They could even almost skip meals just to finish their tasks. It sometimes made them to sleep late at night and then wake so early in the morning. They could never do anything but to keep on finishing their school tasks. Whether they are a college student, in middle school, or in high school, the scenario is all the same. A student handles heavy schoolworks. With these situations, a student needs to have a weekly student planner.

What is a Weekly Student Planner?

A weekly student planner is a weekly schedule of a student written on a template or planner. It is a weekly calendar of an elementary, high school, or college student. It contains all the activities of a student per a particular week. It will keep track of all the things that they have to do. It may be a bullet journal or a table that has hourly tasks. It can be written in an excel sheet or a cute blank planner that you can buy at stores. The planner includes all the things that a student needs to accomplish in a week. It also says how every homework or project can be done or how a student can make things done. It helps the students to plan the things that they have to achieve. They can put all their homeworks and projects in it, assigning each on a particular day of the week. It states how a student can allot their times for every day in the whole week.

This weekly student planner can guide a student on performing their tasks. With a planner, it will be visible to them how much time they have in every week to finish all the things that they have to do. A weekly planner for school can make all schoolworks possible. When everything seems so difficult for a student, all they need to do is to download a student planner app or search for custom student planners. These will help especially college students who have more tasks than ever. A college student planner or a college weekly planner is a must. It is necessary to plan the things that they have to do and have something to follow through. They would not know how all of their time would fit well into all their tasks unless they make a weekly student planner. With it, they could make wise use of their time. They could work well in school daily. They just have to list all the things that they have to do in a pretty cute organizer and no homework can be forgotten. They can be assured of a good grade when they have a weekly student planner.

Strategies on Making a Weekly Student Planner

You must be thinking how you can make your weekly student planner effective. You must be thinking of strategies that you can apply to make a good one.

A schedule of enough time for everything. Assign enough time for every school tasks. You can allot 1 hour for every homework. You can adjust it to 30 minutes if the homework is easy, or to 2 hours if the homework is a little difficult. Just be sure that the time is enough for you to do every tasks. Put allowances in time so that your student planner will not be destroyed by lack of time if ever.Always plan your study time. Make a detailed plan about your study time. Put blocks of time that can be alloted for studying. Then figure out what will you do in each times. If you are going to study alone, you must put it in your planner. Because there are times that you will have to study in a study group. You must allow more time for it because it may take you some time to go to your fellow classmates. You can allot 2 to 4 hours for your study time. Be sure that the hour is enough for you to study well. Remember that you aim to have good grades. If you will not have a good time on studying or if you will be in a hustle, your mind may not absorb well all the things that you have studied.Have a realistic plan. Your weekly student planner must be realistic. The time gaps for each activities must be real. Remember that you should have allot proper time for eating and travel. Give proper time to all things that you can do. Be sure that when you put a tasks to do in a particular time, you are able to accomplish it. Have in mind also all the things that you need to do within the day. If you can put proper time in each tasks, then you can do everything realistically.Leave some fun time. Do not forget to leave some time alloted for fun. A student needs some time for hobbies or some time to go out with friends. It will make the students’ life worthwhile. It is not bad to have some hours for fun. Actually, it is commendable. It is a part of a young person’s life. It can take away all the stress that a student can get from all the wearisome schoolworks. They can hang out in their spare times with their friends. They just have to put it in their weekly student planner. They can go out once a week and assign a particular day for it. Going out once a week may not be bad after all. While they could have their hobbies for 1-2 hours per day. They can unwind and just listen to music if they want. They can do arts and crafts if they have the skills. They can do anything they want in that free time. Just so that they would not be exhausted of school.Avoid overcommitting. Make sure that you allow free time for every activity. Your planner must be flexible. If you will put so many activities in one day, the chances are you may not be able to perform all of it. Put time allowances to each tasks. In this way, you will not commit on so many tasks that you are not able to do.Give importance to more difficult tasks. You should put subjects with heavier workloads first. Make it on the top of your list. If you will do it later, there will be a chance that you cannot do it. But if you will do it first, you will be at ease at the end of the week. Assign it properly on the first days of the week. You may not put the same heavy tasks on the same date, but give priority to it. There will not be also a chance of cramming if you put the more difficult tasks first.Do not make your routine boring. Aside for giving a time for fun, give some few times in between tasks. With these times, you can make yourself relax for a while. You can do little things that can make you happy. If you will jampacked your week with just school workloads, you will have a chance to be bored. You can get sick of all the schoolworks and you may even have a chance to have a depression. Do not be too hard on yourself and make your weekly student planner a good thing to follow. Make it something that you will be happy to follow through. Not some boring stuff that you have to do.Spread your activities within the week. Put your activies properly on each assigned times anywhere within the week. Distribute them evenly. You can also have spare times so you can do those things that you are not able to do in those times.

Steps in Creating a Weekly Student Planner

Making a weekly student planner may be a challenge for students. They must be decided to make one to guide them in their study and daily life as a student. They may consider these steps to create a student planner.

Step 1 Find a schedule template that will fit your needs.

You can search websites where you can find a template that you can use for your weekly student planner. It may be a Word template or a PDF template. It may be a calendar on Office 365 or Google Calendar. You can also buy planners that are available on online stores. After choosing a template, you can print it or you can make your planner digitally. Design your planner to make it more vibrant. You can put different colors or icons to it. A lively planner will make you more likely to use it.

Step 2 Put your class schedule in your student planner.

Add all your classes into your schedule template. Put them in the proper hours that you will have to take them. The class tracker will make it easy for you to be acquainted in all your class times. Put time allowances for the time that you will have to spend for going into another rooms or buildings. Allow a 15-30 minutes allowance. After putting all your classes in the schedule template, you will see the unscheduled time or free time.

Step 3 Put your daily routine.

Assign right time for you to take your meals, make yourself ready for school, and everything. Put also time for you to travel to school and to go back home. Insert your daily routine in the schedule template. Do not forget all the things that you need to do everyday or for the whole week. You must put it in your weekly student planner.

Step 4 Put all your committment items.

Add all the schedules that you have for the week which includes your appointments or work if you have one. Add all dedicated study works like reading, reviewing for exams, and doing assignments. You may call these “study blocks”. Spread it across the day and across the week. Put it on the best hours that you can do it.

Step 5 Balance all your other activities.

Put other activities that can balance your school life. Some of it are going out with friends and doing hobbies. You can also go to the gym or just simply go out to eat at a restaurant. You can also spend each weekend going out with your family. Or just spend your time with them in the house. Add all these activities in your planner.


What is the Best Schedule Template Layout?

The people’s favorite is horizontal. Sometimes it is difficult to use vertical ones because the columns are too narrow. You can also use hourly planner. Your tasks for each day will be clear with an hourly layout.

Why is it Necessary to Put Time Allowances in Every Tasks?

It is necessary to add time allowances in every tasks to make your weekly student planner effective. You cannot afford to have a lack of time each day. For you to be able to accomplish each task whenever the unexpected happens, put time allowances for every tasks. It can make all things more possible.

A student can practice productivity if they can follow a weekly student planner. It will be a good guide for them to finish all their tasks in school and to spend their time wisely. They can be successful in the future by keeping this discipline. Who will not want to be successful? Try making a weekly student planner if you are a student. It can make your way through success.