They have to take a course and engage into a workshop services agreement. The agreement is necessary so that the terms will be clear about the workshop. The organization or firm that will conduct the workshop services can clarify everything about the services that they will give. It can also ensure the cost of the workshop. On the other hand, the trainees will be rest assured that they can expect the skills that they need. They just have to be present at every workshop presentation and listen to everything that the workshop speaker will teach. In this article, you will learn some things about workshop services agreement. Its benefits will be discussed. You will know its components and you will know how to build a workshop service. Are you ready to learn these things? Then, make yourself relaxed and continue reading!

What is a Workshop Services Agreement?

A workshop services agreement is a written document that states the agreement of a customer and an organization that will give workshop services. With the agreement, the terms about the workshop will be included. It consists of the course that will be given, the cost of the workshop, the timeline for the service, the rules about the engagement, and all the conditions that can be given within the agreement. Anyone who wants to join a workshop will have to engage in this agreement before the day of the seminar. Rules should be defined so that the customer and the organization will not encounter any problem at the training period. A memorandum agreement is needed for both parties to make things clear when conducting the student-facilitator relationship. The organization should be distinct about the course that they will give that they have to make a business agreement that will tell the contents of their course. The student will know what they should expect to learn because of this. The scope of work of the organization will be clear and the students will know whether they can get the skills that they need or not. For this thing, the agreement helps a lot because it has a complete description of the course. Students will be certain that they will be equipped at the end of the workshop.

Components of a Workshop Services Agreement

Seeing a service level agreement template or a workshop services agreement template will make you see that it has key elements that you need to include. Read the following so that you will learn what a workshop services agreement consists:

Workshop Services

As a contractor or provider of the workshop, you must provide the specific information about the workshop. You have to be clear about the course that you will give. You can provide a table that states all the contents of the seminar. Be definite about the course. Give specific details about the things that the students can learn from the workshop. For example, if you are having a baking workshop, you can cite all the goods that the students will learn to bake. You can provide a module for each goods so the students will understand clearly the course. You should also state the cost of the workshop. The students should agree with the price of the course and you should provide a payment method for them. It is up to you if they should pay before the start of the course or before it should end. Both parties should agree about this. Or you can state it clearly on the agreement.

Workshop Arrangement

Terms about the workshop arrangement should be detailed in the agreement. Be particular about the number of hours of the workshop. Most workshops are held during weekends, so if you have this availability, you can cite in the workshop services agreement. Be definite about the timeline of the workshop. Tell how many months it will take. You should clearly agree about this because you will provide a service as every workshop day is held. You must be sure about the cost of labor of workshop speakers. You must also tell where the workshop will be held. Mostly, it took place on large buildings so choose a good location for the workshop. You can rent a coliseum space or a building space that can be suitable for the workshop. Just be sure that it cover the cost of the course.


You need to put confidentiality clauses in your agreement. This will protect your business confidential data to be sure that nothing will be disclosed. This is an important agreement between you and the customer so that you can protect your business. The details on how you conduct your workshop should have confidentiality so that your business secret will remain your own.


Both parties have obligations to fulfill. If the workshop will need some requirements, you can cite it in the agreement so that students will know the things that they have to comply with. You must make clear the duties that both parties will do. The exact work of the facilitator should be defined and also the work that the students will do to complete the workshop. You must also state if a certificate will be given after the completion of the workshop.


This is an important section for the students to ensure that they will be provided the training that they need. It has clauses that states the responsibilities of the facilitator that is due for the customer. If ever they cannot provide what they have promised, it should give the resort for the consequences.

Benefits of a Workshop Services Agreement

Before, there is not a definite contract for workshops. But since workshop is widely needed for the skills that we want to have, many have offered workshops for customers, and workshop services agreement becomes available. Here, you can find its benefits:

You can ensure payment for the workshop. An agreement is a sure way on how you can gather payments for your services. The customer has signed something that can give them a compulsory urge to pay you. There are some who may get your course and will not pay you in the end. Through the workshop services agreement, it can be avoided. You can even ask for payment even before the workshop starts. You can be sure that your services will be paid.You will be sure of the contents of the course. Whatever the business will put as the contents of the course, they are obliged to fulfill it. Without a contract, you may start on a workshop and only later will discover that you can barely learn anything from it. But with the agreement, you can ensure that you are committing to a workshop that can teach you the skills that you need. You can have a description of the course that you will have. You will not waste your money that you will invest in it. You can be sure that you can learn something.It is a voidable contract. The contract is a departmental agreement that can let you to walk away if ever you do not want to finish the workshop. You just have to comply with whatever is written within the contract. If the agreement says that it is possible, you just have to depend on clauses that states the consequence of your leaving the contract. You can have the chance to stop with the workshop whenever you like. Only, it should be written in the agreement.It can give a great workshop for you. Because everything is clear, you can be confident that you are engaging in a meaningful workshop. You can check the course before you can start and you can even get the terms that you want with the agreement. Both parties just have to agree on everything and both of you can get the things that you want. The customer can ensure that they can develop the skills that they need through the workshop. After talking with the workshop-giver, they can sense if the workshop is good. They can even request the thing that they need. The only thing that matters is that they will both agree on common terms.

How to Build a Workshop Service

Workshop services agreement sample and training workshop contract template can make you learn about the things on workshop service. But how is it build? What do you need to do to start a workshop service? Find out the following steps for you to be able to build a workshop service:

Step 1: Make a workshop plan.

Gather all your thoughts and make a table where you will list all your plans. Think of a topic. Put details about this topic. Formulate a learning style for it. Think of all the possible activities that the students can do to learn. Set a timeline for the workshop. List all the materials that will be needed for it.

Step 2: Identify your audience.

You must premeditate about your audience. Think of all the possible participants that can join the workshop. You have to ensure that at the end of the day, they will learn something from you. Set goals for the topic that you have. These goals will be the output for the workshop. These will be the skills that the participants will learn from you. Consider their knowledge so you will know how you can start to teach them. Sort for yourself what learning style you will use. Maybe you can have a discussion or group exercises. Also, before you should begin the workshop, you must remember that you have to know the participants. It is one way of knowing your audience. Make them to introduce themselves and you must explain to them the importance of the workshop.

Step 3: Know how you will teach.

There are certain learning styles that you can use for your workshop. They are the following:

Step 4: Complete the contents of the course.

After you have completed the table where you have listed all your plans, you can start to write the contents of the workshop. Make a workshop services agreement that is suitable for everything that you have planned. As you write the agreement, put all the details of the workshop and the whole contents of the course. Put terms that the participants need to adhere to. You must insert some responsibilities for the both of you. Write conditions about the workshop. After you have written everything, you have a contract for your workshop that you can readily give to your customer. Have someone to read it to gather some opinions if your workshop is good enough. The agreement can be a way on how you can get a lot of customers so you have to ensure that it can attract customers. If the opinions that you have gathered are positive, then you can use the contract in conducting your workshop.


How Can I Get Discounts on Workshops?

Normally, workshops are discounted if you will register early before the start date. It depends on the firm how much the discount that they will give. Sometimes, workshops are discounted when they announce that they have a promo for courses. You need to be watchful for this. You can search for announcements on the internet. If you are eager for a discount, that is something that you can do.

Is There an Online Workshop?

Yes. There are virtual workshops nowadays. Search on the internet for available online workshops for the skill that you want to have. There are a lot of websites that offer to teach various skills. You can learn through webinars and through their online platform. They can also give you video tutorials. The only thing that you need is to pass the technical requirements. It is needed to make the virtual workshop possible. Normally, you need to have a personal computer that has a webcam and a microphone.

Is Certificates Available From Workshops?

Yes. Many workshops offer to give certificates after the completion of the course. So, if you are wanting to have a skill that can help you with a career that you like to take, a workshop will be truly helpful. You can use the certificate in applying for a job. You will have the skills that you need and you will have a proof of it.

Some people invest on workshops to gain the skills that they need to start a career. It can teach them the knowledge that they need and they can be equipped on the job that they want to have. If you are about to join a workshop, just be sure that it has a workshop services agreement so that you can ensure that you will get the training that you need. It does not hurt to enter into an agreement. It can protect your rights and can give you some benefits. Anyway, if you are searching for a template, this post can give what you need. It has 10+ SAMPLE Workshop Services Agreement in PDF. Choose any that you think the best and make a workshop services agreement. Download now!