And afterwards, you should submit a meeting summary report. It is important to make the meeting documented. We should have some material to be a proof for every meeting that we had. We can use it for different purposes in the future. In this article, you will learn some things that may be new to you. You will come to realize why a meeting summary report is needed. You will learn some tips that you can use in making a meeting summary report. You will also know the steps on how to write a meeting summary report. If you are ready to learn these things, be relaxed and keep on scrolling!

29+ Sample Meeting Summary Report

What is a Meeting Summary Report?

A meeting summary Brief report is a document that has the summary of a meeting. This report is a short description of the meeting that has taken place in a company. It is made up of meeting minutes or notes that has been gathered during the meeting. Your whole meeting is summarized with this report. It has the essentials of the meeting, the names of the attendees, the technical meeting agenda, the details about the discussion, and the highlights of the meeting. It could be a good business meeting recap. It could be made up of an executive summary and the meat of the meeting. Writing a meeting summary report will be easier if you will use a report template. You can use a board meeting minutes template, a meeting summary email template, or a meeting summary validation report template. You can also refer to any meeting report sample or meeting summary report example that you can find on the internet. Then, using these examples and templates, you can make a meeting summary report. All you have to do is to study the meeting minutes and to summarize the whole meeting that you just had.

Why a Meeting Summary Report is Needed?

The first thing that maybe should come into your mind is that why do we have to make a meeting summary report. Why is it needed? Refer below so that you will know its importance:

A reference about the team’s decision is needed. The meeting has to be documented. If you will look for a reference about the decision that has been made in every meeting, a meeting summary report can help. It records all the discussion that you have, and have a summary about the highlights of the meeting. There may be a chance that in the future, you will search for proofs about the decision that you have come up with. There will be a lot of reasons why would you want to look back into it. So, in times like that, you can have something to refer to. You just have to find the meeting summary report and you will find what you are looking for.It can give continuity for future meetings. A meeting summary report can align all the meetings that you can have. This will be a good strategy for leaders and directors to overcome every challenges. You can look back on every past meeting summary report to keep track of all the ideas that you are having in your work. It can give a good learning continuity plan for the tasks that all of you are going to have. You will know on what topics you have left behind in your discussion and you can continue it with the future meetings. You can have a good pace in your business.Information will be stored. In any board meeting agenda and committee meeting, information is crucial and vital. Somewhere out there, you need to keep the information that you have tackled in the meeting. The best way to keep it is to have a meeting summary report. If you will not keep it in one document, it will be harder for you to read all the information. A summary can make any information easier to comprehend. Notes are not enough because they can be messy and unprepared. But a meeting summary report can explain to you everything that you need.Someone may want to know what you have accomplished. If there could be anybody that would want to know the contents of the meeting, you can easily tell it to them using a meeting summary report. All the person has to do is to read the report. Then that person can learn the minute of the meetings and all the board decisions. It will not hard for him or her to know the results of a meeting that he or she has not attend to. So, it easier to show your accomplishments in the meeting by having a meeting summary report.

Tips on Meeting Summary Report

Have you seen a staff summary report or a sample meeting report to boss? If not, and you are just new in making a meeting summary report, you can refer to the following tips in making your meeting summary report:

Be quick in writing meeting minutes. In taking notes about the meeting, be quick in doing so. If you will not be quick, you may not remember the important points of the meeting minutes. You may forget to write those. But if you will write as you hear, you can write all the important things. It will not be out of your grasp. So, remember to be fast in taking records of the minutes of the meeting.Remember the last meeting action plan. You should have an action review. Remember the last actions that have been done in last meeting. It can be used on how you can start the following meeting. Know if all the actions are completed. If it is so, you do not need a summary of it. It is only important if there is continuity that is needed, if there are things that the team still has to go through. So, the last action plan can help you.Record the current action plan. In the meeting summary report, do not forget to record the actions that have been done. You should also record who was the owner of these actions. All of these should be documented. There may be highlights in these after action plan that is necessary for anyone to know. The actions may lead to a better success for the company and can lead to new discoveries of strategies that your company can use.Record all the attendees. You must document all the names of the persons who have attended the meeting. Track them on the calendar invite and put the names on your meeting summary report. You should also record the names of the persons who takes an excuse on the last minute. The report should monitor the attendance of the team members and their efficiency in meetings. By doing so, you can know who are the better employees who always have the time to spare for meetings. It can be a source of a good observation for the job.Use multimedia in the report. If maybe you use a flip chart in the meeting, you can take photos of whatever you wrote on it with the camera of your phone. You can use the screenshots and embedded files. Put a link that can give access to these documents. Sometimes, pictures are so much better than simple writings. It can explain more about the things that you have been doing. Use multimedia. It is a natural way of doing things these days.Get an example of a report template. To be better in writing, you can use a standard template. Find a meeting summary report sample. The internet can give you a meeting summary report template or a board meeting minutes template. These templates have good format and are downloadable and editable. You just need to be a little patient in finding a template and a good format for yourself, and you can get the best template that you can have. Using a template will help you much. It can give direction in your writing.Record the resolution of the meeting. The very thing that you have to document in a meeting summary report are the decisions that the team has come up to. It is a very important matter that needs to be recorded. The decisions are one of the highlights of a meeting, and you should have a reference on how you can be reminded about these things. Using the report, you can look back on the decisions that your directors have told you, and you can be able to implement them. So, it is very important that you will have a record about these resolutions.Use charts and tables. Visuals can make your report more readable. There are things that you can explain better if you will use a table or a chart. Data can be better presented. Any reader will choose to comprehend data in a table rather than in a plain writing. So use this kind of medium to make the meeting summary report better.Distribute the meeting summary report. After 3-5 days that the meeting has taken place, you should send the meeting summary report to the director, manager, and the team members. It will be better that they could read a summary about the meeting that they have attended. It can give them a good overview of the meeting, and they can reflect on the things that they have discussed in the meeting. Thus, it can make them to be more effective at work.Have meeting minutes. Meeting minutes are important in making a summary of meeting. Yes, it is important to take down concept notes and to have a record of everything that you have talked about in the meeting. Any actions should also be recorded. Without meeting minutes, you will not have something that you can use in writing a meeting Executive summary report. It can be a prerequisite on how to write a meeting summary report.

How to Write a Meeting Summary Report

Do you already know how to write a meeting summary report? If that is the case, you may also want to consider the following steps to make your report better:

Step 1: Take meeting minutes.

The first thing that you have to do to make a meeting summary report is to have meeting minutes. You first have to take down notes while the meeting is taking place. The notes should be detailed and you should write any information that stands out. Sometimes, even if a thing may just seem a simple matter, you must take note of it also because it may lead to greater things. It may be a small detail that can comprise a big idea or highlight the main points that the team has in the meeting. Choose a note-taker among your team and let him or her do the meeting minutes. The decisions under every agenda should be recorded properly, so select a note-taker that is quick in taking down notes.

Step 2: Put a highlight on the key resolution.

In writing the meeting summary report, you have to remember that you should emphasize the key resolutions in the meeting. Every important decisions should be documented properly. Decisions are one of the main point why employees take meeting, so you should be careful in recording these things. You must learn some ways on how you can highlight these resolutions.

Step 3: Write the action items.

Some actions that should be done can be decided at the time of the meeting. You must record these goal action plan items and you must put the names of the persons that have been assigned to do these actions. These actions will what makes every project of the team possible. It is one accomplishment in the meeting that needs to be recorded.

Step 4: Attach documents to the report.

Supporting documents can be necessary. If you find that you need to have to support the report with any documents that are related to it, you can do so. It can give a better understanding of the report. It can also serves as a reference that any reader can look into. Put links to these documents or you can simply attach them to the meeting summary report.

Step 5: Give a reminder for the next meeting.

At the end of the meeting summary report, you must put some notes about the next meeting. It is better if you can put its date and if you can send a calendar invite for it. Remind the team member about it. It is necessary so all of them can prepare for it. You can also know if they are able to attend the next meeting or not. After putting a reminder, your meeting summary report is ready and you can send it to all the team members and directors.


Do I Have To Include the Name of Attendees in the Meeting Summary Report?

Yes. It is very important that you put all the name of the attendees in the meeting summary report. It is an essential element of the report. So, you have to get their names in the calendar invite and write them all down in your meeting summary report. You must not forget to write even one single attendee.

Writing a meeting summary report is simply easy. It is the same as 1, 2, 3. First, take meeting minutes. Second, record the names of the attendees, the resolutions, the action items, and the highlights of the meetings. Third, make a reminder for the next meeting. So, you see. It is so easy to make a meeting summary report! To add to this, this post can also give you a template to use for making a meeting summary report. It has 27+ SAMPLE Meeting Summary Report in PDF| MS Word. You can select the one you like and can use it in your writing. Happy creating!