50+ Sample Toddler Schedules

What Is a Toddler Schedule?

A toddler schedule is basically like a to-do list of how to manage toddlers while including the date and time of activities. So instead of putting all information in your head about when the toddler should eat during the day, when to teach potty training, how many hours to give for playtime, and so forth, a toddler schedule is available anytime as your reference. And the schedule can be customized according to what fits your schedule and the child’s needs.

It was reported that kids between the age of one and three are officially called toddlers.

What Are the Parts of a Toddler Schedule?

Yes, toddler schedules are what you use in case you are unsure of what to do first or next in dealing with a toddler. But what is exactly inside these schedules? Although disparities apply to every example of a toddler schedule, there are common elements to find too. And this leads you to identify the parts of a basic toddler schedule.

Title: You could make a lot of schedules from interview schedules, study schedules, work schedules, and more. So be sure to indicate your document with a clear title like ‘Toddler Schedule’ so you won’t get mixed up with other schedules or documents.Date and Time: Scheduling would be incomplete without the designated dates and timesheets. You can format your schedule according to a daily, weekly, or monthly plan. Next, indicate the specific dates and what you will do every hour or minute with the toddler.List of Activities: Everything is not about the time and date because you will also specify all the activities to achieve. From waking up, bathing, playtime, down to sleeping time, set an itemized list of activities accordingly.Notes: Leave extra space in your schedule to jot down extra notes. The notes section is your free space in case you want to change plans, make feedback, or write additional factors not found in the schedule yet.

How to Make a Great Toddler Schedule

Have you seen the sample toddler schedule templates above already? Don’t forget to check them out so you can create a toddler schedule shortly. In fact, you don’t have to begin from scratch. Just work on a template to edit and fill in the necessary details. And in order to perfect your schedule, be sure to follow these four simple steps:

Step 1: Identify All Activities and Tasks to Do

Do some brainstorming for the moment about what you are expected to do with the toddler. This goes from every activity you would do from morning until evening. List all tasks or activities in a draft until you can slowly transfer such details to your chosen template.

Step 2: Incorporate Time and Date

Once you are finished enlisting the tasks, refer to your calendar next. You will assign a specific time and date for each activity to take. Be sure to estimate each activity’s duration carefully and that you can follow the schedule you have set. That way, you will have a proper guide on what to do every hour or minute of the day.

Step 3: Arrange Your Schedule

As you insert all details into the toddler schedule, including all the parts of a toddler schedule that were discussed before, arrange them accordingly. The common approach is to arrange all steps into its proper sequence from what to do first until last. But you can also organize schedules by making a table, chart, category, or any visual organizer. An example is to divide the steps according to what can be done at home and another in daycare. Or perhaps, you divide according to the daily tasks, weekly tasks, etc.

Step 4: Add Some Variety to the Schedule

There is no denying that routines turn out to be repetitive. And repetitive tasks may keep you tired, bored, and halfhearted. Thus, adapt variety to the toddler schedule too. For example, you change one task that is usually done during the morning to be done in the afternoon. And most importantly, be flexible. Changing tasks happen anytime so you should be able to adjust appropriately.


Who is the target audience of a toddler schedule?

Toddler schedules are meant for every parent, nanny, daycare representative, babysitter, or anyone assigned to be guided in taking care of the children.

What time do toddlers often wake up?

Toddlers are known as early risers, meaning they may be up around six or seven in the morning. And to maintain that, be sure to let the toddler sleep around nine in the evening so he or she gets enough sleep.

Is a toddler schedule necessary?

Although toddler schedules are not required, they are very much of help to be on schedule in handling a toddler. Scheduling helps you make sure the child receives enough food, sleep, and becomes happy in general. More so, schedules guide you so you can’t forget any important task to care for the child.

There is no perfect toddler schedule in the world. How so? Differences lie among the parents’ beliefs, possible circumstances, and the kids themselves. Hence, different schedules apply to families out there. But, it does not mean that you can’t create a helpful toddler schedule that specifically fits best to your own terms, circumstances, and the children. Start making a schedule now using sample toddler schedule templates.