These calendars are different types of calendars that a person can use. In this article, we are going to tackle about quarterly calendar specifically. It will be introduced to you in case you have not experienced making a quarterly calendar. It has a little difference with a monthly calendar or an annual calendar. Keep on reading and you will know its benefits. You can also have some tips about it and you will be instructed of ways on how you can write a quarterly calendar. So keep on scrolling and brace yourself.

What is a Quarterly Calendar?

Maybe the word ‘quarterly’ is not new to you. You must have heard it a couple of times and you already know what it means. But if ever you are in confusion with this term, quarterly means every three months. The calendar has been divided by four which results for a period of time in three months each. Thus, it can be called first quarter, second quarter, third quarter, and fourth quarter. So a quarterly calendar is a three month calendar. This calendar can be Q1 – first quarter, Q2- second quarter, Q3 – third quarter, and Q4 – fourth quarter. Or can be a combination of the four quarterly dates or an annual calendar that has the four quarters. It is its difference with the annual calendar. It is divided in four or has 4 three months division. This calendar is advisable when considering the seasons of the year. You can see your every activity where the specific season falls. It is also more concise to look at than an annual calendar, that could be lengthy to examine because it has twelve months. A quarterly calendar is good to use when you are making a calendar in marketing, social media, business schedule, and other things. There is a lot of reasons why a person should use a calendar with a year quarter dates. Sometimes a quarterly earnings calendar can help rather than an annual calendar. If you do not understand what this means, let us begin to discuss the tips and benefits of a quarterly calendar so you will be informed better.

Benefits of a Quarterly Calendar

What will you benefit if you will use a quarterly calendar? Will it make you work better? Here, you can read some benefits that you can get from having a quarterly calendar.

It is easier to manage tasks than in an annual calendar. If your tasks can be divided in the quarterly dates, it will be easier to manage them as they are divided in the four quarters. The annual calendar has twelve months and sometimes, that can give you confusion because your activities will be lost somewhere in that twelve months. When you are going to assign them per quarter, they will be easier to see. You may not tend to forget any task or activity. Three months is such a short time and you can jampacked it with all your activities, where all of it may be clearer to you. You can manage them better because they are clearer.You can adjust events according to the season of the year. Because it is divided in four quarter and is somehow divided according to the seasons of the year, you can adjust all your activities according to every season. You can assign activities that you have to do outdoor in summer time or in the quarter that has the summer season. Your every activity will be apt for all the seasons and you will have no problem about the weather. You just need to put every activity on the season where it is appropriate to do. You can enjoy the weather and at the same time, you will have no fear that the weather can harm your activity. This does not mean that you should have no activity in winter. Even in winter, you can assign activities that you can do in this season. You just have to only assign activities that is apt to do in this kind of weather.You can use it in paying your quarterly bills. There are responsibilities that we have to pay in every quarterly year. There goes our quarterly taxes. Or our insurance that has quarterly dues. In cases like these, a quarterly calendar is much useful than an annual calendar. It will be easier for you to put the activity of paying those things in a quarterly calendar. It is much visible than an annual calendar. You can pay your bills more easily as every quarter ends or starts. You can assign Q1 dates, Q2 dates, Q3 dates, and Q4 dates when you can pay your taxes or other bills. Assigning on these dates can make you manage your bills better. You see, you will not miss on any of your bills if you will have a quarterly calendar. You will be much reminded of your responsibility. No bill will be overdue. You just need a quarterly calendar that will remind you.You can divide your activities evenly throughout the year. Having four quarters will be a best way for you to use. You can divide your activities and it will be a good thing for you. You may divide them quarterly, distributing them evenly in the 1st quarter dates, 2nd quarter dates, 3rd quarter dates, and 4th quarter dates. As you divide them, you can have days of rest for every quarter. You will also know that you have all sorts of activities ahead of you for every quarter. Your whole year can be fruitful and you know that in every quarter you can do your best.Three months is a good amount of time. Every quarter has three months. You can assign all the tasks that can fit this three months. If you can do it, a quarter of your life can be that productive. An annual calendar has twelve months to fill. You can be just relaxing if you have all the days of the year. But if you are going to use a quarterly calendar, you may be forced to make every quarter as more productive as possible. Three months is good span of time that you can devote in doing all your tasks.

Tips on Quarterly Calendar

If you are new in making a quarterly calendar because you are used in making an annual calendar, you can apply these tips so you can make a good quarterly calendar.

Do the difficult tasks in Q1 and Q2. Q1 means the first quarter of the year and Q2 means the second quarter of the year. You may assign your difficult tasks within these quarters, so the third and fourth quarter will be a time for you to rest. Or you may only have easy tasks within these remaining time and you can relax. Doing hard tasks first can make you finish your work ahead of time and will give you no worry about finishing it.Have a vacation trip on Q4. If you will finish your hard tasks in Q1 and Q2, you can have a lot of free time in Q4. You must allot this time for you to take a complete rest or vacation. Set a vacation or a trip that you can take. You can unwind and rest from all the work that you have done throughout the year. It can also make you to take some break before you are going to do difficult tasks again on the following year.Add good visuals on the quarterly calendar. Adding visuals like images and charts can make you to use your quarterly calendar more easily. Make your calendar colorful and vivid so you will have a little fun in using it. If it is attractive, you may find yourself more fond of using it.Use a quarterly calendar app. A calendar app can help you in making a quarterly calendar for yourself. With it, you can have your quarterly months even with your cellphone. You can bring it everywhere you go and it will be easier for you to manage it from time to time. You can look on your activities every now and then with ease. A date calculator is also advisable.

How to Write a Quarterly Calendar

Maybe you are done with your calendar 2020 and calendar 2019. You are going to make your 2021 calendar. Why not try a quarterly calendar 2021? Get your editable calendar Google, and apply these steps so you can make a quarterly calendar.

Step 1: Search for a quarterly calendar template.

The first thing that you have to do is to search for a quarterly calendar template. You can choose a Google calendar or any editable quarterly calendar that you can find on the internet. Pick a calendar that can fit all your activities. Pick something that has the design that you like. You may be more energized to use a template that is beautiful for you. It can give you good vibes that can make you use it better.

Step 2: Label your calendar with Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4.

Now divide your calendar if it has no division yet. Put Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 as divisions. Q1 will be the first quarter or the dates up to March 31. Q2 will be the second quarter or the dates up to June 30. Q3 will be the third quarter or the dates up to September 30. Q4 will be the fourth quarter or the dates up to December 31. You can put all your activities within these divisions.

Step 3: Gather all your tasks, events, and activities.

Then remind yourself of all your tasks, events, and activities. List them all down in a sheet of paper. Think of your activities, from the smallest, up to the biggest of them. List them all. Do the same with all the events that you have to attend to in this year. Do not forget any tasks that you should do as that will spoil your quarterly calendar. After you have gathered them, be ready to input them on your 2021 quarterly calendar.

Step 4: Assign your tasks and affairs for every quarter.

Now assign every tasks and activities to the dates in every quarter. You may want to consider the season that falls in every quarter. For each quarter, be sure that you have assigned enough tasks and that you have also provided some time to rest. After you have put activities on every date, if there are dates that are left with no activities, fill in the gaps with the things that you can think of like improving your health or taking some time to read. You can jampacked all your quarterly dates so you can be productive in every quarter.

Step 5: Add special notes.

Put a space for every quarter. You can put some notes in it that can make you manage your quarterly calendar better. These notes are also reminders for all your activities for every quarter. These can help you in achieving your tasks and could remind you of important things about your activities.

Step 6: Have a printable calendar.

As soon as you have finished your quarterly calendar, get your printer and have a printable calendar. A hardcopy will be useful if you want something that you can hold within your hand. You can make marks on it and can bring it everywhere you go without you having to look at your computer.


Which is Better? An Annual Calendar or a Quarterly Calendar?

Both are good. But a quarterly calendar has an advantage than an annual calendar because it is divided in four periods. You can assess your activities better and it has a better visibility. You may choose a quarterly calendar over an annual calendar if you want to manage all your affairs better.

What is Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4?

These are the four quarters. Q1 is the 1st quarter, Q2 is the 2nd quarter, Q3 is the 3rd quarter, and Q4 is the 4th quarter. You can use these terms to simplify your quarterly calendar. It is easy to use. Just remember that Q means quarter and the number denotes its quarter.

Where Can I Buy a Quarterly Calendar?

You can search on the internet for stores that sells journals that have a quarterly calendar. You can also buy a separate quarterly calendar. It is cheaper anyway because you do not have to buy a journal. If you want, you can download a quarterly calendar template on the internet for free. It will save you money that you will spend on buying it.

Is Quarterly Calendar Necessary?

Yes, it is necessary. You can monitor all your activities with a quarterly calendar. It is also good for activities like paying your quarterly taxes and quarterly insurance. It is better to use a quarterly calendar in things like these. You can use a monthly calendar or an annual calendar, but sometimes there are particular things that requires a quarterly calendar.

A quarterly calendar can help us sort our activities and assign it on the proper dates throughout the year. Every activity will be apt within the quarterly months. If you are someone who is about to make a calendar and that you decided to make a quarterly calendar because of this article, you can find 20+ sample quarterly calendars in this post that can help you in making your quarterly calendar. You may want to monitor all your activities and be successful with your schedule. You really need a calendar that can help you make it through. I hope this article can help you in making the best quarterly calendar that you need. Happy editing with the templates!