37+ Sample Activity Sheet Templates

What Is an Activity Sheet?

When it comes to schooling, activity sheets are common. Basically, the activity sheet is just any document containing questions, tasks, or activities. And the students or whoever uses the sheet will write the answers there or perform the listed activities. Activities can be of any field from coloring, word search, maze, English spelling bee, math test, and more. So if teachers use activity forms for monitoring student performance and scoring them, general activity sheets can also be used by friends, families, or organizations to test one’s knowledge or have fun.


According to a report, approximately 300 million children missed their classes worldwide.

Also, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) annual monitoring recorded that nearly 5.4 million students took at least one online class.

Who Creates Activity Sheets?

In the school setting, teachers create or prepare the activity sheets for students. And every teacher would base the activities according to the lesson plan or whatever is appropriate for pupils to take. But in other cases, anyone can make the activity sheet. Parents can prepare such documents for their children, team leaders can do the same thing for their team members, and many more. However, whoever is assigned to create the said sheet should have standards. That means the sheets are tailored well in the design or format and that finishing the activities will serve a certain goal or purpose.

The Benefits of an Activity Sheet

While an activity sheet’s meaning and function are self-explanatory, are you aware of how beneficial it is too? Of course, such forms were not made for naught. Great effects are involved, which explains why many people use and depend on such sheets. In this section, we outlined some of the specific benefits of an activity sheet.

Learning Experience: Who would think a single activity sheet can give out lots of learnings? Indeed, that is just what activity sheets give. People who answer or perform activities written in the document will eventually learn something in the end. For example, are the students’ answers in the activity forms all correct? And if any student gets wrong, he or she will learn from the mistakes.Tailored Activities: Do not expect that there is only one example of an activity sheet for everybody. Teachers can make all the documents for activities differently. Most importantly, they are tailored according to a student’s skill or level. For example, you would not just let a kindergarten student take activity sheets meant for the middle school level. What is appropriate, relevant, and planned will be laid out in the sheet instead.Performance Tracking: Indeed, students learn a thing or two from their answers, especially after checking the results. And teachers would find the activity forms useful to track the performance of each student. Scores are tallied in the end anyway. And scores will be more than just compliance matters because they are also the basis for knowing if students need more tutoring or are ready to proceed to the next level.Fun Journey: According to The New York Times, chronic absenteeism has already been a problem in the US, even before the pandemic. And it is advantageous to welcome something fun to the table to make learning more inviting, including activity sheets. There is no rule that learning and fun do not match anyway. Add fun elements to the activity sheets to implement an enjoyable experience.Editable Features: Activity sheets are certainly easy to manage, considering that the sample templates have many editable features. Take this opportunity to explore every template and customize the sheet. You can even choose the format in PDF or MS Word. You can also decide if sheets shall be sent as downloadable forms or print them as hard copies.Mass Production Capacity: Since the sample activity sheet templates are both downloadable and printable, there is room for mass production for sure. That means that not only a person gets to enjoy using one sheet because you can make more for everybody. Your only concern is to count how many copies you want to share until you can spread those documents right away.Variety: No matter what topic, subject, or purpose your activity sheet is, it will certainly be welcome. There can be a variety of activity sheets for people to take. So whether you like to make an alphabet puzzle for preschoolers or a science lab experiment for high school students, make them happen. And there are endless lessons worth teaching by using activity sheets.

How to Make a Standard Activity Sheet

As you are already introduced to the activity sheet’s definition and benefits, are you now prepared to create the sheet itself? The process is not as daunting as it looks like, and you can even finish it quickly. In just five steps, you can make your standard activity sheet in no time. And the steps are as follows:

Step 1: List All Activities to Cover in a Draft

First things first, what is your smart goal? You should have a purpose or objective in making the activity sheet. So if your goal is to create a fun activity sheet for a child who loves art, then you could make a drawing, coloring, or crafting activity sheet. After that, list down all the activities needed to cover. Indeed, you already know your goal. But what shall be the tasks or activities for anyone who uses the sheet? Those are what you should focus on writing in a draft.

Step 2: Transfer and Organize the Activities to a Template

Are you finished listing down the activities in the draft? Good. Proceed to pick which activities should be included in a template of your choice. Remember that the sample templates will be used to make the final sheets, so those are no longer your draft. But do not just transfer everything from the draft to the template. Arrange the activities selected as well. A sense of organization is recommended, or people might have difficulty using the activity sheet later on. And if there are necessary changes you wish to push through, do so in those editable templates.

Step 3: Label the Activity Sheet Accordingly

What is an activity sheet without labels? The document’s title, introductory statement, and instructions are usually seen first. Students or users should also be aware of where to put their names, contact details, answers, scores, and other things asked in the form. There should be comprehensive information given on the sheet until it is already workable. Once users already know what the activities and instructions are, they can now start working on such activities as presented in the document.

Step 4: Observe an Easy-to-Follow Approach

You only make people quit using the activity documents by giving them hard-to-follow activity sheets. Of course, specific instructions are a must as they serve as everyone’s guide on working on the form. The point is you present these sheets without making things more complicated. But it does not mean that you should only make easy-to-solve activities. Any activity has its challenges, depending on the level observed. By being easy to follow, people who would use the form can easily get the gist on what the document is and how to use it.

Step 5: Produce the Sheets

Conduct a final evaluation before launching the activity sheet. In this step, you evaluate if the spelling, grammar, info, instructions, format, and other considerations are correct. This part also serves as your time to add the final embellishments. If there is any way to improve the activity sheet, then do it. And once you are confident that the output is great enough, produce those sheets. You may produce printed copies until you send them to every participant. Or perhaps, send soft copies for convenience, especially online classes. And do not forget to check the answers, record the scores if necessary, and provide feedback on the results.


Will activity sheets be compatible online?

Yes, there are online activity sheets. Even before the pandemic, there is already annual monitoring that about 5.4 million students have taken at least one online class. And you can expect a lot of activity sheets compatible online being used there.

Are the activity sheets and worksheets the same?

An activity sheet and a worksheet can be the same in terms of function. But the major difference is that activity sheets are often done in groups. So any activity or task given by a document will be handled by a group. Meanwhile, worksheets—the opposite, are mostly associated with individual activities. Thus, people do not have to share the tasks in a worksheet.

What is the difference between an activity sheet and an answer sheet?

The difference between answer sheets and activity sheets is quite self-explanatory. The activity sheet contains the activities or tasks to fulfill by a user. Meanwhile, the answer sheet is a document mainly used for inputting answers. In most cases, the two are combined, meaning a person shall read the questions and instructions in an activity sheet, and he or she must write the answers in the answer sheet.

What is an activity list?

An activity list refers to any list that outlines the schedule and description of every activity required in a project. Aside from listing the activities, there are descriptions added to specify each activity. That way, it will be easier for participants in a project to know the activity’s purpose, plan, scope, and instructions. Hence, the work will be completed soon.

What are some examples of learning activities?

While there are a lot of things to learn, there are also many activities used in learning. And some examples include the think-pair-repair, jigsaw puzzle, brainwriting, concept mapping, improv games, chain notes, and real-time reactions. You can use more learning activities as well and all of which are worth exploring if you value education.

There is no denying that it is difficult to convince everyone that taking activities and learning is always simple and enjoyable. How much more for young students who still have a lot to learn while taking online classes under quarantine? Thankfully, a parent, teacher, or just about anyone can create and customize learning sheets that would suit whoever needs learning. How so? Apply everything you just learned here, starting with using sample activity sheet templates for a simpler and faster reference.