What Is A Press Kit?

A press kit is a compilation of resources a company or person gives to members of the press for the purpose of advertising a service, product or just spurring public attention and interest. 

According to Cision, both consumers and the media still consider press releases as legitimate and trustworthy sources of information

5 Components of A Press Kit

There are several resources needed to do a story or publish anything about a particular product or company. The journalist or writer needs enough data and the right details. Therefore, your press kit should cover all the basic information. For companies, this often means all relevant information about the organization. These are some of the key things that make up a press kit: 

Overview: In order to do a story or report, people in the media need background information. Make sure to provide them with sufficient information. This could be a summary or brief history of a company, product information, list of services offered, etc. For artists such as musicians or bands, the press would need details about career beginnings, discography or even musical influences. Resource Information: Ensure that you give accurate contact details. In the event that the press have to ask questions or need to verify information, they can readily reach you and your team. Provide a point person, contact numbers, email address, website, and social media accounts. For electronic press kits, provide the links to the official website and to social media pages. News and Other Releases: In order to write a relevant piece, journalists need updated information and the latest news regarding the product or service. It is important that the company includes a news section or provides blog articles on their official website so it can be accessed by members of the media. Management/staff Profiles: This is applicable to businesses and big corporations. Some reporters may choose to do an angle on a human interest story. This would require profiles of a company’s CEO, founder, executives, etc. Other companies emphasize their brand by highlighting their human resources. Bios of employees and staff are featured on the company’s website. Photos: As the cliché goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. No press kit is complete without high quality photographs. In almost all cases, it is merely a practice of putting your best foot forward. Companies have the advantage of curating their press kit by filling it with interesting and appealing photos.  Relevant and eye catching pictures can generate interest in your product or company. Make sure it is clear or downloadable (for digital press kits).

How To Create a Press Kit

You can opt to create a checklist beforehand or choose any of the editable samples above. Our world today is filled with endless information and data overload. There is pressure for brands and companies to stand out; especially since both consumers and the press are constantly bombarded with various and competing information 24/7. Following these steps can help you curate your own unique press kit:   

Step 1: Include Only Relevant Information

You do not want to give the press a dull, chunk of text. Avoid lengthy or drawn out paragraphs and only furnish relevant information. Provide a brief background or history about the organization, its leaders and past accomplishments. A one-page overview is recommended.  

Step 2: Include Good Quality Photos

High quality photos add life to your press kit. How you choose and arrange your pictures is crucial. They not only sustain interest but also help create a more balanced and engaging press kit.   

Step 3: Provide All Available Resources

Along with contact information, you can provide the press with other additional resources. These include inspiring company news or stories, news snippets of recent events, list of services with the corresponding rates, and so on. All this can earn you precious media mileage.

Step 4: Design A Creative Press Kit 

Packaging your press kit in an original and imaginative way is critical. Creativity and innovation can either make or break a press kit. No matter what the quality of the content is in your press kit, if it is poorly packaged, it may not leave a favorable impression. Perception is key when it comes to media and first impressions often matter. 


What is included in a press kit?

Company bio/overview Background/historyPress release Contact detailsList of servicesProduct/service ratesTokensNews and other interesting stories Event information Pictures

What are press kits used for?

EventsCompaniesProducts/servicesArtists/Entertainers Influencers Marketing promotion

How do you make a press kit?

Make sure you have all the data you need before creating your press kit. Browse any of the available templates above. The samples will guide you in ensuring you gather all the key information before releasing it to the media. Once you’ve compiled the necessary resources, package your press kit in a creative and appealing manner.

The media is a long standing institution in our modern world. Learn to harness the power of the press to promote and advance your business. Work the media to your advantage by crafting and curating an effective press kit. Download a sample press kit today!