What is a Business List?

A business list is a simple list of things related to or involving businesses or commercial institutions such as business names, business ideas, types of businesses, business resources, business tools, business products, business prices, business activities, business events, and many others. One common type of business list is a business directory list, a type of business list used to elevate the online presence of one’s business, improve local visibility, create brand awareness, boost SEO to rank higher on search engines and enhance local customer interactions.

This list is used by numerous business owners, investors, shareholders, financial analysts, and customers so that they are able to find particular businesses in their area. A clear, comprehensive, and well-coordinated business list like a product list allows business owners to verify, monitor, and update information about their businesses to maintain the accuracy and consistency of information across all platforms. It can be used to organize information in the management internally and assess any issues that may arise. 

List of the Most Profitable Business Ideas

Statista stated in a report that the estimated number of business firms and corporate firms is approximately 333.34 million globally in 2021. If you are planning to open up a new business, we provide you with a list of the most profitable businesses in the United States and in other countries. 

Accounting and Tax Preparation: Based on an IBIS World report, there is a 1.7% growth rate per year in the market size of the accounting services industry in the United States between 2018 and 2023. Currently, there are 1.69 million accounting positions filled with an anticipated 4% growth in demand for accountants. This business category includes bookkeeping and payroll services. If you are a licensed accountant and you are planning to expand your accounting and tax preparation services, develop a comprehensive plan to build a small accounting firm. Marketing and PR Services: According to the annual CMO Spend and Strategy Survey report published by Gartner, the average marketing spend increased from 6.4% in 2021 to 9.5% of company revenue across almost all industries in 2022. On the other hand, many public relations or PR business firms are thriving as they have a market value of over $97 billion at the start of 2022 and this field is expected to grow annually by more than 7% to more than $129 billion globally up until 2025. If you are a marketing and PR specialist, set up a marketing and PR business by developing a business and marketing plan to help brands tell their stories and make sure that the right audience hears them. Establishing this business can be a fantastic idea if you already have high interpersonal skills and a solid network. Real Estate: Some real estate and finance experts predict in a 2023 forecast report that there will be 4.87 million home sales this year. As most home values are on the rise year over year, the real estate business this year will be a year of slow growth. Still, the data reveals it will continue to grow throughout the year, having an average net profit margin of 17.4% for leasing and 14.8% in sales. Set your schedule and work on your own time as a realtor. Get a broker license and establish a brokerage firm so that you can act as an intermediary between home sellers and buyers. Be careful when planning a real estate project proposal and have a reasonable approach as you aim on getting deals closed. In this way, you can easily convince your clients to work with you for future real estate deals. Online Courses: Statistics have shown that the online learning sector has grown to over $240 billion in 2022 and many experts forecast that the global e-Learning market will be worth $325 billion in 2025 and it will grow to $1 trillion in 2027. Also, the COVID-19 pandemic allowed various online learning platforms to continuously grow as they became one of the most profitable businesses. For example, there is a 640% year-over-year enrollment growth (8.7 million new enrollments) at Coursera during March and April 2020. This proves that many people are becoming more accustomed to learning online as this trend of remote learning is anticipated to continue. Some online courses that you can teach are academic courses, graphics design, teaching a new language like English or Chinese, business or marketing courses, news writing, courses in other hobbies like painting and crocheting, SEO techniques, and many others. It depends on your area of expertise or any subject that students are curious about and interested in. Collaborate with other digital content companies to help you make special arrangements for the tools you will need in order to deliver your online lessons. Graphics Design and Web Design Services: If you are a professional graphics designer and web designer, building your own graphics and web design business firm is a great way to help customers to visualize and realize their brands or ideas. Despite the high demand and high competition for logo, graphic, and web designers, create a high-quality and wide-ranging creative portfolio to market your business and establish your reputation in the industry and to your potential clients. Then, write compelling graphic design proposals.

Examples of Business Lists

Numerous business lists are used to maintain accuracy, clarity, order, and unity in some aspects of a business institution. Here are some common examples of business lists that business owners, company executives, project managers, and other business professionals, as well as aspiring business owners, need to have.

Business Category List: This list contains the main categories of businesses and the included areas in those businesses. For example, the automotive business includes areas such as auto accessories, new auto dealers, used auto dealers, carwash, gas stations, motorcycle sales and repair, rental and leasing, service, repair and parts, and towing. Some listed main business categories and included areas are business support and supplies (consultants, employment agency, marketing and communications, office supplies, printing, and publishing), construction and contractors (architects, landscape architects, engineers, surveyors, blasting and demolition, building materials and supplies, construction companies, electricians, environmental assessments, inspectors, plaster and concrete, plumbers, and roofers), education (adult and continuing education, early childhood education, and educational resources), entertainment (artists, writers, event planners, supplies, golf courses, movies, and productions), etc. Industry Business List: It contains a list of different industries and business types. Some of these industries and business types are agriculture and forestry/wildlife (extermination, pest control, animal production, farming/crop production, fishing/hunting, landscape services, lawn care services, and others), business and information (consultant, employment office, fundraisers, marketing/advertising, non-profit organization, online business, publishing services, record business, retail sales, technology services, video production, etc), and many others. Business Resource List: It provides a list of the business resources that may be valuable to certain business firms and companies. This list contains some organizations, links to their websites, and contact details. Add the full names of the organizations and include some concise descriptions about them. Include some links to their official websites so that others can access them. Business Price List: Prepare a price list for your business as you outline all the products or services you sell in your business. This list is also known as a business retail list as it reveals the prices or retail costs of the merchandise, stocks, bills of exchange, or others that are issued by the business dealers to their customers and other particulars. Special Event Business List: A special event business list contains detailed information about businesses for events and special occasions such as seminars, conferences, team building events, festivals, trade fairs or exhibitions, product launch events, and many others. It indicates the names of the businesses and their contact information which includes their business contact numbers, and e-mail addresses.

How to Create a Simple Business List

Do you need to organize and update the product prices in your business? Want to search for businesses for inspiration in your new business plan? Follow the simple steps for creating a simple and effective business list.

Step 1: Select and Use a Business List Template

Take your time to search for some sample customizable business list templates online. Sample.net provides an eclectic collection of document and list templates including clear business list templates that you can easily and quickly personalize for your business management work. Select from our list template collection and download your preferred business list template.

Step 2: List the Business Names

Make a list of the business names you want to get inspiration with for your new business or check if they already offer the ideas you have for your new business venture. Use various search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. List the names of the businesses in alphabetical order and categorize them accordingly.

Step 3: List the Product Prices

If you need to create a price list of the products and services in your new business, look for businesses online to see how much they offer. In this way, you are able to set reasonable prices based on your quality and your target customers. Arrange the items in alphabetical order and provide the prices that match how customers will need your products. Divide the products into categories. Add the price of each item with and without tax, if applicable.

Step 4: Edit and Finalize the Business List

When you are done adding all the important elements to your business list, check your list and edit it if necessary. Share the business list with your management team. Ask for their comment and feedback. Lastly, finalize your business list.


What are the most profitable big business ideas?

The most profitable big business ideas that you must consider when planning for a business are coaching classes, digital marketing services, pet care services, interior designing and decorating, organic farming, travel agency, website designing, cleaning services, business consulting, accounting and tax preparation, auto repair, IT support, and real estate.

What things to sell for small businesses?

There are many things that people with small businesses sell such as handmade soaps, candles, organic skincare and cosmetic products, artworks, enamel pins, t-shirts and printed merchandise, tote bags, pottery and clay objects, sweets, digital products, jewelry, traditional handcrafted products, music, curated gift and subscription boxes, pet suppliers, photography, paper products, sauces and condiments, fragrance and essential oil blends, DIY tutorials and online courses, and woodworking projects.

What are some examples of business lists?

Some examples of business lists are industry business lists, business category lists, business tax lists, new business lists, business activity code lists, critical business lists, lists of business clubs, business resource lists, business tools product lists, business price lists, business summary data variable lists, business activity risk lists, small business lender contact lists, small business lists, food business checklists, travel business lists, and special event business lists.

How do I list my small business?

List your small business on every business directory available online so that your business increases its SEO marketing strategy and expands its visibility to the public. Get your business listed in all the proper search engines, online directories, and websites such as Google My Business, Bing Places for Business, Yelp for Business, Better Business Bureau, LinkedIn, Whitepages, Yellowbook, Local.com, Foursquare, BizJournals.com, InfoUSA, Yahoo Small Business, Insider Pages, Apple Maps, and many others.

Creating a simple and well-structured business list is beneficial to help business owners, company executives, project managers, business analysts, investors, shareholders, customers, and other individuals to take a look closely at your business offerings such as your products and services. There are many types of business lists used to increase the brand awareness and visibility of a business and allow customers to easily discover them online. If you need to prepare a business list right now, we have included a wide array of sample business lists and other documents for your business management work such as a business card sample, a small business inventory, and business offer letters.