50+ Sample Task Lists

What Are Task Lists?

A task list is an official document you use to assign, schedule, and monitor every task you need to do daily, weekly, or even monthly. In short, it is like a to-do list where everything you must do is itemized and prioritized in a detailed list. Also referred to as a task checklist, the task list allows you to be organized with work or general decisions in life.

Based on a global to-do list dependency report, 76% of US respondents kept at least one to-do list.

The Parts of a Standard Task List

What consists of a task list? Basically, there are five important parts of a task list, and adding them to your list can surely make its outcome pay off. And the important parts of a standard task list are the following:

Title: Start the task list with the title. And a simple ‘Task List’ for the title of your document can already suffice.Itemized List of Tasks: The meat of your list would be the itemized list of activities, errands, or tasks to achieve. Be sure to identify each task and number them to make the list easy to follow.Priority Level: Although priority levels are optional, they are helpful in organizing your task list. You decide whether you categorize according to the priority, urgency, or difficulty level—go for what works best for you.Schedule: You might not commit to your task list without putting some deadlines on when to actually do your tasks. Thus, incorporate a clear schedule from the date and time per task to stay disciplined.Progress Checker: Finally, set how you can check your progress with the task list. The common approach is to follow a basic checklist where you put checkmarks on every finished task. Hence, placing marks on all checkboxes means you are done with all tasks.

How to Craft a Task List

Creating a task list shouldn’t be that difficult. But, you can’t be too complacent either. You are about to depend on that list after making it so it is only best to use something worth it. Make a proper task list by following these steps:

Step 1: Identify Your Purpose and Tasks

Are you making a task list for an employee, a sports team, a business project, or simply for your personal tasks? Recognize your purpose so you would know how to layout the task list. So if you are going for a personal task list, list only those tasks that concern you. Also, brainstorm all the activities to achieve so you would know what tasks to enlist later on.

Step 2: Pick a Sample Task List to Customize

The easiest way to create task lists without starting from scratch is to use sample templates as seen above. Every sample task list is customizable so you can change its features, design, format, and content. You can go either PDF or MS Word versions. Or perhaps, you plan to prepare task lists in printed forms or soft copies. The decision is yours!

Step 3: Insert the Task List’s Parts

From the title down to the progress checker, you already know the parts of a basic task list. Hence, insert them individually in your final task list. Such elements complete your task list anyway. So when you check your list, it should be clear where the title is, the categories of tasks, assignment of schedules, and so forth.

Step 4: Make It Simple

Don’t make your task list complicated. You can make the list easier by adding unique serial numbers, a table, a graph, a chart, or a visual calendar. In fact, you don’t need to write complete sentences since bullet forms of each task will suffice. If other people will use your task list, then indicate notes and instructions so they will be guided easily too.


Why do I need a task list?

A task list makes your life easier. With so many things to do, it gets easy to lose track of everything. Thankfully, you won’t need to memorize per task since the task list already gives you the full picture of all tasks and their progress at a single glance.

What is a daily task list?

A daily task list aka daily to-do list covers all the tasks you need to accomplish for the day only.

How many tasks are on a task list?

There is no specific rule of how many tasks are needed in a task list. It could just be a few or a hundred more, depending on what tasks you should cover. But, the average productive person may cover 6–12 tasks a day.

The next time you create a task list, don’t forget to rate how you are doing. Evaluate if using the list made you more productive or easier because that is worth sticking for. If not, then change the task list that can serve you better. And using the sample task lists above can guide you through it strategically rather than cramming everything. Download now!