What is an Internship Letter of Interest?

An internship letter of interest is a letter that an intern sends to a company that expresses his or her desire for an internship. It is sent even if the company does not post an open job position. It is an intent letter expressing the desire to gain experience from that company that an intern can use in his or her succeeding career. The internship can be paid or not. So, it is in the interns’ interest whether he or she will want an unpaid position. This can be possible because as a young person who does not have any work experience, interns will want to land any job that can help them with their career. They can sacrifice their time and effort with the internship just to get work experience that they can use for future jobs. An internship letter of interest is considered by the company to whom it was sent and will assess the qualification of the intern. If it can find that the person can be suitable for the job, then it can give an internship position to the applicant. Or if it has any internship program, it can accept the applicant to have a part in it. An internship is helpful because you can gain the experience that you need for the job that you are aspiring for. You can have something to put in your resume that can make you be hired by the company that you are dreaming of.

Importance of Internship

If you are wondering why students make an application for an internship, you must know that it has some importance. Whether they are going to submit a letter of interest for an engineering internship or a letter of interest for a psychology internship, they do it because an internship is a beneficial thing. Consider the following and know some of the importance of an internship:

Career Exploration: Through internships, you can have an exploration with the career that you want. You can start to have work experience on the education that you have. You will start to know some things about it. You can apply what you have learned with the job that you will have on internship. You can explore your knowledge and skills. You can practice what you have learned in college. An internship can be a great adventure for you as you are starting your career. You will learn new things about your craft and you will start to know the career path that you have chosen. Many have chosen internships as they are about to graduate. So, they will be acquainted with all the things about their work. It is a good thing to do. You can explore your career before actually having a normal job on it.Application of Education: If you will have an internship, you will have an experience of the education that you have from college. You can apply what you have learned firsthand. You can have a better chance to accelerate in that career path because you have started work experience in it. Many graduates fall into work that is not related to their college education. But if you will have an internship, you can gain experience prior to your education. You can have an ace that you can use for your prospective career path. Application of education to your work may seem more probable.More Marketability: With an internship, you will have something good that you can put in your resume. You can have an ace against other job applicants because you have work experience. You will have a greater chance that many companies will hire you because of your experience. Your marketability will be increased and it will become easier for you to have a job. An internship can be not high paying or can be free but your efforts will not be wasted. Afterward, you can gain your profit by having many companies to be probably hiring you. It is one great effort for your career that you will not be sorry for.Work Experience: Surely, you can gain work experience through internships. You can gain the skills for the job that you like. There are times that we want a job but we do not have any experience to be hired. The internship can help us. It can give us the experience that we need. We just need to be patient to exert a little time for the internship. After this time, we can have the work experience that can make us be hired to the job that we love. We can have the fruits of our efforts.Good Networking: Having an internship can give you an opportunity to meet a lot of people. You can have a wide professional network. With your work environment, you can meet a lot of professionals that can help you in your career. It will be good for you because you can have as many people who can help you in times of need. Your colleagues shared the same interest in your career. They might help you with anything that you can be looking for someday. Your subordinates can also become the reference that can help you to make better jobs. You might never know the help that anyone can give to you. Having great connections is good because you might never know what the future may bring.Professionalism: You can learn professionalism by having an internship. Through it, you may learn soft skills that can be used in any workplace. You can learn leadership skills, communication skills, and problem-solving skills. An internship is a good practice because you will learn how to be a professional. It can harness your skills for your work and will give you the right forbearance to do your job. You can be ready for any job in the future. You are already professional in your work and you know how to handle everything.Better Resume: The main reason why anyone wants to have an internship is that they want something that can be written in their resume. Interns want a better resume. It will be used for future jobs that they want to have. Without an internship, they cannot show a company any work experience for the job that they are aspiring for. But through an internship, they can ascertain that they are knowledgeable in the business. They will have a great chance to be considered by any company and be hired. This is one great reason why interns suffer to have internships without payment.Career Testing: As you are having your internship, you can know whether you will like your career or not. You can test it on the job that you will have an internship. You can figure out if you like the job or not. You will know if you will be content with your career path. If you will find out that you do not like what you do, then you will have a chance to change your career. An internship can be a great way on how you can test your career. You can have the internship as a basis and you can change your mind through it.

Tips on Internship Letter of Interest

Do you need an internship letter of interest sample because you need to make an internship letter of interest? Maybe you are needing some tips that you can use in writing. Well, read the following and consider these tips:

Good Format: To make the best internship letter of interest, you must find a good format to use. Be sure that you can make a letter that is readable and can be attractive for the readers. You can search on the internet for the best format that you can use. This can make your letter better. You may find a template that you can use or find a sample internship letter of interest. You need a pattern that you can follow in writing. It can help you to construct better and it can make your letter compelling. Just remember that you do not copy what you find or do not make your letter too generic. Remember to be personal in making the letter so that the company will know that your intentions are from your heart.Include Keywords: In writing your internship letter of interest, you must use keywords. They can make your letter more attractive. The reader can focus on the keywords and may find your letter interesting. It can also make your letter more professional. Keywords can emphasize your message and it can make it easy for the reader to get what you mean. For example, if you want to tell your skills in time management, you can tell your experience about it and use keywords that can represent your knowledge. You can better relay your message using keywords.Put Academic Experience: To convince the company to hire you as an intern, you must put your academic experience. Present your skills by telling them about your past projects. Tell them how you excel in school. Showing them your academic experience will let them know that you are a good student that can be good at working. They may entrust you the job in their company. They may think that you are an achiever that is good in his or her job. You will have a greater chance that they will hire you. They will be impressed with your academic excellence.Include Extracurricular Activities: Aside from academic experience, you can include your extracurricular experience in your internship letter of interest. You can put if ever you have volunteer work. Put relevant experience that can make the company know that you have specific skills for the job. If you have been involved in your college newspaper, you can include it to let them know that you have writing skills. Volunteer work in a shelter, however, can show that you have organizational skills. Extracurricular activities may mention skills that can be suitable for the job. So, add it to your letter to impress the company where you want to have an internship.Get Feedback: To ensure that you are making a great intent letter, you must seek the help of your friends or family. Let them read your letter and ask their opinion if your letter is good enough. Honest opinions from others can help you to improve your letter. You can edit it and correct your mistakes. You will know if it sounds good or not. Feedback can make you adjust it to the style that will be best for any company. If you will edit it a few times according to the feedback of others, you can polish it and can make it perfect. When it is time for you to send it, you know that you have a great internship letter of interest that is captivating enough.

How to Write an Internship Letter of Interest

Whether you are making a letter of interest for a counseling internship or a letter of interest for a research internship, you may need some steps that you can follow in writing. Consider the following steps and know how to write an internship letter of interest:

Step 1: Know the Company

For you to tailor the letter to the specific company that you want to have an internship with, you must know the company first. Educate yourself about the company. Visit the company’s website and research the company. If you will know the company, you may learn what particular things does it like and on what things does it engage. You can have a clue on how you will tailor your letter. This is important because you have to make the letter of interest for an internship according to the taste of the company where you want to work.

Step 2: Introduce Yourself

In your letter of interest for the internship, you must make a good introduction of yourself. Tell the company your name and some personal things about you. Start strong in your introduction to impress the reader. Be clear in introducing yourself. Use a formal but conversational tone. Capture the interest of the readers so that they will read your whole letter. Tell the company why you are interested to join them and why do you want the position. They must know that you are up to something good.

Step 3: Education and Skills

Now, you have to showcase your skills and education. Enumerate your skills, especially those that are relevant to the job that you are applying for. Tell them your course or the degree that you are having. You should also include your academic experience or your past projects in school that can help to make them decide to hire you. Put also your extracurricular activities that can show your other skills.

Step 4: Thank the Company

Then, close the letter. End it by thanking the company. In your last paragraph, end it with a good note. You must also leave your contact information in your last words. Tell them that you have attached your resume with the letter and you are looking forward to hearing from them. Send the letter together with your resume. After a week, follow up with the company to know the status of your application.


Is it Good to Have an Internship?

Yes. You can gain experience in the job that you want to have. You can have a start in your career that you can use for future jobs. You may exert some time and effort in an internship, but it is worth it.

Do Internships Have No Payment?

Some internships are paid. But there are internship programs that are not paid. It depends on you on what internship opportunity will you want to have. You can work with or without pay depending also on the company.

If you plan to be successful in your career, you may want to have an internship to gain experience. Be ready to make an internship letter of interest. Learn how to write it. Gather the right writing skills that you need. Do you need a template for an internship letter of interest? This post can give you what you need. It has 4+ SAMPLE Internship Letter of Interest in PDF | MS Word. What are you waiting for? Download now!