What is a Press Report?

A press report is an official report or announcement about a product or event in the news media. It is also called news release or press release. It is a report on newspaper, magazine, or website. When it is about a product, it is a newswothy report about it that would make it hit the market. It what makes a business stand out. That is the cause why many companies relies on press report. It is also a report about the events that has happened. The event would be announced to the public through a press report, giving an official statement about it, before rumors would take place. Press statement is important because it is factual and comes from the source. We often see press report in various forms as we scroll on news in Google and other platforms. A press report is up-to-date and contains information that we need about a certain matter. We cannot go wrong with it because they are from the persons who have the news about the particular thing.

Types of Press Reports

It will be good for you to know the different types of press reports. You may encounter one of these types of press reports, and it is better that you know how to categorize a press release example.

Product Launches

When a new product is coming into the market, it needs to be launched. It can be done through a press report. It would be good for customer psychology. People tends to remember the first about anything so we have to make a good press report for our product that could give a good remembrance for the customers. The press report in a product launch introduces the products, its use and the good that you can benefit from it.


Company mergers is also announced with a press report. When they are going to do an organizational change in their company, stakeholders informed the people of all the trajectory that would be done in the business. They give all the details about the merger.


When a certain kind of event was about to happen, we also can see press report about it. It is one way of invitation to people to attend that event or simply just to promote that event. A press report for an event makes it successful and filled with attendees.


When two companies are having a partnership, they also announced it using news media through a press report. Sharing the partnership to the public makes it formal and would build a good reputation for their brand. People should also know about the partnership so they would know how to patronize products.


Rebranding is a hard thing to do and may give confusion. A press report helps a product rebranding to be transitioned smoothly. The public will know all the changes and how they can adjust. They would know all the dates where the changes will be made. They will be properly advised with the product.


Organizations and businesses that gives awards make also press releases. Business excellence are displayed in these kind of reports. The information why the award was given, the details of the award, and the information about the ceremony were given.

11 Tips on Press Report

If you are a businessman that needs to launch a product, or a coordinator that needs to launch an event, you can use the following tips in making a press report. Try it and you might get your press release successful.

Get a good jounalist. The best way that you can do to have the best press report is to get yourself a good journalist. They can write your press report in the best way. They know how to communicate effectively to the audience. They are experts in the field of news and they know how everything works in the news media. If you want a well-written report that can captivate the public, you must get yourself a journalist to make things better. They make good headlines and can produce compelling stories. It may cost you a little to hire a good journalist, but it was worth it.Get a relevant topic. Finding a concept for the press report may be a little hard. But it would really be good if you will have a good concept for the press report. Choose a relevant topic that would help in publicizing the report. This topic should clearly describe what you are having report about. If you are launching a product, pick topics that can represent the product. This topics can be easily molded into great stories so the report will be effective.Have the right hour of schedule for the press report. A technique that you can use to secure the success of your press report is to choose the hour that it will be made public. You must not choose rush hours where everyone was just busy making their way home. You cannot also choose dead hours. Choose hours when people are usually at home and have nothing to do that they can watch your press report. One of the best hours are 8pm, 9m, or 10 pm. By these hours, day work is finished and kids are also at home.Make the best headline. The headline is what the people can first see or read. If you will get a great headline, people can get a good impression about your press report and they might get interested in reading or watching it. If your headline is a bad one, then do not count on that anybody would read it or watch it. A good headline is what you can find in every effective press release today. So if you do not want to miss on anything, create the best headline for your press report.Have a good introduction of the lead. Aside from headline, you must also begin your press report with a good start. This will give a good mindset to the audience that they are watching or listening on a good thing. Make your lead good and compelling. Grab the audience’s attention with a sentence or two.Use good quotes. A quote can give authority to the press report. Remarks from a senior executive can explain a product better and any information from an industry expert can be useful. It also can give a natural language. Use quotes that are in 2-3 sentences. Do not make it too long. Customers and influencers can also give quotes.Make a good ending. Like in the movie, a good ending will give a good remembrance to the audience. So if you want them to be truly captivated, provide a good ending to your press report. This ending should be something that they cannot forget and should be something that could serve your purpose. If you are publicizing your product, choose an ending that they can make to buy from you. You can also make an event memorable by having a good ending with your press report.Keep it concise. Like any other report, make your press report brief and concise. Be direct to the point in all your sentences and write succinctly. Be sure that with few sentences, you can make your point. Avoid unrelated topics that would just lengthen your report. A consumer report for example should discuss the updates about the product and should not contain details about its competitors. The more that your press release is direct, the more that you can communicate better to your audience.Include Call-to-Action. CTA is always advisable in anything. It is also true in press reports. Include CTA so the audience will know what to do. They will be encouraged and they can be enticed to buy your product if ever. Whatever your purpose in your press report, you can incorporate it in CTA. Include links that will be useful for the audience.Make use of multimedia. Use photos, videos, infographics, and PDFs that can enhance your story. Videos are relevant clips that can be 60 seconds to 2 minutes. Photos are pictures taken from your products or events. Infographics are multimedia that clarify information. PDFs are longer contents like whitepapers and ebooks. These multimedia can be useful in making your press report more attractive and more effective. You can use any of these and you can see that your press report will be esasier to deliver to the public.Use SEO. Google algorithm plays a big role in public relations. You must use SEO to ensure a better success for your press report. Keep your paragraphs short. Make only 3-4 sentences in every paragraph. Use bullets or number lists. Make the texts bolds and italics when the information is important.

6 Benefits of a Press Report

Companies use press reports because it has benefits. Here are some of them:

It gives free advertising. A press report is a good one-time chance to advertise any product or event. If you own a small company who cannot allot a lot of capital for advertising, the press report is a free way on how you can make your product popular. Just schedule a press report and you can introduce your product to the public.You can get a good reputation. If you will succeed on your press report, you can get a reputation. Your product will get a good impression, for example. It will have a good reputation that can make consumers to buy it. So be sure to make your press release good as it is what would give you reputation.A good relationship with the media will be developed. Press reports are done through news media. As you have it, you can establish a relationship with the media which could help you in promoting your brand. The media can help you in many ways, from advising your brand to the public to establishing it to the market.A larger audience will see you. Because a press report is a news release for all, many will see your brand. You will have a larger audience and many will be informed with your product. On the time that you have not yet done it, only a few knows your brand. But if you will have a press report, you can be sure of many audience that can patronize your brand.You can go viral. Not only can your brand be introduced, it can have fame if you will go viral. It is not a remote possibility. Many could view your press report and from one person to another, the reputation of your brand can become bigger.You can drive sales. The more people that can see your press report, the more can buy your product. It can give you sales that you can never imagine. Press releases can be seen by many people that you cannot get in normal marketing. So if you want to have a great sale, make a press report for your brand.

How to Write a Press Report

You want your product to have a good reputation, but you do not know how to write a press report. Use these steps in making one.

Step 1: Start with a compelling headline.

If you do not know where to start, you must know that you should start with a headline. Think of something compelling and captivating that you can use. Think of something that can summarize your whole topic. It should be something effective and attractive to the audience. It should be something that will get their attention.

Step 2: Get a good angle for the news.

Make sure that the angle that you will use is newsworthy. It should give a good perspective to your press report. Whatever report that you have to give, think of the best angle on how you can relay your message. You can use good stories that can captivate the audience. This will make them hook with your press report better than just plainly telling them the news.

Step 3: Know how to deliver the best information. 

Use “inverted pyramid” as a press release format. You must first tell the critical information. This is the five “Ws” – the ‘what’, the ‘who’, the ‘when’, the ‘where’, and the ‘why’. Then add secondary details. Example of it are quotes. Eliminate fluff. Keep your report up to 500 words if possible.

Step 4: Have good summaries of the news elements.

In every detail of the report, make a good summary of it. It is good that you would make the press report simple and short. Being direct with sentences will keep you to state your purposes clearer.

Step 5: Add contact information. 

The reporters should know how to contact you. Provide a point of contact. It should be a name with the job title. Give them your email address and also your mailing address. And also your phone number because they would like to call you in some cases.


Why Should I Need the Media?

Research tells that one news story is more effective than 7 paid advertising. For this reason, you can make your brand popular only with less cost. This makes press reports advisable because you can popularize your brand better.

Who Can Help Me Write the Press Report?

A journalist can help you write it. You just have to provide them with the infornation about your press report. They can create compelling stories in delivering your press report better.

Having a product to launch needs a press report that can introduce it to the public. You may be thinking where to get templates that you can use. This article provides templates that you can use in making a press report. You can download it anytime in your computer. And after you have written a press report with this templates, you can arrange with the news media to have the press release that you need. Good luck in your press report!