But how can a research be delivered to other people? A research is a very delicate matter, which sometimes is confidential. It is relayed through technical reports. Fields like engineering and science usually make a technical report to deliver the facts that they have gathered through their research. There are types of technical report that can be given to the public. Sometimes, it comes in the form of a short technical report. Its only difference with a common technical report is in the writing format. Sometimes it can be treated more of like a technical memo. In this article, you will learn the key elements of a short technical report. You will know its importance and the tips that you can use for it. You will also learn how to write a short technical report. So, if you want to learn these things, get relaxed and keep on reading!

What is a Short Technical Report?

A short technical report is a scientific document that gives the data of a research. Usually, these researches are technical researches where we could get objectives and facts. This type of technical report is usually short. It is more brief and concise. The details are explained simply and done with just few paragraphs. It has the key features which are the process of research, the progress of research, and the results of research. Short technical reports are commonly done in the field of engineering, biomedical science, and agriculture. With these reports, some terms are technical and cannot be explained with simple sentences. That is the reason why a different and specific type of report is needed. Every report is special for a particular field and mirrors the knowledge that you can find only in that field. Find any technical report format and you can see that it differs from a normal kind of report. Technical report writing requires the knowledge of professionals in a specific field. A technician, for example, has the knowledge to write a short technical report on cloud computing or a short technical report on computer crime. So, before writing a short technical report, you have to be adept in the specific field.

The Elements of a Short Technical Report

In writing a short technical report, you have to know first the key elements that you need to put in your report. The following will remind you what to write in your short technical report:

Title Page

Your short technical report should have a clear title page. This title could be the best thing that can describe the whole research. It should correspond with all the data that you are going to put in your report. The title could be in 3-7 words, no more than that. It should be easy to understand, so do not make it overly long.


The introduction section should contain the main thoughts and ideas of the research. It should have a brief representation of your analysis of your study. Make an introduction of 3-5 sentences, constructed in just a paragraph. This introduction could be also something that can urge the readers to read on.


The next section should be the executive summary of the whole research. It should contain the main point of the research. Explain the course of the study in 1-2 paragraphs. The reader should know the contents of your short technical report just with your summary. This can also serve as an abstract of your study.

The Data of the Study

This contains the details of the experiment. What things that you have studied about should be written in this section. Be clear about the data of your study. Put the most essential information that could make the readers to understand the whole point of your study. Rely only on facts and materials that you have used.

The Body of the Report

The “meat” of your technical report writing is the body. This contains all the details about the research. You can include all the study that you have made, all the methods that you have used. You can use headings and subheadings in writing the body of your report. This will be a good technical report format for you. You should know how to separate the main topic from the subtopics.

The Result of the Research

A very important part is the result of the research. Whatever observation you have attained, you must put in the short technical report. Explain how you have come with such observations. It should be a short note on technical report. Be sure that you are putting the exact results of your research. It has to be accurate and true.


Whatever things that you can recommend as a professional should also be written in the short technical report. Put proper ideas that are suited for the research that you have done. This should compliment the study and should improve some things in your field or business. Biotechniques and advancements can be given.

Study References

The materials and resources that you have used in your study should be placed in this section. Put all the references that you have used. So, as you make your research, do not lose the materials that you have used. You must properly state them in your short technical report.


In your study, you surely have asked for other people’s help. All persons that make your research possible should be acknowledged in your short technical report. Give them the proper respect that is due for them.


If ever you have used diagrams, tables, and graphs in your short technical report, you can put it in this section. It will emphasize the results of your research. The readers will better understand your report if you will put these things.

Importance of a Short Technical Report

A short technical report is important in every research. The results should be reported and the public has the right to know your observations. Here are some of the importance of a short technical report:

It gives good communication. A research is done by every institution because they need the result of every study. Through a short technical report, the conclusions can be relayed and whatever the researchers need to say about the study can be given. An open communication between the professionals can be done.You will have evidence for your research. A short technical report is a proof that you have accomplished something. Also, if you have important things that you have discovered in your research, the report will be an evidence of your study. It has the information that your company can use for improvement and amendment that it needs.It is a good organization for all the information. All the data can be better presented with a short technical report. All the information can be organized and can be delivered well to the readers. Whatever the result of the research can be better handled if it will have a short technical report.There can be a good evaluation for your research. Without a short technical report, it is hard to evaluate your work. But with a report, you can say your recommendations and conclusions, and the professionals can refer to them. They will know what to do about your research and they can do the necessary things that are needed.

Tips in Writing a Short Technical Report

Do not know how to write a short technical report? Apply the following tips so you can come up with a good technical report:

Avoid using different fonts. If you will use different fonts, your report will look fussy. Remember that it is a formal document, so it has look neat and good. Use a different font only to pinpoint idea. It is better if you will use 2 fonts only.Remember the importance of headings and subheadings. Your short technical report should have headings and subheadings. This will emphasize your main points and will give differences in subtopics. This is the best way to impart knowledge because your writing will be systematic.Put relevant citation only. Citation is important to avoid plagiarism. But use relevant citations only. Do not put resources or references that are not that important. Put only contents that are closely related with your research. Remember, it is a short technical report, and you have to be concise.Include reliable sources only. Be careful about the references that you will put. Sometimes, Wikipedia is not that so much to be trusted, so do not include it as a reference. You can put references from approved books and journals.

How to Write a Short Technical Report

Have to write a short technical report on robotics or short technical report on artificial intelligence? Maybe you need some advice on how you can write these things. Here are some steps that you can follow:

Step 1: Plan the structure of the short technical report. 

The first thing you need to do is to know the short technical report format. Know the structure of your report. You have to realize that it should have a title page, introduction, summary, the data of the study, the body of the report, the results of the research, study references, recommendations, acknowledgment, and appendices. All these sections must be instilled in your short technical report. You must know what to put in these sections.

Step 2: Make a good presentation. 

Another thing about the short technical report format is the presentation of your technical report writing. If you have not seen a technical report example or a technical report template, read on, and consider this. The report should be written in a white A4 paper. To make it handwritten is not acceptable because it is about the result of a professional research. The margins on all sides should be 2.54 cm. Do not put a number on the title page or the summary. Then start with the following pages and start with number 1. Binders can be used in a little longer reports that can exceed to one page.

Step 3: Plan the short technical report.

There are textbooks that can help you in the writing process. Here is the checklist that you can refer to:

Step 4: Writing and revising the draft of the report.

You should first have in mind who will read your short technical report. For research assignments, students can be the readers or the faculty members. In the field of business, the readers may be the managers, the clients, the stockholders, or the team members. The readers should be the consideration that you need in writing your introduction. Write the main text, following your outline and adhering to your headings and subheadings. Make your ideas flow, and worry about the spelling and other things later. Look back to the outline plan so that you can make preparatory notes better. Sketch some diagrams or maybe some graphs. Put quotation marks if something needs to be quoted. Then write your conclusion. After that, start revising the draft. This will shape your technical document in a professional manner. You must bear in mind that the essence of a good technical report can be found if it accurately and concisely give information to the readers.

Step 5: Ensure originality and non-plagiarism.

You have to be sure that your short technical report is original and is not plagiarized. Indicate the texts with a number that can point to references. Any copied phrases and sentences should be unaltered and should have quotation marks. It should also be referenced by a number. Do not just list sources of data, but indicate them individually with a numbering system of using references.

Step 6: Finalize the report and proofread.

After writing the whole report, finalize it and put numbers on each pages. Be sure to proofread it to avoid any mistakes that maybe you have committed. A short technical report is a kind of professional document so it should be error-free. After you are sure that you have done your best in making the report, then you can submit it to your institution, and it can be ready to be read by any readers.


What is the Difference of a Short Technical Report?

The difference of a short technical report to the most common technical reports is that it is a lot shorter. A short summary of technical report is called a short technical report. Sometimes, it comes in the form of a memorandum or a technical memo. But even if it is short, it does not mean that it lacks the data of a research. It also has the details that you need to understand a study.

Who Makes a Short Technical Report?

The professionals in a specific field makes the short technical report. It is done by the people who has done a research in a particular study. Sometimes, it is done by a technician. While engineering students can make a report in the engineering field. Professionals in biomedical science and agriculture also make this report.

If we are professionals in our specific fields, it will be easy for us to make a short technical report. We know the whatabouts in our field, and we are familiar with all the terms that can be used in letting out the observation that we had in our research. But in case you are new in writing a short technical report, this post has 5+ SAMPLE Short Technical Report in PDF. You can choose a template and use it in writing your short technical report. It can be a good writing sample for you. Happy writing!