What is a Two Weeks Notice?

A two weeks notice is a letter that employees give to employers when they want to leave their job. It is also called a resignation letter. This letter is a formal notification to the HR department that they want to end their employment contract. As a courtesy to the employer, the employee will give the company sufficient time to find a replacement for their work responsibilities. Today, a two weeks notice email is usually used by employees to announce their resignation. The two weeks notice letter includes the last day of the employee and the reason for leaving the job.

Well, is two weeks notice required? Do you have to give two weeks notice? This may not be mandatory but it is a good way to show professionalism. If you do not know how to write a two weeks notice or how to give a two weeks notice, you can search for a two weeks notice template or a two weeks notice letter template on the internet. A two weeks notice example or a two weeks notice letter example can also be helpful. You may need to use templates and examples to ensure that you can provide a professional letter. The official resignation letter should be good. This will leave the last impression of your company on you.

Benefits of a Two Weeks Notice

It is an old professional custom to provide a two weeks notice before an employee leaves a company. This practice has been done because it benefits the employee and the employer. The following are some of the benefits of a two weeks notice:

Being Professional:  In work, we have to be professional. Every day, we have to adhere to the work schedule and do tasks according to the standards of the company. We must have proper behavior toward our co-workers, not just because there can be a co-worker evaluation, but because we are true professionals in all our undertakings. So, when we have to leave our job, we should not lose this professionalism. We must show professionalism to our employer. We cannot leave the job just as simple as not going to work anymore. We have to make a proper announcement that you should leave your job with two weeks notice. Make the company know that you are leaving ahead of time. This way, you can have proper permission to leave the job. Do not just leave the job any way you want. You need to be decent by giving a two weeks notice. This way, the company will know that you value them and you can leave the company in a good way.Building a Positive Relationship: Not because you are leaving your job, you will take your relationship with your employer for granted. Remember to still have a good relationship with them even though you are leaving. As a gratitude to your employer, you must be on good terms with them as you leave. Be sure to thank them for giving you a great opportunity to work for them. Do not neglect your relationship with your employer and with the people in the company. They must see that you are a good professional with good conduct. Do not think that you do not need them anymore so you can snob them. Your ways can possibly cross again so you have to maintain a good relationship with them. Who knows if you may have the chance to sign business contracts with them in the future? You may never know the things that may happen. Never destroy your relationship with them just because you are leaving. Be sure to leave in a good way and if possible, you can also have open communication with them. If you have time, you can still greet them to have a nice day to show that you treasure being in their company. A positive relationship with your employers and co-workers can build you a good personality. This can be a bridge to give you a better career. When you have positive relationships with people, new doors can open so it will be always good to build a good relationship with everyone.Having Smooth Transition: The main benefit of a two weeks notice for the company is it will have a chance to have a smooth work transition. If employees will leave without notice, companies may experience delay in output that can affect the company. When two weeks notice is given, the company will be given enough time to find a replacement for the resigning employee. This notice can do good a lot because they can hire a new employee that will continue the responsibilities of the resigned employee. When this happens, the productivity of the company will not be affected. There will be no hindrance to having results that are important to clients. Through having new employment applications, the company will have the perfect replacement for the employee. When the employee leaves the company, the new employee can already be trained for the job. This is possible when the company will be given proper time to train the new employee. So, the two weeks notice is perfect for employers because they will not have any problems in the work transition.Having Legal Protection: You can never be sure of the action that your employer can take if you will just leave your job out of nowhere. If you just will not show up to work, you can breach your employee contract. The employer has all the legal rights to sue you because you signed a contract. You will not want yourself to get into trouble. So, to avoid having legal obligations, you must make a two weeks notice that is legally appropriate for you to leave your job without bad legal implications. Through the two weeks notice, you can be free to leave your job and leave the agreement. The two weeks notice is legal protection for you. You can be sure that your employer will not do anything against you because you have given a professional letter that is according to your agreement. Because of this, you can avoid being in trouble because you have done the right thing to do.Following Ethical Responsibility: Any employment contracts may have written that employees should provide notice when they are going to leave the job. When this thing applies to you, be sure to give a two weeks notice according to your contract. Fulfill your ethical responsibility for your company. Continue to show work ethics even if you are leaving the company. For a long time, you worked for your company and it helped you to pay your bills. You even use your work for rental applications when you have to show employee verification. There can be many things where the company does you good. The last thing that you can do is to show work ethic. Be good enough to give two weeks notice to your company as a respect to them. This way, they can see that you are a good employee. In the event that other companies will ask them about you, they can say good things about you. As they have been a witness to your good work ethic, they can guarantee other companies that you are a good worker. So, you can benefit by having ethical responsibility through the two weeks notice.Maintains Good Reputation: Reputation is very important, especially in terms of employment. If we have a good reputation, we can get a job in the most reputable companies. To be able to have a good reputation, you must take care of your relationship with your employer, even up to the day that you have to leave them. Do not make any bad thing that can destroy your reputation in their eyes. So, if you are going to leave their company, you should give a two weeks notice to show respect to them. They will think that you value their company if you will do so. You can leave the company on good terms by having a two weeks notice. It is one great way to earn a good reputation in the eyes of your past employer. This good reputation is what they can say when anyone asks them about you in the future. Thus, your good reputation can be a bridge to many good opportunities.Having a Positive Last Impression: A two weeks notice can leave a positive last impression on the resigned employee. The employer will see professionalism in the employee. When someone asks them about the employee, they can say a good thing about him or her. This is because the employee paid some time to create a two weeks notice that settles everything. Because you have not put any jeopardy on the work and you promote a good work transition, the employer can say good things about you to your future employer. They might even say that you are a good worker. You can even use the staff as your reference because you have a good relationship with them. Because of this, it will be easy for you to land another job because you leave a good impression on your past employer.

How to Make a Two Weeks Notice

Making a two weeks notice may need some things to follow. You have to be careful so you can send the right letter to your employer. Have the following steps in making a two weeks notice:

1. Make a Professional Greeting

The first thing that you should create is a professional header. Make a good header for your email resignation letter or two weeks notice. The header should include your name and your contact information. It also includes the name of the company and its business information. After that, you should create a professional greeting that can show respect to the employer and HR department.

2. State Your Intention

After a great greeting, you must start telling your intention. Say that you want to resign from the company. Be polite in saying this thing. Then mention a date when you are going to leave the company.

3. Give a Reason

To be transparent with the company, you must state your reason why you are going to leave your job. Be sure that you are going to state a valid reason so that there can be no grounds for you to still stay in the company.

4. End on a Positive Note

In your letter, do not forget to express gratitude. You can also offer assistance for the work transition. After that, include the date of the letter and your signature. Then keep a record of the letter.


What are the tips for a two weeks notice?

The tips for a two weeks notice are to be formal, be concise, be prepared for the reaction of the employer, work hard up to your last day on the job, provide sufficient notice, and express gratitude.

What is included in a two weeks notice?

The things that are included in a two weeks notice are the resignation date, reason for leaving, and your gratitude to the employer.

By giving a two weeks notice, we can leave our company on good terms. The employer and HR department will see that we are being professional. So, in any event, that someone will ask about us from them, we can be sure that they can speak good things out of a good reputation. Give a two weeks notice if you are about to leave your job. This is for your own good.