A 360 degree feedback is necessary in evaluating co-workers performance. We have to be honest on what they are doing in work, whether they are doing their part or not. Many aspects in doing the job are factors in giving a performance review. We have to tell what a co-worker has been doing in regards to teamwork, competence, attitude, efficiency, flexibility, communication, creativeness, and leadership. We can tell the truth about these things because we are with our co-workers everday and we can see how they have been doing in their job. Perhaps you are about to make a co-worker evaluation and you lack for words for co-worker evaluation or you may want to see co-worker evaluation examples. This article will tackle things about a co-worker evaluation. You can find some co-worker evaluation examples through performance review phrases that you can use in making a co-worker evaluation. It also has tips that you can use in making your feedback. You can be able to write a co-worker evaluation at the end of this article because you can find some steps on how you will write it. Keep on reading and learn new things!

What is a Co-Worker Evaluation?

A co-worker evaluation is a document of a performance review of employees given by their peers. It is given to the manager or supervisor to help them know how well co-workers have been doing in their job. The co-worker evaluation also gives an understanding to the manager or supervisor on how well an employee has been relating to his or her peers. It provides insight about the cohesiveness of workers at work. The manager or supervisor will know on what area about the team needs effort for improvement. The co-worker evaluation may not be so comprehensive at all times but it can contain positive feedback and constructive criticism. To provide a performance review to a co-worker can sometimes be awkward because you have to tell what he or she has been doing. But if we will look at things positively, we can also give a positive report. Anyway, giving a performance review or feedback is easy because we know what we should tell. In work, we see our co-workers every single day and we know how they are relating to their job.

What to Say in a Co-Worker Evaluation

To make a co-worker evaluation is easy, but sometimes we lack for words for co-worker evaluation. Here you can find phrases that you can use in making a co-worker evaluation. In different aspects of a job, you can try to say the following things:

Co-Worker Part in the Team

Employee Competency

Employee Communication 

Employee Attitude

Employee Creativeness

  Quality of Work

Employee Leadership

Employee Accountability

Employee Flexibility

Employee Attendance

Tips on Co-Worker Evaluation

Sometimes we owe our co-workers to give them a proper co-worker evaluation. They are being good to us at work, so we have to provide a good co-worker evaluation, too. Learn some of these tips in providing a good co-worker evaluation:

You have to be objective. You have to be honest in the performance review. The co-worker may be your best bud. You usually go to lunch together, and you are always a good buddy at work. But you should remember that you should state the real facts. Do not be ashamed to make the feedback truthful because your co-worker should know what areas he or she is weak in. It can be in his or her best interest to know these things. There will be a chance of improvement if you will tell the truth.You can give constructive criticism. You cannot avoid it. Sometimes you should have to tell the truth and give a negative feedback. In times like this, you should remember that you have to do that. You have to make the co-worker evaluation as honest as you can be. But you should also have regards to your co-worker. Say the negative feedback in a nice way. Make use of constructive criticism. You can tell the truth and you can be good to your co-worker at the same time. The negative feedback should be something that could make your co-worker to have a room for improvement. But you have to tell it in a good way to avoid conflict with your co-worker.Put yourself in your co-worker’s shoes. The best way that you can give a good co-worker evaluation is to put yourself in the shoes of your co-worker. What if you are in their place? What kind of feedback do you need? Would you want them to be honest so that you will know how you can improve in your job? What will happen, for an instance, if the feedback is so negative? Will the co-worker lose their job because of you? Will you want that kind of thing? In that case, you can be considerate. You can make your negative feedback as constructive criticism. Do not forget their positive qualities because surely there are positive things that you can find in your co-worker. But most and foremost, you still have to be honest in the co-worker evaluation.Give specific examples of good work. In your co-worker evaluation, you can give the good works that your co-worker has done. If you have been a witness of one of these things, then cite it specifically. If your co-worker has been working overtime always and is so diligent in his or her job, without the company knowing it, then tell it in your feedback. Your co-worker might be rewarded with the good work because of you. You can do your co-worker good just by being honest.Give positive feedbacks and comments. Have you ever read a co-worker evaluation sample or co-worker feedback examples? If you can see that it has many negative feedbacks and comments, you must have in your heart that you must not imitate them. Who knows if the employee that filled up the co-worker evaluation form has grudges with the co-worker? Do not be like that. Remember to have positivity in making feedback and comments. Always provide a positive feedback if possible. Do not take the opportunity to avenge yourself with your co-workers if ever you are not in good terms with them. Remember to be nice in the co-worker evaluation as you are being nice to your co-worker at work. If you will give positive feedback and comments, and your co-worker will know it, the two of you can have a better relationship after that.

How to Create a Co-Worker Evaluation

If you have not seen a co-worker evaluation template or co-worker evaluation examples, you might be new in creating a co-worker evaluation. You can have the following steps so that making a co-worker evaluation will be possible to you:

Step 1: Set a certain goal.

First, you should know your objective. If you know that the co-worker evaluation is for the welfare of the company, you will begin to have the decisiveness to make the co-worker evaluation good. You can make a vow to yourself to be honest in making it. The company has the right to know the exact capacity of its every employee, and if you can do something to help, then you should be ready to give a 360 degree feedback. No holding back. You will plainly tell the truth about your co-worker.

Step 2: Meditate on the qualities of your co-worker.

To be able to provide an honest co-worker evaluation, you must remind yourself that you should put the exact qualities of your co-worker in it. Think of how well your co-worker does in regards to teamwork, leadership, accountability, creativity, and other aspects that has been affecting their job. You see your co-worker everyday, and you probably have the best idea of how he or she is when it comes to work. Make an outline about these qualities and list them on a paper, so you will know what to write in the co-workers evaluation form.

Step 3: Get a co-worker evaluation template.

Sometimes, the company distributes a co-worker evaluation form to be filled up by employees. But in case, you have to make your owm co-worker evaluation, you might search for a co-worker evaluation template that you can use. Find something on the internet that suits your preference and edit it on your computer. Use the outline that you have made and write your performance review. If you have doubts in your evaluation, or you think it is not good enough, you may search on the internet again for co-worker evaluation examples or performance feedback examples. They might help you on things that you may have forgotten to write.

Step 4: Read the evaluation to ensure that it is beneficial.

After writing the co-worker evaluation, read it. Ponder on everything that you have said, ensuring that you have said the right things. You can ask yourself some co-worker evaluation questions to ensure that the evaluation is beneficial and that you have written everything that you should write. When you think that you have done enough, then be ready to submit the co-worker evaluation to the manager or supervisor.


Do I Have to Be Honest in the Co-Worker Evaluation?

Yes, definitely. You have to fill up every co-worker evaluation form honestly. The company deserves that. It has to know the exact quality of the job of your co-workers. If you will not be honest, the company will not know the areas which all of you have to improve. It will also not know whether an employee has been good or bad.

It may be a little hard for you to provide the co-worker evaluation as honest as you can. You are thinking of what your co-worker will think of you, if you will have a negative feedback about him or her. You do not want to have conflict to any of your co-workers. But you have to bear in mind that you have to be exact in your evaluation. Tell the most honest things. As they say, “The truth never hurts”. Your co-worker may get it a little hard to accept your evaluation, but he or she will eventually accept it. On the other hand, do not forget to report positive things your co-worker has been doing. Everyone of us should be apt for a good report. So, in making a co-worker evaluation, remember honesty and put it first.