What Is an Income Verification Letter?

An income verification letter, as the document title implies, is a letter document which is used to verify the income of an employee. An income verification letter is written by an employer to validate the amount specified by an employee as his or her income within a given time period. Income verification letters are very important especially when it comes to circumstances involving credit card and loan applications.

Purpose of Income Verification Letter Usage

Be aware of the purpose of using an income verification letter so you can develop the specific document based on particular goals and objectives. Knowing the purpose which drives the creation of an income verification letter can give you the ability to stick with the core of the document which is very important if you want to have an amazing output. Here are some of the reasons why an income verification letter is developed and used:

1. Development of Work Offer

An employer needs an income verification letter from the previous employer/s of a work candidate so that further considerations can be done when developing the individual’s work offer. With the presence of an income verification letter, the new employer can see to it that their offer is at par or even better with the salary being received by the candidate from his or her previous work.

2. Background Checking and/or Assessment

If you are asked to write a verification of employment letter with a statement of the amount that is being received by an employee as an income, you have to make sure that what you will share is based on reality. This is for the reason that an income verification letter is mostly used for purposes of background checking and candidate assessment. If all the details in the income verification letter match the statements made by an individual, then he or she can be proven to be telling the truth to the entity that headed the background checking activities.

3. Finalization of Loan Approval

A lot of income verification letters are sent to lenders or those that provide loans to individuals. This document is necessary to be developed so that the lender can make sure that an individual has the ability to pay the loan within a given period of time. If you will use an income verification letter in this manner, then you may also be asked to provide a list of loans that has been granted to the employee during his or her stay in your organization.

Elements of an Effective Income Verification Letter

An income verification letter can be developed on its own or it can also be incorporated in an employee verification letter. With this, you have to be very particular with the information that is requested from you so you can come up with a letter document that is suitable with the purpose of its usage and the needs of the entity asking for it. More so, if you want to create an excellent income verification letter, it is necessary for you to have an idea about the elements that you have to work on and put together. Some of the most important elements of an effective income verification letter are as follows:

A clear specification of the actual income received by an employee for a specific duration of time: It is necessary for you to always be accurate and direct to the point when specifying information within the entirety of the income verification letter. One of the things that you have to highlight is the actual amount of an individual’s income. Have a written and in figure presentation of this information so you can make sure that this detail is precise and concise.A well-structured format which can direct the proper allocation or placement of letter content: You also have to look into the layout format of the income verification letter. Allowing the content placement and overall features of the specific document to be organized can make it easier for your target audience to fully understand what you are saying. More so, ensuring that you have a well-structured income verification letter can lessen the possibility of confusing or misleading the letter recipient.A complete discussion which can fully-support the income verification letter’s purpose of usage: It is essential for your income verification letter to be comprehensive. Hence, it is not only the actual amount of an individual’s income which you have to discuss. You need to make sure that the supporting details of the letter are also properly presented so you can have a well-rounded discussion. By doing this, you can veer away from getting further inquiries or additional questions since you have already specified all the necessary things related to the subject matter.

Advantages of Making a Detailed Income Verification Letter

The income verification letter that you will be making can positively impact different activities and entities. Hence, it is essential for you to develop a document that is highly-beneficial. For you to be motivated to do this, learn a thing or two about the benefits of having an income verification letter at hand. To start with, the advantages of making a detailed income verification letter include the following:

An income verification letter can complete the specific application made by an employee: An income verification letter is made not just for the sake of having an additional document which will only be kept in the profile folder of a candidate. The specific letter document is necessary as it allows specific applications to push through. Without it, the requirements of a candidate can be incomplete which can invalidate his or her bid for a particular endeavor.An income verification letter can assure the other involved party that the employee is not lying about his or her income information: 23% of verification of employment present serious flags (source: amof). There are application forms which are proven to have discrepancies when it comes to the income from previous work specified by a candidate. Having an official income verification letter can help eliminate these circumstances which can benefit employers while warning the work candidates to not do anything fraudulent within the bounds of their application.An income verification letter can represent the participation of an employer for a particular endeavor or circumstance: You have to do your job as an employer as this can highly-impact your branding. If an employee needs an income verification letter and you were able to provide it in a timely fashion, then your employer brand can be perceived positively by your stakeholders. Hence, it is not only the employee and the other entity that requested for the letter who can benefit from it.

7 Steps for Writing a Comprehensive Income Verification Letter

Writing an income verification letter is very challenging especially if you have no idea where to begin and what to put in the document. This is why it is important for you to have document development guides and references. Are you already thinking of making an income verification letter for an employee and/or for another entity? Here is a seven-step process that can make it more efficient for you to write a comprehensive income verification letter:

Step 1: Use an Income Verification Letter Template to Your Advantage

To start the process of making an income verification letter, we suggest you to look for a suitable template which you can use as your format reference. Having a template at your disposal can enable you to structure the way you will put all of the elements and content of the specific document together.

Step 2: Provide Necessary Details That Are Usually Found in a Business Letter Format

Once you have already selected the template that you will use, begin placing the information which is commonly found in a standard business or formal letter. Write the date when you have written the income verification letter followed by a complete inside address. Then, it will depend on you if you would like to use a subject line or if you will already proceed to writing a salutation to properly address the recipient of the letter.

Step 3: Make Your Introduction As Straightforward and as Relevant As Possible

The introduction of your income verification letter should already confirm that a specific employee is employed or has been employed to your organization. Then, proceed with the statement that you are verifying the income which the employee has disclosed to the letter recipient. You can also assure the letter recipient that you have reviewed the employment documents of the individual so to make sure that you have all the accurate information with regards the related matter.

Step 4: Provide Additional Details Depending on the Content Request Made by Another Party

Since the introduction already has the most important information that you need to state, you can use the next paragraphs to support the key points of your content presentation. Look into the request letter given by the other party so you can answer any of their questions or provide the details that they would like to get from you in relation to the income of the involved employee. More so, you can ask the employee about the things that he or she would like to see in the document so you can add these up to your discussion.

Step 5: Come Up With a Letter Conclusion to Close the Discussion

Wrap-up the income verification letter in a professional manner. State that you have disclosed information based on your regulations and policies on privacy. You can let the letter recipient feel free to reach you for any further inquiries or clarifications by writing your contact information in this part of the income verification letter.

Step 6: Write a Complimentary Close and Affix Your Signature After It

End your income verification letter with a complimentary close. Then, write your full name and the work position given to your by the organization’s management and human resources. You can also write the name of the business that you are representing. Lastly, affix your signature to signify that you are aware of all the information that you have written and the specification of the usages of these.

Step 7: Make Sure That the Final Income Verification Letter Is Error-Free

Review all of the details of the income verification letter, from the layout features of the document up to the content that you came up with. Finalize the draft that you will send to the letter recipient. If you cannot see any grammatical errors and other kinds of mistakes anymore, then prepare the income verification letter for sending.


Who Needs a Cover Letter for a Job?

A previous or existing employee may request employment verification from a new employer in order to validate their income and work history. An employment verification form is also a frequent need utilized by a third-party to verify that a person has enough income to fulfill required monthly payments on a big purchase – whether it’s for a rental application, mortgage, or loan. For example, if the rent reaches a specific level, a landlord may need a letter of employment before renting an apartment. Furthermore, all banks require employment verification before considering mortgage applications. A new employer may also ask for employment verification to check that you told the truth about your previous income and position. Many companies offer an official employment verification request form that current and former employees can fill out to help speed processes.

How to Confirm a Letter of Employment Proof

A bank’s final step before authorizing a loan, a landlord’s final step before turning over the keys to a tenant, or a company’s final step before sending out an offer letter to a candidate is commonly a proof of income letter. Third parties frequently request employees to corroborate their job verification letter with at least two proof of income documents in order to defend against false claims. As proof of income, the following documents are accepted:

  • Paystubs
  • Returns on taxation (1040)
  • Statements of earnings and taxes (W-2)
  • Social safety net Benefit Verification Letter / Proof of Income
  • A letter of workers’ compensation Bank statements

You can get your income verification form acknowledged by a notary public in addition to providing supporting proof. Notarizing your verification letter verifies its legitimacy and offers another layer of assurance.

What is the purpose of an income verification letter?

A letter of income verification is an official letter. When an employee demands it, the employer provides it. A paper like this is crucial. You’ll need it to double-check whether information regarding the employee’s wage is correct. Verification is critical when it comes to work-related issues. This type of letter comes in handy in a variety of scenarios. For example, if you want to rent a house or an apartment, you may need such a letter.

An imcome verification letter, often known as a “proof of employment letter,” is a document that certifies an employee’s income or compensation. This type of letter is frequently used when someone is looking for a place to live or asking for a mortgage. If you’re looking for the best printable and editable documents, download now our templates.