The calendar will be a guide for every week and months that the church will guide its people in their faith. Priests and pastors follow it as it denotes every season of the Christian faith. It gives different liturgical calendar colors that are enhanced with every church calendar seasons. In this article, you will learn some things about church calendar. Its benefits will be discussed to you. You will know how to create a church calendar. Are you now curious with these things? Well then, be relaxed and continue reading!

What is a Church Calendar?

A church calendar is a timetable that shows the events and activities of a church. The church may have many activities, from Bible studies up to volunteer work, and it has to make a calendar that can accomodate all the activities that it should have. With the calendar, it can give proper time to all the things that it has to do. Church members and the team will be guided how they can execute every activities and how they can achieve church goals. This work calendar may be apt for days, weeks, months, or year. Churches need a calendar to ensure that it can provide the needs of every church members. It has to ensure that everyone will be properly guided in faith. That is why it created activities that can strengthen the faith of its members. It has to allocate proper time for all these activities in the church, making sure that all will have a continuous fellowship. Also, a church calendar should be something that can help the church members to unite. Following it should make any church effective. With this as a roadmap, its members should be one in faith as they can properly do each activities with the help of the church calendar.

6 Things About a Church Calendar

The church year calendar has some important things that you can know. Throughout the liturgical year, every church calendar seasons can give church calendar colors that can influence our faith. Read the following things about the Christian Calendar:

The History of Salvation

The church year which is also called liturgical calendar or ecclesiastical calendar has a yearly schedule that remembers the days of the history of salvation. There are denominations that observes a traditional calendar while other denominations only observes Christmas and Easter. They are good times to celebrate Christ. This calendar is according to the events in the Gospel, from the birth of Jesus up to the giving of the Holy Ghost in Pentecost. Throughout the history of salvation, churches adjust their church calendar according to these seasons.

The Advent

The liturgical year starts every Advent Sunday. This is usually 4 Sundays before Christmas. The word Advent means ‘arriving’ or ‘coming’. It comes from the Greek word Parousia, which denotes the coming of Jesus and his Second Coming. This season is a reflection of the comings of Christ. The first two weeks celebrate the Second Coming while the last two weeks celebrate the coming of Christmas.

The Christmastide Season

The most important event in the Christian seasons is Christmastide. It is the birth of our Saviour. It is celebrated for 12 days, from December 25 up to January 25. This season includes Christmas. In almost all churches, this season is a very important event in the church calendar. Church members get together in this time of the year. Everyone is happy and ready to show love to his or her brethren.

The Epiphany

Epiphany comes from the Greek word which means ‘manifestation’. The incarnation of Christ is celebrated in this season. This celebration is also known as Three Kings Day. It is when the magi has visited Mary, Joseph, and the child Jesus. The season of Epiphany ends before Ash Wednesday, just before the Lenten starts. Protestants celebrate Epiphany on the closest Sunday to January 6.

The Lent

Traditions have it that after Epiphany and before Easter is a season called Lent. The word comes from Old English lencten which means ‘springtime’. This season is celebrated 40 days. It represents the days when Jesus was in the wilderness, when Satan has tempted him before he starts his ministry. It has the purpose of self-examination. It also conjures penitence. Some denominations end the Lent on Maundy Thursday. Some ends it on Holy Saturday.

The Pentecost Day

The Pentecost is the day of celebration of the birth of the Christian church, when the early believers receive the promised gift of the Holy Ghost.  Pentecost is a Hellenic word which means the Feast of Weeks. Pentecost happens days after Easter Sunday.

Benefits of a Church Calendar

You maybe using a church calendar app or a church calendar book to make your church calendar better. You might have used church calendar ideas and church calendar design so that your church calendar will be perfect. Well, good for you. Concentrate on making your church calendar better because you are not wasting your time with it. Know that it has many benefits. Here are some of the benefits of a church calendar:

The church calendar can make us remember the redemption by Jesus. With the church calendar seasons, we can recall the amazing story how the Messiah came and save us. The story of salvation is delivered to us every year and we can remember the Lord’s goodness. Through this, we may not forget what the Lord has done for us. It will be good for us to remember this important thing because we can build our faith accordingly. We will know that we are redeemed through the blood of Christ. We have the promise of salvation through this. Knowing that we are redeemed, we will be strong in our faith. Knowing that we are bought with a price.You can pattern your life after Christ’s. Because the church calendar makes us recall every event in the life of Christ, we may experienced the teachings of discipleship. We may learn repentance and faith. Examining the life of Jesus, we can make our lives patterned according to the example that he has shown. We can be inspired through his works. Even his life can be a complete inspiration for us to do good. We will learn to love others like how he loves us. We will reminded of what our Saviour has ordered for us to do. We will know that we should walk according to his teachings, and according to a good faith in him.You can celebrate your faith with other people. The seasons in a church calendar are celebrated throughout the world. Although denominations differ with their traditions, they are still following the same church calendar seasons. You can celebrate every season together with other people, even to ones that you do not know. There are times that churches preach in a season and they can have worlwide listeners for it. It can be a good opportunity to celebrate the seasons with other people and learn together with them.It can give time management. A church calendar is a good way on how your church can save time. If you will not prepare everything, you will cram in all your activities and it will not be good for a church. Preparing everything beforehand can make you sure that you will handle everything perfectly. You can prepare for all the activities of the church so you will know that everyone can give their best. Time management is something important for a church. It caters to its church members so it has to make sure that every event will be fine. With time management, you can do the proper things for each event and you will not miss on anything.It can produce teamwork. Through a church calendar, all the members can look up about all the activities that the church is supposed to do. Knowing what is coming, they can participate with everything. They can also know whether they can have time for a particular event. Setting up things in advance can give all the church members the chance to prepare for all the activities. Everyone can do their part. Through this, a good teamwork can be built. It will be a very good thing for the church because the church will be in unity.You can have good visions for the church. As you make your church calendar, you may be guided by all the goals of your church. By doing so, you can create good visions for your church in putting all the goals into activities. You will become used in setting goals and you can have many visions for your church. Using the church calendar, you can put these visions into actions and your church can accomplish many good things. Your church can do its purpose to do good.It can give accountability. The church calendar can make everyone accountable. You will have to follow a strict schedule and everyone can do their work. The only thing that each member has to do is to adhere to the calendar. When other people can also see that your church is good in adhering to its schedule, your church can have a good reputation. You can also attract more church attendees because they will see that your church has accountability.It can be a roadmap for all the church members. A church calendar is a complete guide that your church members can follow. If they want to know something about what your church will do, they can refer to the church calendar. They will not be left asking what your church will do next. Besides, they can prepare for all the events and activities that you will have. They can participate on every program that your church has. They can have a roadmap that they can follow as they engage in your church.

How to Create a Church Calendar

Are you about to make a liturgical calendar, an orthodox calendar, or a traditional church calendar? Do you have church calendar events that you have to organize? Do not cram with all the church calendar dates. You can create a church calendar if you can have something to follow. Here you can have steps that you can consider in making a church calendar for your church:

Step 1: Meet with your church members.

Before you will make a church calendar, consider having a meeting with your pastor and your church members. You can talk about all the events that your church will have. You can discuss things about prayer meetings, Bible studies, and your regular Sundays. You can all together prepare for programs and volunteer works in your ministry. Ask their opinions so that you can all decide for every activity that your church will do. You can also have a decision for the alloted dates on every activity.

Step 2: Choose a template.

When you already know what to put in the church calendar, you can start looking for templates. There are free downloadable calendars that you can choose from on the internet. These computer softwares can make your work easier. After you have selected a right template, choose the type of calendar that you will use. You can choose on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly frequency. When you have prepared everything, be ready to make the church calendar.

Step 3: Put church calendar design.

Before entering the events and its dates, you must consider to make some designs for your calendar. You can put some photos and illustrations. On the internet, there are many Bible-based pictures that you can use for your church calendar. Use these photos so that your calendar will have a Biblical theme.

Step 4: Write the events and activities.

After designing the calendar, you are now ready to put the events and activities that your church will have. Write all of it and put corresponding dates on each of it. The dates should be the dates that you and all the church members have agreed upon. Proofread all the dates to be sure that you have put the dates accurately.

Step 5: Distribute the calendar.

When you have seen that the calendar is perfect, you should print it. Consider the total number of the church members so that you will know how many prints you will make. You can use color paper to make the church calendar eye-catching. Then, distribute it to all the church members or leave it in your bulletin where the church members can get their copies. You can also put it in the entrance of the church or on the information table. What matters is that each church members will have their own copies.


How Does a Church Calendar Helps a Church?

A church calendar is truly helpful for a church. It can make church members organized for all the events and activities of the church. They can learn time management and teamwork. Everyone can prepare for all the activities of the church and all can participate with all its programs.

Is a Church Calendar Essential?

Yes, it is essential. Without it, a church will not be prepared with everything that it has to do. Remember, you are serving the Lord in the church. You must be disciplined and not take anything for granted. You have to fear God and be faithful in serving him. So you have to organize everything.

It will be comely if we are in a church with a church calendar. We will always be updated with all the events and activities that our church will have. We can serve the Lord better having all things organized. Are you someone who was about to do a church calendar? This post can provide a template for you. It has 33+ SAMPLE Church Calendar in PDF | MS Word. Pick any that you like and use it as you create your own calendar. Wait no more. Download now!