What is a Meeting Notice?

A meeting notice is a document that announces an upcoming corporate meeting. It is given to board members or team members to invite them to attend a corporate meeting or a shareholder’s meeting. It is an invitation that is given to them to become participants or attendees of a program that the company has to implement to improve the policies in the business. It can be a written document or a printed document. The invitation can also be in the form of a meeting notice email. The meeting notice writing gives a direct invitation to participants to participate in the agenda of the company.

The meeting notice can be a mandatory meeting notice, board meeting notice, general meeting notice, urgent meeting notice, official meeting notice, important meeting notice, staff meeting notice, meeting cancellation notice, meeting call notice, or meeting reminder notice. The notice is usually given two weeks before the meeting date. It is usually given by the secretary who will inform all the attendees. It has the date, time, and location of the meeting. It has complete details about what the meeting will be all about. It has complete components to provide transparency to every participant.

Whether you will have a special meeting or an employee meeting, the meeting notice is an announcement for your meeting for any upcoming activities of the company. There are certain reasons why we conduct a corporate meeting. But for sure, it is to improve something in the company. Every committee should have a meeting for their staff so that team members will know how they can make their work better. Even in a church, meetings are necessary. The meeting notice gives a mandatory order to attend the upcoming meeting. It also informs attendees if the meeting will be rescheduled or canceled.

The meeting notice is important in any board meeting. Board members are busy persons so you have to inform them in advance of the meeting that is about to take place. This way, they can confirm their attendance and they can prepare for the corporate meeting. The meeting notice will be a great reminder to them to have continuous communication with every board member. It does not matter how you format your notice, whether it can be done through email or written notice. What is important is you can deliver the meeting notice in advance to make the attendees prepare for the meeting.

Components of a Meeting Notice

Have you seen a notice and agenda of a meeting example? Have you noticed that it has essential components? Well, before you write a meeting notice, it will be better for you to know first its components. We have prepared this knowledge for you. Read the following and know the components of a meeting notice:

Company Name: The first thing that you can see in the meeting notice is the name of your company. You should put the name of your company at the top of the meeting notice. Write in the same way that you write it in the incorporation documents. Putting the name of your company is a recognition from your company that you will conduct a legal meeting that is according to the policies of the company and abide by all necessary laws.Type of Meeting: There are certain types of meetings. The type of meetings can vary according to the needs of the company. Some types of meetings are special meetings, regular meetings, and annual meetings. In your meeting notice, you must state the type of meeting that you are going to hold. This is to inform everyone of what they are about to expect in the meeting.Name of Participants: Participants are the parties who are going to be informed about the scheduled meeting. They are the ones who are going to receive the meeting notice. Participants can be the shareholders, board members, team members, corporate officers, and managers. You must clearly write the name of the participants who are about to attend the meeting. This is to recognize that each of them is expected to be present at the corporate meeting. Address the meeting notice to all the participants who need to be there in the meeting.Meeting Date: The meeting notice contains the date when the meeting is to be held. You must allot enough timeframe to distribute the meeting notice to the participants. As much as possible, allow 60 days before the meeting to send the meeting notice. Though, usually, the meeting notice is sent two weeks before the meeting, you should consider giving a more ample time. This is to let all the participants make the necessary arrangements before the corporate meeting.Notice Date: Aside from the meeting date, the notice date is also important. You should write in the meeting notice the date when you have sent it out. This is to make the document professional.Meeting Time: You need to be exact in the meeting notice. Not only you should provide the meeting date, but the meeting time is also necessary. Without a meeting time, the meeting notice will seem to be invalid because no one will set a meeting without having an exact time for it. So, you must clearly write in the meeting notice the time of the meeting. Choose a time that you know that every participant will be able to attend. Select a time that can be convenient for everyone.Purpose of the Meeting: The participants have the right to know what the meeting will be all about. To make them know what to expect, you should write the purpose of the meeting in the meeting notice. Are you about to discuss the budget? Do you have a new program for the company? Are you going to improve your products? Do you need to have strategies in your sales plan or marketing plan? Whatever is the purpose of the meeting, you must write it together with your agenda. This will make the participants eager to attend the meeting if they will know that the meeting is important. If they can be assured that the meeting is for the welfare of the company, then you can be sure that all your participants will attend the meeting.Option for Attendance: You can give options to participants in attending the meeting. If participants will want to attend the meeting through video conferencing, then you should state if you can permit this thing. Nowadays, since people are usually busy, they will not have the time to attend in person. Since we are in the digital age, we use the convenience of having video conferences to make meetings more convenient for us. If this is a good possibility for your meeting, then you can let your participants attend the meeting through virtual means.Meeting Location: Just as the meeting date and meeting time are important, the meeting location is also necessary. How can your participants attend the meeting if they do not know where to go? So, provide a location where everyone can meet. Make the location accessible for everyone. This way, nothing will hinder them to attend the meeting. Choose a good place where you can conduct the meeting. If you will have a good place for your meeting, the participants will consider your meeting important. Prepare the best location for them.Meeting Agenda: You should prepare the meeting agenda. Write them on the meeting notice. You should write the list of topics that you should discuss in the meeting. The topics are the things that can make your company reach your goals for the meeting. You can also discuss the things that you have tackled in your past meetings. This is to provide a better improvement for your company. Your agenda should be something that can implement a better program or policy for the company. It should be something that can lift your company through the cooperation of the team.Name and Title of the Sender: The name of the sender should be written in the meeting notice. The sender should also provide his or her job position. This is to acknowledge that he or she is the one who sends the meeting notice.

Tips on Meeting Notice

Do you need a meeting notice sample or a special meeting notice sample? Do you want to have it because you need some tips on creating a meeting notice? This article can help you with your problem. We have some tips that you can apply in creating a meeting notice. Have the following tips:

Prepare Agenda Early: To send your meeting notice on time, be sure to prepare the agenda early. This way, you will not be hindered by anything. It will be easy for you to prepare the meeting notice because you know the agenda that you should put in it. So, it is better to prepare the agenda 3 months before the meeting. It means that you should plan ahead of time. Planning is necessary to create the best agenda. You will know that you will have a very meaningful meeting that can give a good contribution to your company.Choose Meeting Topics: Select the best topics that can give a good impact on all your employees. One of the recommended topics is by having company goals updates. You should let every employee participate in how your company can achieve your business goals. You should let them know if your company is doing good or not. You can encourage them to work better whether your company is doing well or not. Another good thing to discuss is noteworthy news about your company. You can update everyone on your company’s new development or new clients that your company is having. This will let everyone know if they have to do something to work together with everyone for the new development. You can also do meetings to share success. Having a corporate meeting to give praise and recognition to anyone who deserves it will be good.Seek Feedback: You should seek feedback on whether you are doing great in sending the meeting notice or not. You can get feedback from all the participants who have experienced how you have handled the meeting notice. Feedback can make you improve your work in creating the meeting notice. You will know the mistakes that you should correct next time. You will know the things that are effective for the participants.Invite Only Necessary People: You should know that you should choose the participants who will attend the meeting. Include only necessary people. Do not invite additional team members who are not involved with the topics that you are going to have. If they have nothing to do with a project, you do not need to involve them. You can be sure that you will not waste your time sending for meeting notice if you will only invite necessary persons. Because if participants do not care much about the meeting agenda, they will not attend your meeting. So, give the invitation to important participants only.

How to Write a Meeting Notice

Are you looking for a meeting notice template? Do you need it because you are about to write a meeting notice? Well, this article can help you. We have some simple steps on how you can write a meeting notice. They are the following:

1. Choose the Right Participants

The first thing that you need to know is who will be the participants in your meeting. You must choose the right participants for it. Do not include people who are not involved with the agenda of the meeting. Know the names of the participants who are necessary to attend the meeting. Knowing their names can make you assess how many meeting notices you have to send.

2. Include Necessary Details

Now, you have to state the necessary details in the meeting notice. You have to include the complete components for it. You must write the meeting date, the meeting time, and the meeting location. Do not forget to write the agenda of the meeting and its purpose. Write also the name of the company at the top of your document. Be sure to include the date of notice and your name.

3. Give the Notice in Advance

After you have finished writing the meeting notice, then you must choose a way how you can send it to the participants. Will you use email? Are you going to send it through the mail? Will you deliver it in person? Choose the best way how you can send the meeting notice. Give it to the participants 60 days or 2 weeks before the meeting.


What are the benefits of a meeting notice?

The benefits of a meeting notice are you can make the participants prepare for the meeting, it will be a great reminder for them to attend the meeting, and they will be informed about the topic or agenda of the meeting.

Is it natural to cancel the meeting after the meeting notice?

Yes, it can happen sometimes. During these times, you have to send another meeting notice which is a meeting cancellation notice.

Conducting meetings in a company is very important because all work colleagues should do everything to improve their business. The meeting notice is very helpful so that everyone will be prepared for the meeting. It is something that makes meetings successful. Well, do you need a template for a meeting notice? This post has 20+ SAMPLE Meeting Notice in PDF | MS Word. You can use any of them so that you can create a great meeting notice. Download now!