What is a Student Activity Proposal?

A student activity proposal is a letter that expresses the desire to perform an activity in school for students. Sometimes it can be called a project proposal, research activity proposal, or a proposal report. What is a project proposal? How does it differ from a student activity proposal? If a student can give simple proposal ideas for an activity that can denote a project, then here, you can say that a project proposal can be a student activity proposal. Many activities can be done in school, and a supreme student can have memorable proposal ideas for projects that can be done in school. Whether virtual or personal activities, students must ensure that the activities that they are planning are going to benefit the students. They must suggest an activity that can give benefit to learning, something that can enhance their educational experiences. If they are out of ideas for an activity, they can refer to any event proposal sample that they can find on the internet. It can help them to formulate an idea for an activity for school.

Sample of Student Activities

Whether you are planning for a club activity or a virtual activity for school, you must know that you have to make your activity interesting. Do you lack ideas to create an activity? Here, you can have some student activity examples:

Movie Discussion

Students who are in high school or college can get together to watch a movie in school. This movie can be motivational or something interesting enough where students can learn something. After you have watched the movie, all of you can participate in a movie discussion where you can tell how the storyline can be relevant to your life.

Paint Class

Painting is something good to learn. You can encourage students to have an engagement with this. Use your proposal to get some funds for art materials and you can start to have paint classes in your school. You can start painting by learning how to paint a landscape or some simple objects. This can be fun and you can even sell your outputs and donate the income to a charity if you want.


Your class can immerse in a day of music. You can have everyone play their favorite playlist and all of you can listen to them. It will be one great day where all of you can relax. You can unwind from your hectic days of doing school works and you can experience a moment of peace.

Park Cleaning

You and your classmates can engage in community service through having volunteerism in cleaning the park in your area. This will be beneficial for your town and you can give a helping hand to the park cleaners. You can experience the goodness of being a volunteer and you can do something good in the place where you live.

Dance Parties

All of you can jam out any time of the week to have a dance party. It will be cool for all of you and dancing can be good for your body. Just remember that you should make it a clean party. You are just going to dance the night out and nothing else.

Holiday Celebrations

It will be total fun for your school if you will celebrate holidays together. You can commemorate the holiday and you can share it with your classmates and teachers. Create a program that specializes in a particular holiday and use fun themes in celebrating it. You can have a costume program if you want.

Hobby Workshops

Your school can have some workshops about different hobbies. It can teach unique ways in sewing, arts, cooking, and others. You can learn and can use the skills that you can get if you want to make these hobbies a business someday. They can be just hobbies but who knows if you can benefit from them one day?

Word Puzzles

Crosswords and word hunts can give a good exercise for our brain. Students can have this as an activity. It can give mental strength and they can hone their intelligence. It can be great games in which anyone in your school can participate. You can allot some prizes for the winners so everyone will be more encouraged.

Sports Tournaments

Participating in sports can be fun. This is something that students will truly want to participate in. Choose a sport that can be played by all of you, something that all of your classmates will have an interest in. You can ask their opinion about a specific sport that you can play. Set some funds that can be used in giving prizes for the winners which can make the game more challenging.

Game Shows

You can have an activity of engaging in game shows. It can be a good virtual event where everyone can have a part. You can use the tools like Quizziz or Kahoot. Trivia game shows can be a good game for all of you where you can share what you know.

Board Game Tournaments

One of the best games that you and your classmates can engage in is board games. Make a tournament on a board game of your choice and invite everyone who will be interested. Set a day where all of you can play. You can make prizes for the winners to make your experience better.

Poem or Short Story Contest

To give better writing skills to everyone, you can have a poem or a short story contest. You can have this on-the-spot or you can have a specific deadline for submission. Give prizes to winners so that the winners can feel their triumph and you can give a return for their efforts.

Benefits of a Student Activity Proposal

Are you wondering what a student council proposal or a student activity proposal sample is for? Does it have advantages that can be the reason why it is being used? Well, read the following and know some of its benefits:

Social Development: Through the activities, students can enhance their social capabilities. They can develop social skills and they will get used to being in the midst of many people. They can relate better to others. Communication skills will also be enhanced. Aside from the fact that the activities can make them happy, they can cultivate their cultural skills. It will become easier for them to interact with others. The activities can train them to have social relationships with other people.Become a Good Citizen: You can become a good citizen by having student activities. Some activities engage in community service. It can make students helpful in their community by doing altruistic work that can train them to become better citizens. They can help in cleaning the community and they can even get involved in charity. This will make them become a better individual, someone who can lend a helping hand to others. These kinds of activities are perfect for any sample project proposal.Adaptive to Changes: By engaging in different activities, students can become adaptive to changes. Every activity can give them flexibility by engaging in different things that may be new to them. They can adjust accordingly to the activities that their school have. They can adjust their skills and capabilities. They can welcome new challenges that will come their way. By participating in activities, they can learn new things and they can also learn new skills.Getting Support Services: A student sample project proposal in school can make students gather funds that can be used in their activities. Some activities may need materials that can cost something. It needs funding so that students can provide these things. Some activities may need prizes to be awarded to winners. With these, students need a certain amount of money that they can use. Through the proposal, this need can be granted. Students can get funds from donors and stakeholders that can deem their activities as necessary. Support services are something that a proposal can give.Acceptance of Diverse Background: There is surely diversity in school. Students may come from different races and can come from different walks of life. Through the activities, students will learn to accept each other. As they engage socially with one another, they will see each other as equal. It will eradicate discrimination as students engage in the activities together. They can accept everyone’s differences and it can give a good harmony in the school.Enhance Academic Abilities: Most activities are made to sharpen the intelligence of the students. Their educational experience can improve their academic abilities. They can learn new things always about academics. Their learning will be improved. Activities can give them new knowledge that they can use in the future. It can give them new skills that can make them build a better future. They can use these skills when it is time for them to apply for a job. Or if they want to have a business of their own.Good Relationships: Activities are fun. You can enjoy them together with your classmates and your teachers, even with the school staff. As all of you are engaging in the activities, you can build a good relationship with each other. You will know each other better. You can form a friendship with your classmates and teachers that you will not have if you will not have activities. Activities are good opportunities for all of you to be closer. You can share the fun. You will learn together. It can be memorable moments.Engagement with Teachers: Teachers have the authority over their students. With this authority, we find it hard to be close to our students. But by having activities, teachers will have a chance to be closer to their students. They are somehow out of school and they can share some friendships with students. The students will come to know them better and will know that they are also human that they can share the fun with. Students and teachers can enjoy together activities and this can build their relationship. Teachers will become approachable in the eyes of the students.Own Objectives: You can form your objectives in activities that you will have. If you will learn new skills, you know that you can use these skills someday. You can use it in your work or you can use it to have a business. There can be many purposes with every activity that you can engage in at school. It can give you opportunities of learning and to use this learning in many things. For one thing, you can use your activities to be your extracurricular activities. As many activities you engage in, you can reach as many objectives.Having Self-Belief: Engaging in activities can give you the confidence that you need. It can give you self-belief. You can engage in productive activities that you know you can learn something. It can make you more socially inclined and it can train you to pursue achievements. While having fun with your classmates, you can develop good confidence that you can use when you meet new people.

How to Write a Student Activity Proposal

If you have been looking for a project proposal template or a proposal template because you have to make a student activity proposal, you can consider the following steps in making your proposal:

Step 1: Plan For Activity

The first thing that you have to do is to sort an idea to be able to come up with an activity that you will have in school. Research on possible activities that you will support. Many ideas on the internet can make your activity unique. You can ask the opinions of your classmates. Ask them what could be the best activity for your school. After you have decided on an activity, make an activity plan that can help you in the project.

Step 2: SMART Goals

Before starting making proposals, you must know how to structure them. Search for any proposal template or proposal example that you can use as a pattern. Afterward, set some SMART goals that you can apply in your proposal.

Step 3: Write the Proposal

After having SMART goals, assess the student engagement that you will have for the activity. Will the activity be perfect for all the students to engage in? Then, write the proposal. You can make a draft first. Write the important details of the activity. What is the activity? When will it happen? Will all participate? Do you need funding? Make your activity stand out so that the faculty will approve your proposal.

Step 4: Submit to Faculty

When you have written the proposal, read it a couple of times to proofread it. If you see it fit to edit it, you can do so to make your proposal better. After you have done everything and you can see that your proposal is perfect, you can submit it to the faculty for approval.


What is the Use of Student Activity Proposal?

Student activity proposal is used so that students and teachers can facilitate activities in the school. There are times that activities need funding so a proposal is needed. To add, even without funding, a proposal is a must so that the faculty can examine the activities that will be held in the school.

What are the Tips for Student Activity Proposal?

The tips that you can use in your student activity proposal are you have to consult the faculty, keep on the current trend of activities, and choose activities where everyone can participate. If you can do these things, you can facilitate a good activity.

There can be many activities for students. If you will propose an idea, you can choose among many ideas that you can find on the internet. You can also seek advice from your classmates and friends. Well, do you need a template for the student activity proposal? This post has 23+ SAMPLE Student Activity Proposal in PDF. You can choose any among them if you need to propose. Download now!