report form.

What Are the Basic Types of Maintenance?

Corrective maintenance: This is also known as CM. This is one of the most common type of maintenance. This can also be called as reactive maintenance. From the word itself, this is a kind of maintenance that corrects problems. This is a task maintenance task that deals with and sort out existing problems. This usually happens when a piece of equipment breaks down or when during the monitoring and routine checking a fault or an issue is detected.Preventive maintenance: This is also known as PM or preventative maintenance. This is a type of maintenance that occurs even before a problem or an issue is detected. This is the most widely used in factories and companies. A piece of equipment or facility is checked and monitored regularly to lessen the chances of a machine failure and breakdown. A usual preventive maintenance process will include cleaning, replacing certain part, repairs and adjustments. This is done in order to prevent unexpected and unnecessary downtime. According to a 2019 research study conducted by Plant Engineering, 78 percent of manufacturing companies make use of this method in their factories and facilities.Based on risk maintenance: This can also be called RBM or risk-based maintenance. This involves risk assessment. Here you will prioritize the pieces of equipment based on the risk they will bring about if ever they were to malfunction. Asset and resources that are more important are checked and monitored regularly.Based on condition maintenance: This is also known as CBM or condition-based maintenance. This is performed after the evaluation of the condition of the pieces of equipment. Usually, there are three checklist that are monitored in this type of maintenance. They are namely: visual assessment, series of tests and based on the performance data. The result of the three will tell if a piece of equipment needs a repair or replacement.

What Are the Benefits of a Maintenance Report Form?

It is a tool for dependability: It makes sure that tools, pieces of equipment and facilities are always ready to be used. It makes sure that they are in proper working condition. Making sure that the pieces of equipment are available will result in less downtime and an increase in productivity levels. It helps in refraining from halting the business operation for unexpected repairs. According to a 2019 research study conducted by Plant Engineering, 40 percent of the downtime in the production process is due to old pieces of equipment while 24 percent is due to the mechanical failures and 10 percent is due to the mistake of the operator.It ensures the safety of the employees: With proper maintenance procedure and management, a piece of equipment will not malfunction during working hours. This will prevent the chances of unnecessary and unexpected injuries inside the workplace. It improves operational safety. This is also a way to comply with your policy and procedure document.It is a tool to improve efficiency: Regular maintenance of the pieces of equipment will make sure that they are in optimal state. If a piece of equipment is in an optimal state it will be more effective in performing the required task.It increases the lifespan of the assets: Regular checking and cleaning of the equipment will increase its lifespan. It will no doubt be able to last longer if it is properly taken care of.It can minimize costs: All the tools and pieces of equipment is included in the planning and creating of your business plan. It will definitely be under the budget plans. It only makes sense that if it is properly maintained, it will increase the longevity of the equipment. This will save you from spending a large amount of money on buying a new piece of equipment.It is also a tool for keeping track of records: Another possible usage of a maintenance report form is that it can be used as a reference for future employees and for future problems. Knowing the history of damages and past repairs will be helpful in the future in case it needs repair or replacement of certain parts.

How to Create a Maintenance Report Form?

With the help of the templates available above, it will be a faster and easier way to create one. However, it is still necessary to know the following details and steps for guidance.

Step 1: Preparation of the Document

The first step in writing is always preparing what to write first. It is important you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve for a document to be clear and detailed.

Step 2: Start Filling Up the Document

This is the next step and the one that you will need to give your time and best effort to. In detail put in writing all the relevant information about the equipment. Going back to the key elements given above, this will include all the necessary data under the problem section, solution section as well as the complete list of parts.

Another important thing to take note of is adding the prices for each new equipment and specific parts that are needed in order to address and repair the existing problem. It is advisable to have a breakdown of the cost for the employer or the supervisor to know and understand why that specified total amount is reasonable and accurate.

Step 3: The Conclusion and Recommendations

After filling out the necessary details, it is optional to ask for suggestions from the technician or to whoever is in charge of completing the maintenance report form.

On another note, in some cases, it is highly advisable to put in documentation or visual representation of what happened during the duration of the maintenance process. Some will require pictures and a diagram to fully know and understand what the problem is all about and how it was fixed.


What is SOP in maintenance?

SOP or more commonly known as the standard operating procedure is a list of step by step process in order to meet the expectations set by the company. It helps employees carry out the customary course of action in order to obtain the desired results and products. The main objective of this is to ensure there are fewer complications and less time needed while still achieving the maximum quota and desired result. This is closely related to a quality checklist.

What is KPI in maintenance?

KPI is an abbreviation of key performance indicators. It is a tool used in measuring and evaluating performance and achievement. It monitors and checks the performance of an individual, department and the whole company if they are able to meet the desired quota and output.

What is NIST?

NIST is an abbreviation for the National Institute of Standards and Technology. It promotes the measurement of standards and technology in order to improve the quality of life and the economy of the country.

What are the 2 types of preventive maintenance?

There are 2 types of preventive maintenance, namely:

Calendar-based maintenance – From the word itself, it means maintenance is done depending on the calendar or schedule. It is checked at a regular time interval. These time intervals may be weekly or monthly. The decision will rely on the guidelines provided by the manufacturer of the machine or equipment. Another thing that is considered here is the opinion of the technician on how frequently it should be checked.

Usage-based maintenance – This will depend on how long it has been used. This is similar to vehicle mileage. A piece of equipment or machinery will be checked after it has reached or obtained the necessary or desired output. For example, if it has already reached an operating hour of 200 hours. Another example and this can be used also for cars, is that if it has already reached 500 miles in the mileage report.

What is the responsibility of a maintenance worker?

The job description of the maintenance manager and the worker is the regular check-up of the machines and pieces of equipment in the workplace. They are also in charge of the repairs. Whenever there is a need for a professional repair, they will be in charge of going over the whole process until the equipment is restored to its optimal state.

What is a service contract?

It is an agreement between a company and a client. It can be used in maintenance reports if the ones doing the maintenance are people outside of the company or if it an independent agency.

The famous saying prevention is better than cure is without a second thought true and dependable. The main objective of maintenance is to guarantee that a piece of equipment and facility is in its optimal state in order to perform its function properly. It makes sure that equipment and different utilities are available for production and safe to use. It guarantees that there is maximum efficiency in the workplace during operating hours. In order to maximize the longevity of equipment and to keep track of the business operations download the available templates above.