What Are Child Care Receipts?

Daycare and child care centers offer special services to take care of the young in case their parents are still away or busy with work. And after the company renders such services, they will eventually issue official receipts to the parents. Thus, child care receipts are what child service centers put into writing to confirm the parents’ payment of the given services.

According to the Center for American Progress, around 2 million parents sacrificed their careers because of child care issues in 2016.

The Elements of a Child Care Receipt

What makes a proper child care receipt? In every daycare center, there are different information, formats, and contents to the issued receipts. But, there are common factors to find as well. So in order for a child care receipt to be valid, it should contain these standard elements:

Title: The business receipt used should be very clear with the title “Child Care Receipt.’ That way, people won’t mistake the receipt for any other document.Parent’s Details: The complete and legal name of the parent who will pay for the child care service will be identified in the parent’s details section. Besides the name, the address and contact numbers are required too.Child Care Center’s Info: The child care center should also provide its basic information from the name, contact details, social security number, and the name of the specialist, nanny, or whoever takes care of the child under service. This is for verification purposes in case clients or third parties need to know who or which company is being paid.Child’s Details: Since the child is the main concern in the service, it is only natural to identify the child’s basic information as well. The name and the age are crucial here.List of Authorized Names: Who is allowed to pick up the child from the center? State the full contact list in the list of authorized names may they be a parent, guardian, or anyone authorized.Amount Paid: Receipts come after payment is made. And the receipt must detail the total amount paid, the itemized list of services rendered, and even the tax charged.Service Hours: Lastly, write down the total number of child care service hours given. This part describes the number of hours experienced by the child at the center.

How to Make a Child Care Receipt

Yes, it is clear that child care receipts are useful documents given by centers after payments are done by parents weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. And since you already know what a child care receipt is including its elements, are you now prepared to create the receipt itself? Rest assured, it is simple when you follow these steps of how to create a child care receipt:

Step 1: Download a Sample Template

Making a child care receipt is not an arduous process with sample child care receipts. See those sample templates above? Those are your options of any template you can use to create the receipt shortly. Expect to customize your chosen receipt template until your preferences follow.

Step 2: Design the Child Care Receipt

Child care receipts can be personalized by the company or child care center. The common approach is to include company branding in the design like the center’s theme colors, official logo, and style. That way, people immediately get the gist as to which company the receipt belongs to.

Step 3: Insert the Needed Elements

Remember those child receipt elements discussed earlier? Make sure to insert them in your customized child care receipt to keep the validity of such a receipt. Also, arrange every element added properly. The details in a receipt are categorized into groups or labels which may depend on your preference.

Step 4: Finalize the Format and Output

Once you are finished writing down the receipt’s content and elements, proceed to finalize the receipt’s format and output. Should the receipts be printed or sent thru email only? And are you in favor of receipt samples in PDF or in MS Word? Note it down. Producing and keeping copies of the child care receipts will be your priority afterward.


Why is a child care service receipt important?

Receipts, in general, are important as proof of payments. The same goes for invoicing and tax purposes. Receipts are even required by law following a transaction. Thus, a child care receipt is more than just a piece of paper since its details contain important information for reference.

What are the types of child care receipts?

If there are different services offered in taking care of a child, then the same goes for the types of child care receipts. And generally, the common types of child care receipts are the mother’s helper, babysitter, nanny, and daycare.

Does child care deduct tax?

It is mandated by law to have child care providers report about taxable incomes. Hence, issuing receipts with tax deductions is expected. Meanwhile, parents cannot claim any child support tax credit if the tax deduction’s details aren’t found in the receipt.

Did you know that around 2 million parents sacrificed their careers due to child care issues back in 2016? The Center for American Progress’s report proves how taking care of children can be a problem in America. While being busy with work and personal life may be inevitable, parents may hire or book for a child care service. And preparing child care receipts for billing won’t be a hassle anymore as you use our sample templates above. Download now!