58+ Sample Weekly Reports

Weekly Report: What Is It?

As the name implies, a weekly report refers to the official report of a particular project or work done per week. So in every week, you have to monitor and record the status of the work overview, completed tasks, actions in progress, and future plans. And just like annual and daily reports, they are usually required for compliance purposes.

Based on a report by Gallup State of Global Workplace, only 13% of employees are really engaged with their work.

The Different Purposes of Weekly Reports

You can create weekly reports for any project whether it is related to construction, sales budget, production, and more. And with that many possible applications for such reports, the same thing applies to the purposes behind making the reports. You can create a weekly report for any function. And if you need a proper guide, here are the common purposes used for general weekly reports:

Convenient Tracking: One way of using a weekly report is for tracking. An example is when a manager wants to check if there is actual progress to the employees’ tasks. Based on a survey, only 13% of employees are really engaged with work. Hence, it is vital to track employee performance so goals will actually be met in the end. Expect the tracking process to run conveniently by knowing who completed every activity, how many activities were finished and still in progress, etc.Less Time Consumption: A weekly report helps save time when you need to document all the issues or tasks in a week. Remember that within seven days, a lot could happen. So instead of memorizing everything that occurred for the week, simply write them down in a weekly report. That way, you can skim and review the report anytime if there are questions.Basis for Feedback: Weekly reports are a good basis for providing feedback forms too. For example, there might be problems discovered from the report. Hence, a supervisor can criticize what happened and offer a solution to ensure the problems get fixed. And giving feedback is an effective way to improve the performance of all departments in an organization.

How to Make a Weekly Report

Are you now ready to make a weekly report? Don’t feel overwhelmed because sample weekly report templates are actually available above. That way, you can create weekly reports shortly instead of beginning from scratch. And to ensure you perfect your output, kindly follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Remember Your Purpose and Role

It is crucial that you are well-aware of your statement of purpose and role in making the weekly report in the first place. Are you making a weekly report for an internship, real estate, or maybe social media? And for what purpose is that report for? Bear in mind your objectives, roles, and purposes because they guide you on how to complete the weekly report.

Step 2: Set the Report’s Layout

Setting a layout is essential because you are not just about to write a long essay outline in the report. You also have to insert sources, numbers, tables, graphs, and more. More so, you finalize your document’s format and design because they help present the information much better. And there are many visual infographics you can apply to make a better presentation for your report.

Step 3: Write Clearly

The most important step is to ensure you write clearly. First, use concise words instead of adding too many flowery words and irrelevant details. Also, simple language is the key to be easily understood. Technical terms may have to be reduced to avoid confusing readers. And most importantly, focus on showing the results rather than describing your opinions. For example, you put the statistics of the productivity achieved for the week rather than just saying the productivity is doing well without the stats.

Step 4: Organize the Details

Conduct an evaluation form of your overall output if everything is organized. If not yet, then come up with the necessary changes to ensure you organized the whole information. A tip is to categorize your details rather than shoehorn all details. You could group one category for the task list, another group for the tasks achieved, and so forth. And once you are happy with how it turns out, submit the report to whoever is concerned.


What are the standard parts to consider in a weekly report?

There are three standard parts worth adding to your weekly report. And they refer to the past (a summary of everything that happened in the past week), the present (the weekly achievements and challenges), and the future (plans for the next week).

What is the master data for weekly reports?

The weekly report’s master data contains:

  • Name of the project
  • Project abbreviation
  • Name of the manager
  • Project starting date
  • Project ending date

What is a weekly summary?

A weekly summary refers to the automated weekly newsletter of the upcoming tasks and activities of the week.

Sometimes, keeping track of whatever takes place in a week and summarizing them into a report can be daunting. But, the process could not get any easier, thanks to sample weekly reports. Simply choose a sample template to work with and fill in the finishing details. And whether your project goes exactly as planned or not, at least everyone concerned about it is updated through the report. Download now!