50+ Sample Membership Forms

Membership Forms: What Are They?

A membership form is one of the important business documents. As a gateway to any organization, its main intent is to obtain transaction information about an applicant who wanted to become a member of that organization. Moreover, a membership form is also an effective communication tool as it encourages individual’s participation in the organization. But it is quite a challenge to find the balance between gathering enough information and completing the form without seeing it as a taxing chore. So, we will make it easier for you. Continue reading below for more tips in making your form.

The Different Elements of a Membership Form

Now that you know what a membership form is, the next thing you should learn is its major elements. Knowing these elements is helpful in creating one because when you are familiar with them, you also know what to include in your membership form. Furthermore, the right elements will make the membership process a lot smoother. Because of that, we created the list below that describes the various elements of a membership form. Take note: these are just the parts you see in common membership forms, other elements may be included when it is applicable to the membership process.

Title and Organization Details: The membership form should be properly labeled. This will set the document apart from other forms on your table as it is easily recognizable. Additionally, the organization in which the applicant is applying must indicate some of their information like the organization name, address, and contact information. Applicant Details: The applicant details used in the transaction are indicated in the membership. This part is the most important element because it is how the organization knows more about a candidate. Aside from that, applicants are evaluated based on what they write on the form. Qualifications: The qualifications are the standards of the organization in accepting members. Applicants are usually asked various questions. Then, the organization assesses the answer whether a candidate can proceed to the next part of the membership process or not. Keep in mind that organizations are looking for specific qualities and candidates should hit that target.Applicable Fees: This is only applicable if an organization collects payment for the membership. If you do not collect any fees from your members, you can skip this part. Fees are important to some organizations because it is their source of funds they use to organize events and other activities.

How Do You Create a Membership Form?

Making an application form is a lot easier with a template. You can get one by browsing through our website and discover a collection of ready-made stencils fitting for different business needs. Download a copy now and get started with your membership form.

1. Open an Editing Tool

The best thing about using a template is that you can modify it with an editing tool. After selecting your template open an editing tool that is compatible with your template’s file format. You will know when you can work with an editing tool if it is featured on the template source’s website.

2. Modify Your Template

A template comes with a suggested content that you can modify using the editing tool. You can leave the content as is or tweak it if you want to make some necessary adjustments. You can even add designs to make the form visually appealing. But do not go overboard.

3. Go Digital

Some organizations opt to do their membership application digitally. You can also do this as it is more convenient than printing the forms. Furthermore, digitally-produced forms are more sustainable because it does not leave any trace. This is the best opportunity to introduce eco-friendly transactions in your organization.

4. Review Your Form

Before using your registration form, edit it first. You might not know it, but the form could have some errors. Review it helps you avoid incorrect information, misspelled words, and so much more. Thus, do not skip this step.


What are the different types of forms?

  • Agreement Form
  • Authorization Form
  • Consent Form
  • Estimate Form
  • Registration Form

Why are membership forms important?

Membership forms are important because it helps organization sift the best candidates to participate with them. Applicants are also evaluated based on what they write on this form.

When to use a membership form?

You can use a membership form if you are recruiting members for an organization. Aside from that, membership forms are used in availing of subscriptions or plans.

Efficiency in your application process majorly contributes to productivity. And that is one of the reasons why you should be invested in creating membership forms. For more templates, visit our website today and get the chance to sign up for one of our subscription plans!