It could consume hundreds of dollars that is alloted only for just a week or two. You need to be wise on the things that you should buy because it could cost you much. Money is not easy to earn after all. But together with being thrifty, we must also consider our health. We must be sure that all the foods that we are going to take are healthy. We have to make a healthy grocery list to ensure this. With this, we can assess all the foods that we are going to buy. We can be thrifty and be healthy wise at the same time. Remember that we should only use our money for healhy foods. If we are not going to make a healthy grocery list, we may be unaware of buying foods that are not healthy. But if we would have a list, we would be reminded of all the right things that we have to buy.

What is a Healthy Grocery List?

When you are making a grocery list and you are considering the health that it would give to your family, then you are making a healthy grocery list. A healthy grocery list is a list of healthy foods that would be your supply for the whole week or two. They were the things that you should buy in a grocery store or supermarket. This list could be a thrift list with all the health benefits. Healthy food is needed to be taken in every meal. To ensure that all your meals will be healthy, you need to have a regular supply of it. By having a healthy grocery list, you may not tend to forget all these healthy foods. Nutrition should not be taken away in our eating and a healthy grocery list is the answer. You may be making a grocery list but you can also forget nutrition.

You may buy all the unhealthy foods when you are not cautious. When in fact, you should know that you should buy healthy foods instead. If you would just pick up everything you see in the grocery, you may tend to get unhealthy foods for yourself. To add that it could cost you more because you are not wary. But if you will have a list, you can set everything perfectly. You may purchase only healthy foods at the moment that you go to the grocery store because you have a healthy grocery list. It will support your budget and your health needs. This would greatly help your family because you will all be sure of your health. If a member of the family needs a weight loss, you can have it by listing healthy items in your grocery list. Or if your family needs to gain weight to be healthy, you can eat healthy foods and put it in your grocery list ideas. The healthy grocery list will dictate the amount of nutrition that your family can have. So be wise in making a grocery list.

What to Include in a Health Grocery List?

A mother has the responsibility to provide the proper nutrition for the family. She can make it by giving them the right, healthy foods that they should have. Here are the list of nutritious foods that you can include in your healthy grocery list:


Bread gives many nutrients and is essential for the development of the body. It gives us a good health. It has low calories. It has also a low fat. It has calcium, protein, and iron. You can also get vitamins and minerals from bread. Bread is one of the most common food that we eat. We usually have an intake of bread everyday and it is good for our health. It energizes our body as bread has lots of nutrition benefits. Many can survive just by eating bread at the most of their days. Combined with meat, it can give you a healthy body. You can have these breads on your list:

It would be good for you to buy bread that are whole wheat. Look for bread that are whole-grain because those are the most healthy. Search for it at the ingredients. Remember that when you buy bread, consider its expiration date. Most breads usually can only last a day or two, three at most. Buy only breads that is enough for your family to consume.


One thing that you cannot erase from your diet is meat. We need this thing. Meat has B-complex vitamins that keeps us healthy. It has thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12. Aside from the truth that we are fond of eating meat, this food can make us strong. When buying meats, pick the best cuts. This is the most nutritious – the leanest cut. Use also condiments as this will lessen the fat. It can also give a good flavor to your food. You can eat meat 3-7 times a week. Include it in alternate meals. Some of meat that you can include in your healthy grocery list are:


Seafood gives us important nutrients. It has Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamins A, B, and D. It gives health to our bones, gives us a good calcium absorption, and helps our immune system to function effectively. We can find Omega-3 fatty acids in all the fish that we can eat and it will really keep us healthy everyday. Fish are recommended to be eaten everyday. You cannot acquire any disease by eating this. Instead, it will keep us extremely healthy. It is good to our heart and our bones. It lowers the blood pressure and lessens the danger of sudden death. If you are prone to heart attack or stroke, Omega-3 fatty acids is the solution. So by eating fish and other seafoods, you may not have those chances. The examples of seafood that you should have in your healthy grocery list are:


Rice is a good grain that is used to complement many meals. It is a good source of carbohydrates, protein, calories, and vitamins. We can have a balanced diet by eating rice. Especially if you will choose brown rice. Rice can gives us energy that we can use for the whole day. Some varieties of rice that we can put in our healthy grocery list are:

Fruits and Vegetables

Your plate must contain fruits and vegetables, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture. Their dietary prescription states that to have the best health that you can get, have a half-full plate of it. This amounts to 2.5 cups of fruits and vegetables per day. Fruits and vegetables have a lot of nutrients and good for our skin. If you cannot buy fresh fruits and vegetables because they are so expensive, you can buy frozen ones. They were a lot cheaper and you can get almost the same nutrients. Just be sure that they have no added syrups or salts. Some of the fruits and vegetables that you can add to your healthy grocery list are:

Dairy and Cheese

Dairy products should also be in your healthy grocery list. It will give nutrients to your bones. They are high in calcium, Vitamin D, potassium, and other vitamins that can lessen the danger of fractures. If you want to be always youthful, buy dairy products. To state the fact that it was delicious, it also can give you the right energy for the day. The examples of dairy products that you must put in your healthy grocery list are:


Snacks is also a part of a balanced diet. They tame our hunger before our usual meal and can also give us some nutrients. There could be times that we do not have the time to cook yet because we are doing something. Snacks can be the solution for these times. We can have something to eat if we cannot cook for ourselves yet. Snacks are also useful in times that we feel hunger once in a while. Some of the snacks that we can put in our healthy grocery list are:

Tips on Healthy Grocery List

We do the grocery often. It would be best for us to have some tips that we can use when we go to a grocery store. Some tips like these can be useful to you:

Have a complete list for every meal of the day. Since you are making a grocery list, you must be sure that you are listing the food that you can have for every meal of the day. First, make a weekly meal plan that your family should have. After making things like it, you will know all the ingredients that you will buy. You can ascertain that you will have healthy foods everyday and all has been done perfectly. Make your weekly meal plan healthy and affordable so that it would be easy for you when it is time for you to make the healthy grocery list. You would not worry anymore if your grocery list is healthy because you already have prepared healthy recipes. Your meals could never be as perfect if you will list first the recipes, then go for the grocery list afterwards. It can also give you a good discipline in your diet.Avoid junk foods and other unhealthy foods. As much as possible, do not buy unhealthy foods. If you can take not to have softdrinks and junk foods, then do it. It would be better for you. Avoid foods like chips, sugary drinks, sweetened foods, and other foods that can be harmful for your health. It is not bad to eat foods like cakes and pizzas once in a while, but you must not include them in your healthy grocery list. Avoid them if you can help it. They can only be sources of different diseases that can shorten your life. Make it sure that your healthy grocery list only contains nutritious foods. This would benefit you.Buy nonperishable foods online. Products like chocolates and dried fruits can be bought online in stores like Amazon. You can do it to save money because it has no taxes. It can also make things easier for you because you will not have to buy so many things physically. Only a few click and you can buy some of your grocery needs. Look at your basic grocery list, and find what could be the nonperishable items that you can buy online. It can set your healthy grocery list on a budget.Use a grocery list app. You can also use a grocery list app that can help you in making a grocery list. It has suggestions of a healthy food list. You can use it whether you will have to shop in a Walmart grocery or any other grocery stores. You can find grocery list ideas that can make your list better.List perishable foods in amounts that would be enough for the week. You have to consider the length of time that the food that you are going to buy will last. If you will buy perishable foods, be sure that you will only buy the amount that your family can consume within the week. If you will buy too many or be unconscious to consider its amount, the foods will just get rotten and your money will just be wasted. Be wise enough to know how much food can your family consume and list only that particular amount. It is not good to waste food or any blessing.Buy foods that are in season. Foods are much pricy if they are not in season. For example, you can buy mangoes for $5 when they are in season. But you will buy them for $10 when they are not in season. There is a lot difference. If you will buy fruits and vegetables when they are in season, you can save a lot of money. They are also in better qualities when they are in season. There is a better supply when it is their time of harvest.

How to Make a Healthy Grocery List

Absolutely, we can take some steps to make a healthy grocery list. This article will show you some steps that you can use.

Step 1: Plan your grocery list.

First thing that you have to do is to plan ahead. Think of the items that you should put in your healthy grocery list. If you want to make a weekly meal first so you can know what to buy, then list all the meals first. Get a recipe board where you can put the meals for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Be sure that you are not only making a healthy breakfast, but a healthy meal throughout the day. You must also plan where to buy so you can know the cost of your grocery.

Step 2: Have a grocery list.

Look at your pantry and find what foods have you ran out of. Make a kitchen inventory so that you will know what to buy. Have in mind all the things that you need in your kitchen. List everything. Take a look at your weekly meal plan and list also all the ingredients that you need. Do not forget anything as this would get you hassles and would cost you more.

Step 3: Make your grocery list realistic.

According to your budget, make your healthy grocery list. That is the way on how you can make your list realistic. If you will not consider your budget first, you can stuff your list with things that can only provide for a few meals and it will not supply to your needs for the whole week. Remember thriftiness because you can also get healhty foods while being thrifty. But do not risk your healthy option just because you do not have much budget. Put the health priority first.

Step 4: Make sure that your list have healthy items.

Focus on items that will give nutrients to your family. If you can live without softdrinks, then erase it in your list. Be sure that your list is stuffed with healthy foods. Focus on these things. It is the main purpose of a healthy grocery list. Before you will actually go into shopping, prepare your list into sections so it will be easy for you to find these things in the grocery store. After reviewing the list and you saw that you have put everything in it, you already have a healthy shopping list.


Should the Healthy Grocery List Contain Only Healthy Foods?

Yes. As much as possible, do not mix unhealthy foods in it. It is for your own good. You have to practice this discipline. An unhealthy food can destroy the list, so do not mingle it with it. If you will put an unhealthy food, you can add again two or more of it, and it will not be a healthy grocery list anymore.

Before you go shopping, you should be decisive in making your grocery list a healthy one. It is for the good of your own family. If all of you will eat healthy, you will not come to catch any possible diseases. You will all be healthy and will have the better chance of being together. Food dictates the health that we can have. In this reason, we must be careful of the things that we should eat. Have a healthy grocery list to promote health for our family.