50+ Sample Project Forms

Project Forms: What Are They?

Project forms are essential documents used by many organizations in managing different projects. The main purpose of this form is evident in the initiation or application for a personal or collaborative enterprise. That is why project forms are a crucial part of proposals and plans. And when it comes to the project’s execution, these forms are used as a communication tool between the parties involved. Therefore, project forms can be one of the following: project agreement form, proposal form, research form, contract form, request form, design document form, completion checklist form, evaluation form, estimate form, review form, and other forms used for a project’s completion.

Based on a report published by Indeed, the average base salary of a project manager in the United States is $81,408 on top of a $13,500 cash bonus per year.

The Different Elements of a Project Form

What does ‘project form’ remind you of? To some, it is an important document seen on the construction site, while others think of it as a requirement for a project to be successful. All these assumptions are correct because project forms vary depending on what it is used for. This means that every form has different elements that are relevant for its purpose. Because of that, creating the project form should be tailored to why it is made. Here are the common elements of employee forms that you can refer to.

Title and Labels: Like any other documents, a project form should have a title. It helps readers differentiate from the pile of documents on your table. With a title, anyone can know what the project form is for and it sets apart your form from similar documents like an estimate form or a quotation form. To make the title stand out, it placed on the topmost part written in bold font style.Company Details: The next part of a project form is the company it details. It usually placed near the title as it establishes ownership of the form. The details must be consist of the company name, complete business location, and contact information. More often than not, logos and slogans are included in this section.Purpose of the Form: Different forms are used in project planning, procurement, execution, monitoring, and closure. For this instance, it is important to keep in mind that no project form is one-size-fits-all. For example, you should not use an estimate form to replace a quotation form because they are different documents that serve different purposes.

How to Make a Project Form

The best way to create every project form is by using a template. With it, you do not have to start from scratch. If you are having trouble finding printable templates, start by browsing through our website. There you will discover a collection of stencils fitting for every business need. Whether it be a cash receipt template or a workout plan template, we have them just for you. To get started with your employee form, follow the steps and tips below.

Step 1: Choose a Template

Before choosing a template, make sure you know what process the template will be used for. After that, select the most suitable template for that process. Being specific will ensure effectiveness in your business document.

Step 2: Access an Editing Tool

The advantage of using a template is that you can modify it using an editing tool. However, you just can’t use any editing tool of your liking because you have to ensure it is compatible with your template’s file format. To know this, go to the template’s source website. Compatible editing tools should be featured there.

Step 3: Edit Your Template

Using the editing tool, start modifying the template. Refer to the list of different elements above to guide you and for added convenience. A template comes in with a suggested content that you can leave as is or adjust. If the template you have does not align with your intent, consider adding relevant other parts.

Step 4: Go Digital

Other organizations opt to process forms electronically. You can also do this as it is more convenient than printing hard copies. Additionally, digitally produced forms are more sustainable because it does not leave a trace. It is the best opportunity too to introduce environmental policy and eco-friendly operations in your organization.


Why are project forms important?

Project forms play a crucial part in a project’s success. It is a very helpful tool in every project phase as it collects information, communicates specification, and implements developments.

What are the diifferent types of forms?

  • Declaration Form
  • Enrollment Form
  • Loan Application Form
  • Membership Form
  • Receipt Form

How much is the salary of a project manager?

According to Indeed, the average base salary of a project manager in the United States is $81,408 on top of a $13,500 cash bonus per year.

For an effective data gathering process, secure record-keeping, and fast transmittal of information during a project, invest in creating project forms. For more useful templates, visit our website and get the chance to sign up for any of our subscription plans.