What is a Teachers Weekly Report?

The teachers’ weekly report is a report that a teacher has to submit about his or her accomplishment for the week. It may consist of the behavior of students and it contains the success of a workweek plan. A weekly attendance report is also included in it. This report is considered by parents and faculty members to ensure that teachers are properly doing their job. The report has the extent of knowledge that the teachers have shared with the student for the week. It may contain the achievement that they have done to their lesson plans. It is an accurate report on how much a teacher has accomplished for the week. It has the classroom observation and students’ assessment. The report came from the teachers’ materials that they have been using in teaching. This is necessary so that the teaching progress can be tracked weekly. It can ensure the efficiency of learning in an educational institution. It will tell whether the teacher is effective in teaching or not. Their accomplishments will mirror their work. If the students are doing great in the report, the teacher may have been doing his or her part well. But then, if something is wrong, it may not be the fault of the teacher at all, but the school can do action to settle everything. So, a teachers’ weekly report is necessary so that the learning of the students will be ensured.

Benefits of a Teachers Weekly Report

A daily report for teachers can truly make teaching effective. But in the case that teachers cannot do it daily, they can have the weekly frequency to make a report. Though be done weekly, it is still beneficial. Here, read the following benefits of a teachers’ weekly report:

Tracking Teaching Progress: Weekly is a good length of time to track your progress in your teaching. Your accomplishments for the week can tell how far have you gone. Examining your weekly progress can show if you are efficient in what you do or not. It will be easy for you to track your progress if you will do it weekly. You can have an easy assessment of everything. You will not lose track of your progress because you will keep on doing it weekly. It can be a good routine for you to examine how you are doing. Daily is such a short time. And monthly is a long period. The best time to track your progress is to do it weekly.Correcting Your Mistakes: Through the weekly report for teachers, you can detect if there is something wrong with your teaching. The report can show you your accomplishments or whether you are lacking. Through it, you can correct your mistake. You will know whether you are not performing well so you can do something to improve your performance. Without a report, you may not know that you are not being effective. With the report, you can be informed of the efficiency of your actions. You can do something to change what you have to and you can improve your teaching.Student Assessment: The weekly report of teachers can assess the performance of the students also. You can tell whether they are learning from you or not. In case they are not performing well, you will know how to adjust your teaching. You will know that you have to teach them more so that they could accomplish more. It will be best for your school to have a weekly assessment of the performance of your students. It will never happen that you will teach them for a year without them learning anything. You can assess early if you have to take an action. You can ensure that students will truly learn from your institution.Learning Success: If a student knows that his or her performance in class is reported, he or she may do everything to make the performance better. This will be beneficial to the learning in your institution. Students may strive further to succeed. They may give better attention to your teaching. They will do everything to get a good grade for the teachers’ weekly report. It can give them the reason to be enthusiastic and to ensure that they will learn from you. They will make their behavior and performance good. As every student strives to succeed, you can be sure that learning in your school will be successful.Good and Efficient Teachers: One of the qualities of a good teacher is being efficient. But if there will be a teachers’ weekly work done report, the teachers will ensure that they will be efficient with what they do. They know that they will submit a report and it somehow shows their performance. They will be forced to make their work better. They will do everything to be effective. The report will serve as a motivation for them to excel further. They will strive to improve their work. Thus, your teachers will become efficient because they will consider it as a necessity to have.Information For Parents: The report can also serve as a good source of information for parents. They will know how their children are doing. They will also be aware of the performance of the teachers. It is good that parents will be informed about their children’s behavior and performance in school. They can be at ease that everything is okay. They can be confident that their children are learning and their efforts on sending their kids to school are not wasted. The report can serve as an open communication to parents on the performance of their children.

Tips on Teachers Weekly Report

In doing a weekly accomplishment report for teachers, you may need some tips so that you can submit a better report. Consider the following tips and you can use them as you make a teachers’ weekly report:

Know the School System: For you to prepare the best teachers’ weekly report, you must know your school system. Be familiar with the curriculum so that you will know how to tailor the report according to the school’s curriculum. You can also consult the principal so that you will have the best understanding of the report that you should give. This way, you can meet the expectation of others. Seek guidance from a mentor or faculty members and set a meeting with them. At the meeting, ask all important questions that you have and take notes. Study how your report can fit the school system and how can it best serve its purpose.Easy to Understand Report: Remember that you have to make your report easy to understand. It can be read by parents so you must make sure that anyone can understand it easily. If you are making comments, be clear in making a point. If your report is easy to understand, it can be used better by anyone. Say your recommendations clearly and do not hesitate to include things that can give improvement. Construct your report with simple sentences that will not be obscure to any readers. Remember that the purpose of the report is to ensure learning, so you must know that even your students must be quick in understanding your report.Avoid Jargon: In writing a teachers’ weekly report, you must know that you should avoid jargon. The report is not only for principals or faculty members that you should use specialist terms or teachers language. It will be read by parents who may not understand your terms. Do not use jargon because it will make your report unusual to parents. Use ordinary terms in writing and words that are easy to understand. If you will not use teacher jargon, you can communicate better with anyone. So, keep the writing simple and precise.Inform Parents: To make the best use of the teachers’ weekly report, you must make the parents read it. Inform them of the weekly behavior and weekly accomplishment of their children. You can send them a weekly activity report or a weekly behavior report. Be sure also to inform them of the attendance of their children. It will give them the relief that their children are truly going to school. It will also be good for them to know the behavior and performance of their children so that they can do something if ever it is not good. They can tell and encourage their children to improve at school. Also, through the report, teachers can make the parents know that they are doing their job at school. They will know that you are a good teacher that is responsible for all your work.Provide Evidence: To support your feedback on the report, you must be quick in giving evidence for all that you have written in the report. Attach work samples, score records, or track sheets. This will justify whatever is your assessment of the performance of your students. You can avoid questions about your report if you will do this. Anyone just has to look at your evidence and they will see that you are right with your comments and feedback. It can save you from arguing with parents that will not be satisfied with your report. You can get yourself out of trouble. So, if you will write something on your report, be sure to provide evidence for it.Collect Data Rightfully: The collection of data is one important element in making a report. Be sure that you can collect the data well. Use some strategies so that you can gather the data better and so that you will be accurate with all of them. You may consider an app in assessing all the data that you can get. You can keep all the work samples there. Or if you want, you can have a scrapbook where you can put all your notes. Keep as many files from your weekly activities so that you will have many materials to use. It can also make your work better.Make a Checklist: To make a better report, make a checklist so that you will not forget any essentials in doing the report. Write in your checklist all the necessary things that you should do to make the best report. Making a checklist will make you more disciplined with your work and you will remember the important things that you need. You can prepare better for the report and you can make the report perfect.

How to Write a Teachers Weekly Report

Have you seen a weekly progress report template for elementary students or a teachers’ weekly report sample? Do you want to know how you can make a teacher-on-duty weekly report? Well, consider the following steps and make your report:

Step 1: Writing Skills

First, you must prepare yourself to be able to write a report. Study some writing skills so that you can write effectively. Research and know how it is to write a teachers’ weekly report. Honing your skills in writing can make you write in a good way that can contribute to the improvement of learning in your institution. So, prepare some writing skills that you can use in the writing process.

Step 2: Gather Data

From the start of the week, you must start to collect the data that you need in making the report. Keep all the records of scores and track sheets that you have for the week. Make some notes on your computer or in a scrapbook about the behavior and performance of your students. These notes can help you to assess the weekly performance of your students. The record of the weekly activities that you have will give you the weekly accomplishment of the students on the other hand. Be diligent in collecting these data because they are what you need in making the report.

Step 3: Write the Report

Before the end of the week, prepare to write the report. Write a draft first so that you can examine if what you have written is good. According to the data that you have collected, make comments and feedback for every student. Be as honest as possible so that your report will be accurate. Remember, the students must know their true performance so that they will know how to improve themselves. In writing, be clear and concise. Do not use technical language because the report should be read by anyone. After finishing your draft, proofread your work.

Step 4: Submit the Report

At the end of the week, submit your report to the faculty. Make it ready to be read by parents and all the school staff. If you know that you have written the report with care, you can be sure that it can benefit the school and the students. You can be assured that learning will have its advantage through your report.


Why is a Teachers Weekly Report Important?

It is important because the school will know whether the objectives of learning are met. It will assess the performance of the students and it can take action according to whatever the report will say. Assessment is necessary so that the school can ensure that learning is instilled.

Where Will the Teachers Weekly Report Be Based?

It will be based on the weekly accomplishment of the students. Teachers can get it from the weekly activity report. They can base everything from score records, anecdotal notes, and tracking sheets that they have for the week.

It is the responsibility of the teachers to submit a teachers’ weekly report. They have to make sure that students’ performance and behavior are monitored. They have to check whether they are effective in their job. Well, do you need a template on teachers weekly report? This post can provide what you need. It has 6+ SAMPLE Teachers Weekly Report in PDF | MS Word. Wait no more! Download now!