What is a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is a single sentence that summarizes your claim in your article or research paper. It is written in the first paragraph of an essay. It is a one-sentence summary that tells what your paper is all about. The thesis statement can utilize a map to let the readers know the content of your paper. It describes your topic. It is a good tool in a speech to express what you want to say to your readers. It gives a short analysis of your whole paper. It is a short narrative of what you are going to discuss. A thesis statement is informative and persuasive. It needs to be strong so that your essay or personal essay can be effective.

A good structure for a thesis statement is to use good language that can express your conclusion. Whether you are in college, high school, or middle school, you have to learn how to make a strong thesis statement. You should know how to best insert it in a paragraph. It should be a good introduction to your paper. Whether you are writing for an argumentative paper or literature, you need to ensure that your thesis statement will be effective. If you want, you can use a thesis statement generator or thesis statement maker.

A thesis statement in an essay should be something that should spark the interest of readers to read your paper. If you want to have a strong thesis statement, you can use a thesis statement checker that can help you to construct a better thesis statement. You need to choose a good format and make a thesis statement of the right length. The thesis statement can state the outline of the route of your essay. Just be sure that it relates to your argument. Having a thesis statement can give an impact on your paper. It can make your document logical.

To create a thesis statement, you must have a primary idea that can be the foundation of all your paragraphs. It can help you to avoid weak arguments in your paper because you will start in a good way. A powerful thesis statement can make the audience comprehend your work easier. The elements of a thesis statement are the major point of the paper, the reason why you have your ideas, the counterargument for your claim, and the reliable source of the information. The thesis statement is very important so that your essay will be succinct and will have a good impression on your readers.

Types of Thesis Statements

You may want to know the types of thesis statements. This can make you differentiate the things that you can write to make your thesis statement effective. Read and consider the following types of thesis statements:

Argumentative Essays: In argumentative essays, you will have to state a thesis statement that can persuade the readers to agree with your point of view. It is used to create a case for a particular viewpoint. You should give a clear picture of your argument in everything that you have to say in the essay.Analytical Essay: The thesis statement should give an interpretation of sources. You should describe your conclusion, showing what leads you to all your analysis. You can anticipate the results by saying your precise points.Expository Essays: In expository essays, you have to give an in-depth analysis of the topic. You do not need to develop an argument. You just have to be explanatory in your essay. You should have a controlling sentence that gives a summary of your topic. It will be useful if it will be at the opening of the essay. All information that you will give should support your purpose.

Tips on Thesis Statement

Are you looking for thesis statement examples? Do you need it because you want to have some tips on writing a thesis statement? Well, we can provide you with some tips that you can use. They are the following:

Be Specific: You should be specific in your thesis statement. Nothing should be obscure. You should talk about a clear point of view. You should check if your thesis statement is confusing. Be sure that you can be definite with what you are saying. As you express your idea, be sure that you will not cover too many things. Your thesis statement should be unified. You should talk about one specific topic that describes your whole paper. Never lose your focus. Try to express your ideas as best as possible. Refine your argument to be clearer. Give specific claims that can provide evidence to what you are talking about.Give a Clear Argument: You may not have many arguments in your paper. It is because of the limited length of the paper. So, you have to be sure that you can give a clear argument in your thesis statement. This is the best way how you can give your claims. Be sure that the readers will understand your main point through your thesis statement. If you are getting trouble expressing your point, you can use a template that can help you. A template can give you an initial writing technique. It can help you draft your argument.Take a Strong Case: You should have a strong stand in making a thesis statement. Your sentences should not be refuted. Take a strong position rather than showing an observation. You need to present a strong case that can impress the readers. If you will have a strong statement, the readers will be interested in your whole paper. It is a way how you can get their initial interest. A strong stand can make your thesis interesting. It can raise the curiosity of your readers. Thus, they will be encouraged to read whatever you are going to say.Question Your Assumptions: You should leave the decision to the readers whether they will believe your argument or not. So, in your thesis statement, you can question all your assumptions. This will prove that you also rely on facts and you do not want to influence the beliefs of your readers. If you have an assumption, you should tell it in a way that will not force any reader. Accept the opinions of others so that they will know that you are having a good paper that is based on facts.Do Not Hide Your Thesis Statement: Remember that your thesis statement should be placed at the beginning of your paper. Do not hide it. Be apt to show it at the start of your essay. This is the best way to make it effective. It can be a conclusion to your first paragraph. Its exact placement should be at the introduction of your essay. It can be at the end of your content introduction. It can be the last remark before the readers will see the body of your argument. Avoid fancy language in creating a thesis statement. You do not have to be creative to have your argument. If you will be creative, you can make a poor thesis statement. Every lecturer appreciates a thesis statement that is straight to the point and created in a simple way.Keep It Short: Make a short but stunning thesis statement. A long thesis statement can bore your readers. You may make them confused with your point. So you have to be direct to the point and keep your thesis statement short. This is how you can communicate better to your readers. Do not use vague adjectives. State facts and statistics to make the thesis statement more effective.Make It Easy to Understood: Use good language in expressing your thesis statement. Be sure that it can be understood by any readers. If the subject matter is hard to understand, do not use technical terms that can confuse your readers. Everyone should understand your position in the argument. Avoid technical jargons that will not be understood by everybody. Do not use abbreviations that can be questionable for the readers. If you want to test if your thesis statement is easy to understand, you can ask a friend to read it. If your thesis statement will be okay with your friend, then you can be sure that everyone will understand it.Keep It Simple: You must make your thesis statement simple. Do not overdo your thesis statement. Just remember to make your point clear and you have done everything. You do not have to worry about a lot of things. Keeping it simple will make every reader understand it. No one will wonder about your point. Your argument can better be relayed to everyone.Give Only One Idea: Only use one idea in your thesis statement. Inserting many ideas can make your thesis statement obscure. You should talk about the main point of your essay. You do not have to discuss every topic. Remember, the thesis statement is the summary of your paper. You do not have to include all your ideas in it.

Characteristics of a Strong Thesis Statement

Of course, you want to create a strong thesis statement. You want to support your arguments better. Do you want to know the characteristics of a strong thesis statement? These are some of the things to know if your thesis statement is strong:

A Strong Thesis Statement Has a Stand: A strong thesis statement has a strong stand about your main point. It has content that cannot be argued by anyone. It is a summary of a conclusion that gives a definite answer. It relies on facts and not merely opinions.A Strong Thesis Statement Explains the Discussion: A strong thesis statement justifies the discussion that you have in your paper. It is a description of the content of your paper. It is a complete summary of everything that you have written and the results of your research.A Strong Thesis Statement Gives Direction to the Paper: Your paper can have a smooth flow of content through a strong thesis statement. The thesis statement will direct your writing, giving coherence to everything you have written. It will be easier for you to discuss every topic afterward. It is a great start to begin your paper.A Strong Thesis Statement Has Proof: A thesis statement to be strong should have proof that can support it. Be sure that when you make a thesis statement, you can give facts that can prove your argument. It should not be based on your opinions but based on the research that you have conducted. Never give a thesis statement that you cannot support with facts. The thesis statement needs to be factual.A Strong Thesis Statement Expresses One Idea: A strong thesis statement is not confusing. It only tackles the main point of your research. Talking about many ideas can make a weak argument for you. You should ensure that your thesis statement focuses on only one idea. Through this, you can better explain your argument and you can make a firm stand on your claims in your research. So, do not take many ideas when you construct a thesis statement. It can make your thesis statement obscure.

How to Write a Thesis Statement

Do you need a thesis statement template? Are you about to create a thesis statement? If you are out of steps to use in writing, we can help you. We can offer you some steps that you can apply. They are the following:

1. Start with a Question

To have an idea of what you can write in your thesis statement, you can begin to ask questions. Through this, you can generate an idea that you can use for your thesis statement. Remember your topics and ask questions about them. By doing this, you can formulate the best idea that you can apply.

2. Write Your Answer

After your supposed questions, you should write your answers. As you list the answers, you can choose the best thesis statement among them. Pick the best where you can have the best argument. Select something that will greatly support your main point for the essay.

3. Develop Your Answer

The last thing is you have to develop your answer to become a great thesis statement. You can use templates so that you can know the best format. They can even help you to construct your sentence. After you have written your thesis statement, show it to your friend to ask for his or her opinion. Know if your thesis statement is good enough.


How long is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement is composed of a sentence. The thesis statements are not long. You just have to give a one-sentence summary of your paper.

Why do I need a thesis statement?

You need a thesis statement to give a focus on your writing. You can also give a brief overview of your main point. This will make your readers to be more interested in what you have written.

Making a great thesis statement is one of the best ways to have effective writing. You can encourage your readers to be interested in your essay. If writing a good thesis statement is a skill, you should learn it. You can make your writing effective through it. Well, do you need a template for a thesis statement? This post has 7+ SAMPLE Thesis Statement in PDF. They can help you formulate a great thesis statement. Have one of them. Download now!