What is a Freelance Statement?

A freelance statement is a declaration of freelance workers about themselves and about the scope of work that they can give. That is why a freelance statement is also called an SOW (Statement of Work). It contains details about the freelancers. There can be a simple description of them. They can also include a vision statement or mission statement that can discuss their goals and objectives. Missions and visions are vital elements of a freelance statement because as they share their goals for the future, the client can see how good they are. They can be impressed with the motivations of the freelancer and they can share their vision. A freelance statement is also a way on how the freelancers can present themselves to the client. They can tell who they are in simple and professional terms. So, the clients will know who they will be working with. It is a fair chance on how freelancers can showcase their talents and show that they can do the work that they are applying for. It also contains the scope of work or the extent of the job that a freelancer is about to do for a client. With the freelance statement, the client can assess whether the freelancer is suitable for the project according to the scope of work. On the other hand, the freelancer can relay what will be the only work that can be done.

The freelance statement is important before entering a freelance contract. It can be a prerequisite for it. If the client will like the freelance statement, they might have the interest to make the freelancer sign a freelance contract. Without the freelance statement, the client will not have full knowledge about the freelancer and his or her work. Through the statement only will they can know the freelancer and it will be the basis whether they will give projects to the freelancer or not. If you are a freelancer, you better perfect your freelance statement to ensure that clients will approve of you for projects. You have to come up with the best vision and mission statement. You must be eloquent in describing your abilities and skills. You have to make the best scope of work that any client can consider. If you can polish your freelance statement, you can be sure that you have a great possibility for every project.

Elements of a Freelance Statement

Even in a freelance contract sample letter, you need to make a freelance statement. What you should know is that this freelance statement has important elements. Every freelance contract work may need a freelance statement. So you have to ensure that you can make a good freelance statement. You should know its elements. Read the following and know the elements of a freelance statement:


There should be an introduction in a freelance statement. The introduction should be in a few sentences where you should start strong. Remember, you have to impress the client. You can tell why your project is important and why you are suitable for the project. You can also shape a story that can hook the interest of the client. Be sure to magnetize the client with your introduction. Just with this beginning, you have to show that you are a freelancer that is good for the job.

Statement of Purpose

Another thing that is included in a freelance statement is a statement of purpose. You must tell what you are purpose to do. This includes the project that you are about to deliver. You may tell your goals and objectives for the project. You can be direct in stating your statement of purpose. Express your desire to do the project for the client. You just have to ensure that you can show the client that you can do your promise to finish the project. The client has to see that you can deliver the project.


Now, you can introduce yourself. Whether you are an organization or an individual freelancer, you must give a brief description of yourself. Give information about you or your organization. You can cite your talents and the things that you can do as a freelancer. Give some knowledge about your expertise. You must also tell some background about the project. The client should know the details that are connected to it. They can decide better if they will have some background about the project.

Timeline for Deliverable

You should give a realistic timeframe for the projects that you are about to deliver. This timeline should be enough for you to do the project. Do not give a timeline where you are not sure that you can finish the project. You will lose clients if you will do so. Be sure that when you give a timeframe, you can keep your word to finish the work on time.

Scope of Work

Be clear with the scope of work. You have to say the work that is included in the project and what is not included. This is important so that you can meet the client’s expectations. In making the scope of work, you can include a work package to further attract clients. Just calculate the cost so you can be sure of profits. If you will do this, the clients will see that you have a better offer from other freelancers. There can be a greater chance that your project will always be considered.


Details about payment should be also clear. At first hand, you must clarify the payment terms. The clients should also have a payment method on how they can pay you. If you will not have clear terms on this, a dispute may arise. To avoid this, you have to settle everything about payment. It will benefit both of you. You can get the payment for your work and the client can pay you conveniently. The clients may be more likely to hire you again if they will not encounter problems with your project.

Terms of Acceptance

You need to state some conditions for the project that you are about to do. There should be some terms for acceptance. This is important before you will start the work that you have stated in your statement of work. You can rely upon that your business is complete if you will have definite terms about acceptance. You can start the work with the right conditions and the client can rely upon that the work can be done.

Tips on Freelance Statement

In all types of freelance contracts, you may be needing a freelance statement. Whether you are writing a freelance writer personal statement or a freelance mission statement, you may need some tips that you can use to make it better. Here are the tips that you can use in making a freelance statement:

Showcase Your Skills: The freelance statement may be a huge chance for you to showcase your skills. You can tell where you are good at. You can somehow brag about why should the client choose you for the project. One way of doing this is by telling a good mission and vision statement. If you can tell a good freelancer mission statement and a good freelancer vision statement, the client will see that you have good plans for the future and they can be a part of positive goals. You can also showcase your skills this way because the client will know that you are able to fulfill your vision through your skills. Tell the client the amazing things that you can do for work. Cite the talents that can make you apt for the project that you are about to make. If you can showcase your skills, the clients will know that you are capable of doing the job. They cannot go wrong with you because you have the talents that can make you finish the work. Anyone will want to hire a skilled laborer. Be sure to showcase your skills and you may have the project that you are aspiring.Cite Your Certifications: Certifications can be a good fragrance to the work that you are about to do. If the clients will see that you are certified, they can rest assured that you are skilled for the job. They can know that you are trained well and you know what to do with the project. Many clients want to hire people who have certifications. They prefer it rather than hiring those who do not have certifications. They know that if they will hire people with certifications, they hire professionals. It is one of the most important things when entrusting a job. The worker needs to be a professional to ensure the quality of work. If you will pay for something, you will rather entrust it with someone who can do it better. So, put your certifications to attract clients.Include Past Projects: Allot a small place where you can showcase your past projects. It is not wrong to include your past success in work. The clients will see that you are not a novice and you are already equipped in the field. It can make to attract clients because your work is already tested. If they want, they can contact your past clients to check about your good work. It will be a great plus to you because you can assure them that you can accomplish the work in a good way. When citing past projects, you can include 1-3 projects that are best for you. These projects will mirror your skills and will be a testimony of your good works. Surely, it will entice clients.Know Your Audience. In making the statement, you must cater to the particular audience that you are targeting. You are making it for clients, so you have to know some knowledge about them. You may write specific freelance statements to a particular client that you will have. If you are considering a client, you must know their background. Do some research about the client so that you can tailor your freelance statement for him or her. If you can write according to the likes of the client, there can be a greater chance for your freelance statement to have approval. Take time on doing this. You will never waste your effort. It can be one great diligence for your job that you will never be sorry for.

How to Create a Freelance Statement

Have you seen a freelance statement of work template or a freelance statement of work? Are you wondering how you can make a freelance statement? Well, you can have the following steps that you can consider in creating a freelance statement:

Step 1: Make an Introduction

To start your freelance statement, you must begin with an introduction. Remember to start strong in the introduction. Just with your beginning words, capture the heart of the client. Show your sincerity in doing the project. Start with a formal but conversational tone. If you can think of something good to say in the introduction, include it to get the attention of the client. If the client will be bored with your introduction, he or she might not continue reading your statement. So be sure to start well.

Step 2: Include a Mission and Vision Statement

After your introduction, you must tell a vision statement and a mission statement. This can elevate your statement from others’ statements. If you can have good missions and visions, it can attract your clients because they will admire the goodness of your statement. They will know that you have great goals and objectives. Just be sure that in making these, you can relate to the core values of the company of the client. It is better that you can get their approval. You must also tell a statement of purpose that will express the value of your project.

Step 3: Cite Project Activities

You need to be clear about the scope of work for the project. Then, you must list all the activities that you need to have for it. It will be a chronological order of tasks that you need to accomplish. The client may need this list so that they can be updated on the process of the work. They must know how you will advance with the job. Updating them can make them relax and be confident about your work.

Step 4: Make a Timeline

After making a scope of work and listing all the activities, you must state the possible timeline for the project. This is important so that the client can expect the exact completion time of the job. Make a realistic timeline for the project. Be sure that you can accomplish all deliverables with this timeline.

Step 5: Put Additional Notes

If there are other things that you want to say for the project, you can add them at the end of your statement. If you have some terms and conditions for the project, you can include them. Be sure to tell everything that you have to so the clients will not be surprised about your requirements.


Is a Freelance Statement Necessary?

Yes. It is necessary. It is needed to attract clients. In the freelance world, you need to be professional. You need to send a statement like this to show that you are willing to do a project for the client. It is a part of doing your job as a freelancer.

What Can Make a Freelance Statement Great?

To make a freelance statement great, you need to showcase your skills and your talents as a freelancer. You also have to state a good project that any client will have an interest in. If you will be good at these components, you can attract clients.

Being a freelancer is not easy. You have to make bids sometimes to be able to enter a contract or an agreement. There are things that you have to go through before having a project, like a freelance statement. But if you will be skilled in writing a freelance statement, you will have no problem. Do you need a template for a freelance statement? This post can provide what you need. It has 12+ SAMPLE Freelance Statement in PDF | MS Word. Download now!