What is an Employee Verification?

An employee verification is a process where the company will have a background check regarding the employment history of a job applicant. The prospective new employer will call the companies that you have stated in your employment history where you have worked in the past. They will check if you are telling the truth about your work history. This is needed to protect the company from employees who might be guilty of fraud. The company has to ensure that they are going to hire employees who are good and not stating false things. By checking the employment history, they can also only hire qualified workers who are telling the truth about their experiences and skills.

In checking the employment history, a company may ask for the help of a 3rd party or an employment verification website. It is an employee verification company that helps with the background check of an employee. Employee eligibility is important because this is the only way to know if the employee is an honest person that is accurate with his or her dealings. Employers around the world have checked that 50% of job applicants put false things on their resumes. So, to avoid hiring applicants who are not being truthful with their application, a background check is needed that can reveal the true things about their employment history.

If you will hire a 3rd party for the background check, you may need to fill up an employee verification form. After that, employment verification companies can do a background check for you. This is how to verify employment history the easiest way. Employment verification companies are professionals in having an employment verification background check so you can be assured that they are going to get accurate information. It will not take long before you can get the confirmation that you need. They will even get the work number of the employee.

When doing an employee verification, you can request some information from the past employers of the employee. You are not restricted by federal law in requesting information. So, you can have a thorough background check. You can even ask some questions about the employee. Some of the information that a company asks past employers are:

Importance of an Employee Verification

Whether you are going to conduct a free employment verification or not, you may be wondering why you have to do it. Employee verification is important on the side of the new employer. Before hiring an employee, it should be done. The following are some of the important reasons why you have to conduct an employee verification:

Verification of Facts: You must check all the facts that the job applicants have written in their job applications. You should check if the dates of the work history are right. Know if the job title is accurate. Whatever the applicant has written, you should confirm if all are correct. Job applicants may have forged some biased information and it is your responsibility to check about it. If it is a fact that some job applicants put false information in their resumes, your company should be wise to know the truth. So, an employment verification background check is necessary. You can confirm whether job applicants are telling the truth about their employment history or not.Salary Confirmation: Giving salaries to employees is a crucial thing. You should ensure that you can give a salary that can be according to the experience and skills of the employees. You should ascertain that you can give just compensation. So, if the employee has only a small salary in the past and is asking for a big compensation, this may not be just for your company. By doing employee verification, you will come to know the true salaries of the employees. You can have income verification. Their past employers can reveal them so you will know how to give the right salary to the employee.Culture Check: Every company has a different culture. You must check if the culture of your company can align with the values of the employees. To do this, you can check the culture of past employers. If you can see that their cultures are somehow similar to the culture of the company, then you have found a good employee that can fit with your culture.Workplace Protection: You can avoid any risks to your company if you will have an employee verification. You will know if the employee has safety-related issues with their past employers. You should know this to know if the employee will be a good worker that can work fine in your workplace. Some employees may not be suitable if they cause some disruption in the workplace. Especially if you have a very sensitive workplace. So, you have to ascertain that the employee will be fit to work in your workplace.Prevents Fraud: You may waste your time with a job applicant who is not truthful with his or her resume. Because it is common for job applicants to state untrue things in their resume, you can eliminate these applicants by having an employee verification. You must avoid fraud at all costs. You should check whether the details in the resume are true or not. By having employee verification, you can prevent wasting your time with applicants who are not qualified for the job.Hiring Qualified Applicants Only: Work history is very important because it can reveal if the job applicants are qualified for the job or not. The only thing that you need to do is to check if the work history of an applicant is true. If it is true, then you can be confident that the job applicant is qualified for the job. So, having a background check is the best way to have qualified workers for the job. You can ascertain that they have the necessary skills needed for the job.Good Workers: Employee verification can reveal the true character of the applicants when they are in the workplace and how they deal with their co-workers. You will know their attitudes at work through the background check. To ensure that they are good workers, you must ask their past employers about their behavior. They can reveal to you if they have misconduct or not. If you will know that they can behave rightfully at work, then you are going to hire a good worker who will not give you any problems at work.Better Productivity: To be sure that you can use an employee to the fullest, you must ensure that they have the proper skills for the job. This can be revealed by the work history. You will know if the job applicants will truly be productive for the job. If the job applicants have the right skills, then they can do the work with ease and this will benefit your company. Productivity is something that you should ensure and this can be checked by having an employee verification.Prevents Violence: Before you should hire an employee, you must know if they are a good worker or not. If you will not know about their character, you can hire a violent employee that will be a problem for your company. So, a background check is needed to ensure that job applicants have the right work demeanor. You can check if they have the right conduct at work and can promote a harmonious workplace.

Tips on Employee Verification

Are you looking for an employee verification sample? Do you need it because you need some tips that you can use in having an employee verification? If tips are what you need, we can help you. We can offer you some tips that you can use in asking for employee verification. Read and consider the following:

Know the Legal Requirements: An employment eligibility verification form is needed for employee verification. This form is also called Form I-9. This will verify the identity of an individual. It is required for all employees who want to work in the United States. Employers must complete this before an employee begins to work. It is needed before the onboarding process.Make a Consistent Policy: You should have a policy in making an employee verification. This is needed so that you will have the right standards when hiring applicants. You will be able to check the identity of the job applicants more thoroughly. You will not forget a single thing that will be important for you to ask. You can get the best out of the employee verification.Hire a Background Screening Company: To get a better background check, you must hire an employee verification company. They are more skilled with employee verification. You can ensure that they can get the accurate information that you need. It may be worth a little work for your company to do the employee verification. If you want more convenience in the hiring process, you should hire a 3rd party that can do the job. Besides, you can be sure that you can have the perfect details that you need. You can have a thorough background check with the help of employment verification companies.Gather Complete Data: Before having an employee verification, you must be sure that you have complete data from the applicants. Make them fill out a detailed employment application that can ask for complete details about their employment history. By having this data, you can be sure that you can have a thorough investigation of the experience and skills of the job applicants. You will come to know them better if you have complete data. You will know their work experience from the start and up to the end. It will be easier for you to decide whether to hire them or not.Have Other Verification Processes: To be sure that you can hire good employees, you must not be content with employment verification. You should conduct other verification processes like credit checks and criminal background checks. Through other verification processes, you will come to know the job applicants better. You will know if they are a good person or not.

How to Ask an Employee Verification

Do you have an employee verification format? What are the things that you need in conducting an employee verification? If you need some steps that you can use in asking for employee verification, you can have the following steps:

1. Prepare the Data

The first thing that you need to do is to prepare the data of the job applicants. Prepare their resume and the notes that you have taken when having the interview. You need all the details that they have given regarding their work history. You need to confirm these details with their past employers.

2. Call the Past Employers

Having the job applicants’ details on hand, you should call past employers. You should call them one by one. When you have contacted them, you should confirm the details that the job applicants have put in their employment applications. Ask questions about the applicants. Confirm the information that they have given you during the interview.

3. Thank the Past Employers

After the past employers have given you the information that you need, you must ask them if the job applicant is eligible for a re-hire. If the job applicant can be re-hired, then it means that he or she is a good employee. There will be no risk in hiring the job applicant. When you are done with the employee verification, you must thank the past employers that you have contacted.


Do all companies conduct employee verification?

No. Most companies conduct a background check or an employee verification. But some companies do not do employee verification.

How far can an employee verification go?

The truth is there is no restriction for employee verification. The law permits an employer to have a thorough background check for job applicants who have applied to a company.

How long will an employee verification take?

An employee verification may take several weeks. The process can be affected by various reasons that can make it take longer.

Is employee verification important?

Yes, it is important. You will not know the character of a job applicant unless you ask his or her past employers. You will know his or her demeanor about work.

When you are hiring an employee, you should remember that employee verification is an essential part of the hiring process. You must conduct this to ensure the good conduct of the job applicants. This can avoid any risks for your company. Well, do you need a template for employee verification? This post has 14+ SAMPLE Employee Verification in PDF | MS Word. These templates can help you to conduct better employee verification. Download now!