50+ Sample Annual Calendar and Checklists

What is Annual Calendar/Checklist?

An annual calendar or checklist is a document that has all the months and days of a particular year with all the list of the things that you need to accomplish in that year. It is a yearly calendar that tells you what you have to do. It is a checklist of all the professional things that you have to achieve. Personal things may be included in the checklist, but the main focus of the annual calendar or checklist is the important events one needs to attend to. Your every task is written in this checklist. It is a perfect schedule of a person for the whole year. A disciplined person usually makes an annual calendar or checklist. It is also done by busy persons who wants to manage their time. It is the best thing to do when you have a lot of tasks ahead of you. Managing your time annually can set all your priorities right for the whole year. Everyone can be successful with an annual calendar or checklist.

Benefits of Annual Calendar/Checklist

When you are busy, you need to have reminders of all the important things that you have to do. Having an annual calendar or checklist is a good resort to this kind of problem. You can have some benefits so do not ignore this kind of solution.

You can monitor all your responsibilities. You have many responsibilties. There are your bill pay or your monthly bill, the tasks for your family, and of course your work. With these many responsibilities, you do not know which you would do first or face first. Having an annual calendar or checklist can set everything right. You can put a task in a respective date when you can make or accomplish it and everything would be easier for you. No need to cram on things that you somehow forget to do. You can even monitor all your responsibilities because they are listed and can be nicely visible to you.You can focus on the most important event. Having an annual planner can make all your tasks and responsibilities visible to you. As you actually see them, you can choose which is the most important. You now can focus on this thing. Setting a time on the most important events can make you prepare for them. You have scheduled them in your annual calendar beforehand and you have all the time to prepare yourself before the actual time comes. Because of this, all your important events will be successful.You will have productivity. Surely, you will have productivity for the whole year if you will have an annual calendar or checklist. With jampacked activities, you can be productive after you have done each of them. It can give you a good discipline as you are supposed to check each checkboxes in your checklist. No one who keeps a calendar is not productive. It is because they scheduled all things ahead. It brings success to their tasks and all their projects. If productivity is what you want to achieve, make sure to have an annual calendar or checklist.You can see all your accomplishments. Just by taking a look with your annual calendar or checklist, you can see how successful you are within the year. It can give you a sense of pride and it can motivate you to work harder. It is so good to feel that you have accomplish anything and the annual calendar or checklist will give you that thing. Not only will it help you complete your tasks, it will also make you proud of them.It can lessen your stress. You can develop an acute stress if you will have so many things to do that you do not know how to handle. But if there is an annnual calendar or checklist, you will not have this stress. Everything will go smoothly because everything is scheduled. You just have to assign events and tasks to every dates and you can conveniently attend to them. It will give you a good relief every time you accomplish everything and you will not have to take hassles on every task or event.You can have annual targets. One of the reason that you make an annual calendar or checklist is because you have targets. Annual targets will be easier to achieve if you will write them on it. You can see them clearly on your calendar and you will allot time to reach for them. You can also assess your progress with them. Every month you can visit your calendar, or even weekly, to see how far you go. It would be a lot easier for you to obtain them as you have your discipline.It can make your workflow better. The workflow of your job can be monitored through the annual calendar or checklist. You can see your progress for each days, weeks, or months. They are listed in your calendar so you can see your progress. You can know if you have to hustle or you have achieved enough.

Tips on Annual Calendar/Checklist

The annual calendar or checklist is an essential tool that you will have for the whole year. You must use some tips in using it.

Make doodles in setting your time. A doodle can help you envision your task. Make a doodle after each checkboxes in the checklist. You can relay your ideas better with it, and you will be reminded of it afterwards. Your calendar can also be fun when you practice this. It can give you a little source of happiness every time you work.Fill in gaps to make transition. Make a transition for every blank date in your calendar. Use these gaps in improving all your tasks. You should make a better use of your task and you may want to make your work better. So do not waste any time that you have. Whenever you see an empty date in your calendar, fill it with good events that will make you more productive. For example, you can spend those times studying some things about your work. Or you can assign those times preparing for the future event that you will have. Fill in the gaps and you can improve on the things that you need to obtain.Give time for making your calendar. A yearly planning calendar needs some time to finish. After choosing a blank calendar, you must allot some time in finishing it. Do not be in a hurry in creating it. Ponder on every task that you need to have and list them carefully. The calendar would be hard for you to follow if you will not think carefully about it. You should make it realistic. Consider the timeline for each task and be reminded of all your resources. Are they available on that date? Can you finish the task with the definite timeline that you put? Ask important questions so you can assess how you are going to schedule each task or event. When you have good answer to your questions, then you are having a good schedule for the task.Use a calendar app. Everything is easier these days. Use a calendar app. You may like to consider a google calendar. Search for an app that you like. Use a date calculator.Put reminders. In every task or event that you put in your calendar, put some reminders. You may have an idea for a certain event or task. Have reminders of these after every checkboxes in your checklist. There could also be some important things that you have to remember for each event or task. You do not want to forget about them, so list them together will all your activities. A good reminder will prepare you better for every work. So you can have a brainstorming for a little while on every activity as you may be reminded of some important things that you have to put together with it. This can also make every activities clearer for you to remember.Be aware of all time zones. There are different time zones in the world and maybe you have a client somewhere in abroad. Consider their timezone because the two of you live on different times. This will schedule all your events better. You cannot miss a project if you are aware of their timezones.Use CMS and chat sites. Connect with platforms like CMS (Content Management System). Use also a chat app. If you are a marketer, you can have a strict schedule if you will use these things. Integrate it with your calendar or checklist. It can keep track of all your operations. You will not make a double-booked activities if you use these.Print your annual calendar or checklist. Having a hard copy can be useful to you. It is not so old-fashioned to do it. You may want times out of your computer as you are careful of radiation. Or simply, you just want to take notes manually. A hard copy can be hold with your hands and you can mark them whenever you want. Actually, the sales of book planner is still high. NPD Group stated that it even grew up by 16% in 2015-2016. So there is no reasom for you not to have a printable calendar.Compare your old calendar. If you want to make your annual calendar better, compare it to your old calendar. You can see where you have succeeded on the past year so you would know what to do in the current year. If you succeeded, you can keep on doing that activities. If you can see that you have failed in some area, you can do improvements for it. Your old calendar can be a guide to your present calendar.

How to Create an Annual Calendar/Checklist

If you want to be disciplined and to schedule all your activities for the whole year, try these steps in creating an annual calendar or checklist:

Step 1: Have an objective.

Before you can make an annual calendar or checklist, you should know all your goals and objectives. Knowing your objectives can make you know all the activities that you will put in your checklist. Have goals first so you can decide on the activities that you can take for the whole yeear. This can make you decisive and persistent to every tasks. If there is no objective, you will be lost in creating the calendar or checklist.

Step 2: Use template sources.

Many templates can help you in making your annual calendar or checklist. Choose one of them where you can easily incorporate your activities. There are templates which can help you which tasks you can have as they have checklist examples.

Step 3: Assign activities for each dates.

Edit your template and fill in all the tasks and events that you are about to have for the year. Remember all the things that you have to do. Fill it with small and big activities. Put checkboxes for each task or event. Make also spaces where you can put reminders for every task or event that you should have. Be realistic about the timeframe of each task and be sure to confirm first each event that you should put. You will have a disorderly calendar if you are going to make mistakes. So assign every activities carefully.

Step 4: Check and print it.

After writing all the essentials in your calendar, check it. Be so sure about every activity. Fill in gaps so any time will not be wasted. Adjust it if you will see it fit. If you are contented with your annual calendar or checklist, print it so you will have a hard copy of it.


How Does an Annual Calendar or Checklist Work?

It is easy. You simply have to put all your activities to the annual calendar or checklist. Put checkboxes in each activity so you can check them as you accomplished them. Make reminders for every activity and do it on the date alloted for it. Just regularly check on your annual calendar or checklist and all your activities can be successful.

Do I Have to Buy an Annual Calendar or Checklist?

No. There are a lot of free templates on the internet. You can pick any of those and edit it. Personalize it by putting all your tasks and events. You do not need to buy them. But if you need an annual planner, they are available at stores, online or not.

High achievers are one type of person that uses annual calendar or checklist. They are achievers because the calendar has helped them. It can also help you. The calendar will help you focus in all your activities. It can set your priority right. The checklist will be a constant reminder to you to keep on doing all the activities that you need to do. The annual calendar or checklist may just be a piece of paper or just one digital page, but it can do a lot to you. It can help you accomplish your goals. All your objectives can come true. You can become disciplined in your foregoings and diligent will all your work. The annual calendar or checklist can make you successful.