From a blank weekly calendar, they should put all their activities within a week, and should have the consistency to obey it. If they are a teenager, they must observe a weekly class schedule. A weekly work schedule, on the other hand, are for the businessmen. It would not be hard for us to have a weekly physical activity schedule because a week is a minimized amount of time that can be observed. It is a concise calendar that we just have to continually keep. We just have to make a table with seven blocks and several rows, and we can instantly have a weekly activity schedule. In this article, you will learn new things about a weekly activity schedule. It has benefits that you can get from it and tips that you can use for it. It will also give some steps on how you can create a weekly activity schedule. So brace yourself and keep on reading!

What is a Weekly Activity Schedule?

A weekly activity schedule is a blank weekly calendar which has spaces for all the activities of a person within a week. It is a list of schedule that can be written with a table that consists of dates, times, and the tasks that should be done everyday within a whole week. You can have a monthly calendar with weekly activity schedule. Or you can have one that is yearly. Or if you are taking one thing at a time, you can have a plain weekly calendar. Having a weekly activity schedule is a useful way on how people can achieve goals and can finish all their tasks. The only thing that they will do is to set a schedule for a week or for weeks, and there is instantly something that they could follow. A weekly activity schedule is advisable because you only have a week to look forward to.

You will not be drowned with so many activities because you are taking each week at a time mostly. It is handy and is easy to accomplish and finish. It is just a seven-days-a-week activity schedule. Many people use this kind of scheduling because it is the simplest way of making a schedule. You need not to look at a whole calendar. It is good to use by a student in scheduling his or her classes. A weekly activity calendar can sustain a student to his or her every need to accomplish schoolworks at school, whatever the season is, whether summer or fall. Most especially, when students are in college, they might need a weekly activity schedule. It can also be used in any activity diary template or weekly activity planner.

Benefits of a Weekly Activity Schedule

A weekly schedule is being set in a weekly work planner because it has advantages and benefits. If you have not even tried to make a schedule for yourself, read the following, and it may convince you to have a weekly activity schedule:

Your week will be productive. Surely, you will have productivity if you will make a weekly activity schedule. You will set activities that you will do for every week. As every week goes by, you may not notice it but you are achieving things. Every week will be productive. Unlike when you do not have a weekly activity schedule, all your days will pass by with you doing nothing. But if you have a weekly activity schedule, you have something to follow, with all the activities that you must do. Each day will pass with you doing something. Continuing to be like that, you will surely have productivity. One task here and there, and with a week, you already have accomplished many things.You can do things that you will do tomorrow. No day will be wasted if you will have a weekly activity schedule. You can do all things ahead of time. Sometimes, if we have no schedule, we will not be quick in doing our tasks. But if we have set our tasks ahead of time, we may do it instantly. Instead of doing them for tomorrow, we can do it ahead of that time. We will be punctual with everything as a result.Success will be your routine. As every week you make a weekly schedule, it will be your routine. You can achieve great things every week. You can also have success every week. Every week success will be a routine for you. You will have no dull moments. With a weekly activity schedule, you can easily insert success into your routine. Who will not want that?You will become a high-achiever. One thing that a high-achiever has is that he or she succeeds in everything. You can have that thing, too. By having a weekly activity schedule, you can be disciplined and will learn your ways to success. It will make you successful in all you do. You can finish tasks and you can finish them ahead of time. One day, you will just be aware that you are highly achieving great things. As you practice a weekly schedule, many things will be put into success.You will not cram on your projects. Having everything on schedule will make everything convenient. You can do all your tasks in a specific time and you do not need to cram on anything. Everything is scheduled so you do not have to worry about anything. The thing that you should only do is to follow your weekly activity schedule and all your tasks will be accomplished in time.No activity will be forgotten. A weekly activity schedule is a record of activities for the whole week. Because you keep a schedule, you will not going to miss any activity of yours. You will be reminded about it as you look at your weekly activity schedule. There will be no chance that it will be forgotten or undone.

Tips on Weekly Activity Schedule

It is good to use some tips here and there. If you are making a weekly activity schedule, you may use these tips to enhance your scheduling experience.

Make weekly goals. To be sure that you can achieve anything within a week, set a goal for every week. As you follow your weekly activity calendar, you can achieve some goals. Having a goal can put you into success and will turn you into a person that you have never known before. You can be someone that is so successful. Achieving goals will be your habit. You have nothing to lose, but something to gain each week. So set goals for every week so you can have something to reach about for each week.Have a brain dump at the start of each week. Do a mind sweep before you start writing in your weekly activity calendar. Clear your head and avoid distractions. This will help you to think of all your activities and tasks that you need to do for the whole week. You can give place for all your ideas, so you can come up for something productive to do for the week. You may not forget any important thing like your need to have a phone call to someone. You can also prioritize your duties.Know how to proritize your activities. You must know what tasks you need to do first. If you know how to prioritize things, you can finish the more important tasks first. You have to remember that there are tasks that need priority and there are other tasks that you can set aside for a moment. List all the more important activities first and see which of them will fit into your weekly schedule. If there are activities that really need to be done for that week, put it first. Then the remaining activity, you just have to reserve for the following week. Everything must be put in proper dates.Consider your last week schedule. Look back on your past weekly schedule. It can help you plan for the future. You can see how well you are doing. You can also learn from your past mistakes. If you will see that you are not that strict in following your schedule, you can get a little more tight for it and be more disciplined. By looking at it, you can also see if there is any undone activity. You can be reminded of things that you might have forgotten. It is also good to know how you have been doing for the past week.Make meaningful Sundays. You probably might be thinking that you should do nothing on Sundays. But you should think that Sunday could be a great time for you to achieve some tasks. Get your pleasant activity scheduling worksheet and put some errands that you can do on Sundays. Maybe it can be your time to do grocery. Maybe you can grant your children’s request to eat at a restaurant on Sundays. Maybe you can assign chores to yourself like cleaning the house. You can also take care of your health on Sundays by doing some body and mind exercise.Have a limitation on your plans. A week only has seven days. You should limit your plans for the whole week. Know that you cannot put so much activity for your definite schedule. Plan only for tasks that can fit the seven days of the week. It is necessary so that you can only schedule tasks that you can do. If you will have so many plans, you cannot finish that in a week. So have a limit for your plans so that you can be sure that you will be able to perform all of them.Find the right tools. You should know the good tools that you can use as you make your weekly activity schedule. You may want to use a weekly schedule maker or app. Or a weekly schedule planner. Some uses a whiteboard to list all the important things that they need to do. A notebook is also good for the brain dump. Or you can use the Google Calendar to organize everything. Just be sure to use something that is convenient for you to use.

How to Create a Weekly Activity Schedule

Are you about to make a weekly schedule? Is it your first time to do it? Or you think you may have not considered something in doing it? You can use the following steps, and maybe you can create a weekly activity schedule better:

Step 1: Prepare your tools.

First, you should prepare the things that you need in making a weekly activity schedule. Maybe you need a planner and you can buy it from any online store. You may also want to buy a whiteboard or a notebook. And some pencils or pens. Another thing is a template that you can use. You can use Google Calendar or you can search for a weekly activity schedule template on the internet. A weekly schedule template can help you in making your calendar. There is even a printable weekly activity schedule that you can find if you want a hardcopy. Choose a sample weekly activity schedule that is best for you. You can also use Excel if you like and make your weekly planner template there.

Step 2: Plan ahead for the week.

Next thing to do is to have a brain dump. Think of all the activities that you need to do for the week. You may have some learning activities that you need to do. You may have some events that you need to attend to. You may have little things that you need to accomplish. Plan for all these activities and think how you can schedule them for the whole week. List all the activities down in a paper, great or small.

Step 3: Make a table and list all your activities.

After planning all your activities, then make a table. Divide it in three columns. The first column will be the days of the week. Make 8 rows for that column. On the top row, put “Dates and Day”. Then label the following rows with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Put the appropriate dates for each day of the week. You can adjust the number of rows if you want to list activities by the hour. Then the second column would be all your activities. Label it “Activities”. Go over the list of the activities that you have made and distribute them properly on each dates. Be sure that every activity that you will put will be realistic for you to do. On the third column, put “Notes”. Then on its rows, there you will put notes about each activity whether you have accomplished them or not.

Step 4: Have a printable copy.

After making your weekly calendar, you may want to have a printable copy where you can write notes. Sometimes, it is good that your weekly activity schedule will be handy. Print it and keep it in a place where you can easily reach it. You may want to have it in your bag or on your desk. Go over it everyday to be informed of the things that you need to do within the day. Keep on doing this for the whole week until everything has been achieved.


Is a Weekly Activity Schedule Better Than a Monthly One?

Yes. It is better. It is more brief and is easier to follow. You may not tend to forget any activities because weekly, you are making a calendar. Most people schedule activities weekly. In a monthly calendar, you may lose track of it as the whole month goes by. But a weekly calendar is accessed always, so it is better.

Do I Have to Put Hours in the Weekly Activity Schedule?

If you want to be definite and to make use of all your time, then you can put an hourly schedule to your weekly activity schedule. With it, you can assign tasks at every hour of the day. You can also see how many hours will be left of you to rest everyday. You can also fill in the gaps, and can assign more tasks to your every day.

To be disciplined in all our affairs is a nice quality for anyone to have. People who maintain a weekly schedule are successful. They are sure of productive and meaningful days. It is not good to waste any time. Life is short and before we know it, it is gone. So make good use of your time. You will pass this world only once. Do something so that you can achieve something of worth. Set schedule for yourself. Plan your days ahead. You will not be sorry for it.