What Are Vehicle Sale Receipts?

A vehicle sale receipt is a basic document used as proof of payment when a customer purchases from a car dealer. If the buyer deals with a private seller, then a vehicle private sales receipt will be used. And just like any official receipt, the vehicle sale receipt displays the title, payment amount, serial number, etc. But, car sales include the car description, add-ons information, sales tax, and more.

The 2020 global car sales were expected to reach a total of 80 million but it fell down to 64 million vehicles only due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Auto Parts of a Vehicle Sale Receipt

While a vehicle consists of a series of auto parts, the vehicle sale receipt has its standard auto parts as well. Hence, such parts or elements make up a professional receipt. And these vehicle sale receipt elements consist of the following:

Basic Info: The basic information sets the tone of what a document specifically is. Thus, your receipt should be entitled ‘Vehicle Sale Receipt’ as its straightforward introductory statement. Next, input your business’s name, contact number, address, the date of issuing the receipt, and the receipt’s unique serial number.Buyer’s Details: Now that the basic info introduces the vehicle sale receipt effectively, recognize the buyer next. Expect to write down the complete legal name of the buyer, including their crucial details like the address and contact numbers.Vehicle Description: Vehicle sale receipts tackle vehicles. So it is only standard to describe what car is being transacted in the first place. And in the vehicle description, expect to write the car model, brand, identification number, add-ons, etc.Payment Info: A receipt is issued in completing a payment. And all the payment details should have their own section called payment information. This part is where you incorporate the total payment amount, balance, sales tax, payment schedule, and other payment-related data.

How to Make a Vehicle Sale Receipt

Now that you are aware of a vehicle sale receipt’s meaning and significant parts, apply your knowledge further in making the receipt itself. Rest assured, the process is easy. And you can create your vehicle sale receipt in just the following steps:

Step 1: Select a Sample Vehicle Sale Receipt

Are you wondering why some companies can create vehicle sale receipts within minutes? They didn’t start from scratch. They simply followed a template. But don’t just follow any random template because you should follow samples that observe professional standards too. And that is just what the enlisted sample vehicle sale receipts above can offer for you. Select, download, and edit your chosen sample.

Step 2: Make the Receipt as Your Own

You need not stick to general samples because you may personalize the receipt as your own version. For example, you tweak the format and design with your company branding from the logo, signature colors, and more. Implement your creative ideas for the receipt’s presentation in any way you want it to be.

Step 3: Add and Organize the Important Parts

Do not forget to consider the auto parts of a vehicle sale receipt you learned earlier. Those parts are your basis on how to layout the receipt and what elements should be added there. So check your vehicle receipt’s basic info down to the payment details. Most importantly, organize how they are presented for smarter delivery of information. You can divide the parts into their specific categories with labels, tables, charts, and so much more.

Step 4: Finalize the Output and Submission Process

How do you want your final vehicle sale receipt to look like? That means you should know what size of the receipt is. The same goes if you should go for PDF or MS Word format. Finalize the formatting process until you deliver your official output. And lastly, decide how to submit it. Should you go for printed receipts, soft copies, or other formats? Whatever it is you go for, ensure you have extra copies kept for documentation purposes as well.


Why is a vehicle sale receipt important?

A vehicle sale receipt is crucial to provide clear evidence that a car purchase was made. And its functions are endless whether you need proof of expenses, tax purposes, reference, etc.

When should a vehicle sale receipt be issued?

Vehicle sale receipts must only be issued when sellers received the payment from the respective buyers, whether it is paid in full or not. And to officially register for a new vehicle or process a title transfer for a used car, a bill of sale may be required.

What is a car bill of sale?

A car or vehicle bill of sale refers to a binding agreement of vehicle purchase or sale. And such an agreement is made between a buyer and a seller.

With your daily expenses, you may say it is alright not to consider any proof of payment per transaction. However, car sales are not as simple nor as cheap as any small grocery shopping. So as a business that deals with vehicles, always present your buyers with vehicle sale receipts after any successful payment. And you can have endless receipts to produce anytime using sample vehicle sale receipt templates.