What Is a Daily Vehicle Inspection Checklist?

Printable daily vehicle inspection checklist or one that comes in electronic form (eform) is a guide that technicians follow when conducting their safety daily inspection on vehicles like personally owned automobiles or heavy vehicles like passenger buses or trailers. It is a written list of instructions that allows inspectors to document and keep track of what vehicle parts they are about to check or have done checking. Amidst doing the inspection, it can be easy to get lost in the process and in doing so, forget which pieces are not yet looked over. Thus, to avoid wasting time and missing unchecked parts, having a checklist might help the problem and reduce the chance of repetitive motions.

 Much like why food safety inspections are done in order to ensure safe and quality service to diners, vehicle inspections like following forklift daily inspection checklist gave that kind of safety to drivers, passengers and passersby. Given that, according to a recent WHO study, roughly around 1.3 million die while 20 to 50 million people are inflicted with non-fatal injuries due to road traffic crashes. So, although monitoring the state of your vehicle by going through a daily vehicle checklist can be a bothersome affair and it might not suddenly lessen the percent of injuries and deaths in an enormous way, it can certainly help in what could have been an avoidable situation.

Importance of Daily Vehicle Inspection 

There are a lot of benefits that could exist in checking and maintaining a valued object every day. Not only does it give reassurance to the owner, it is also viewed up-close and personal thus, one can intimately know the intricacies of their possessions and in this case, vehicles. The following are just some of the examples of why it is important to do a daily vehicle inspections checklist.

Preventing avoidable accidents: Prevention is, indeed, better than cure. Conducting daily car inspections can only lead to two conclusions: First, your car is in its top condition. Second, you find out there is something wrong with your vehicle. And when you are driving them on a daily and regular basis, the answer you always want to hear is number one. Especially when operating dangerous jobs on said machines which might lead to unwarranted injuries or worse, fatal and deadly accidents. And while it does not diminish the probability of accidents to zero, it can still add points on protection and security. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. And the truth is that nobody really wants to fill out that accident report form whether it is being an accident victim or the one person causing the accident itself. Keeping on top of your vehicle’s condition: Daily vehicle safety inspection checklist and maintenance is usually done with heavy vehicles like trucks, forklifts or bulldozers that are used to carry and lift heavy objects. However, it does not mean they are exclusive to those mediums of transportation, a quick car safety check can be done by anyone who is well-versed with their automobiles before starting their day or as recommended, be handled by professional technicians. It is with high priority to be on the loop of the condition of your vehicle especially if it is being operated as a heavyweight machinery. And not only does it help the operator of said machines, it also helps the technician know which parts are at their limits and should be replaced and monitored or which parts still bear their good functional capabilities . Being on top of those things can make everyone proceed with their job smoother and way quicker.Quality service from your trusted vehicle: When we pay for something, we expect the quality of its service in accordance with its price. However, everything organic degrades with time and sometimes, such things are just unpreventable. And what we want is to prolong that top-quality service and end-result. We want to experience them longer, whether it is to save more money or simply for its convenience. But for them to stay superior and top-notch, specifically for commercial vehicles like taxis, that conduct their own inspections from printed daily vehicle inspection checklists pdf or the likes, which carries a lot of lives on their back, we must also take care of them as our own. For example, conducting daily truck inspections not only ensures the safety of truck drivers but also prevents damage to sections that are directly connected to parts that have not been working properly. As the vehicle is a machine and every component is connected for it to work smoothly, it is a good practice and better choice to prevent more harm being done. It is also good to remember that expecting hassle-free and secured service proposal demands quality care.Less hassle when ordering damage parts: Ordering parts can also be a hassle especially if they are rare or in some cases, are manufactured by order which could take a lot of time and put that specific vehicle on timeout. Not only does it inconvenience the owner, it can also delay some jobs getting done promptly and effectively. And it might rather involve a lengthy process and forms to fill out like delivery note forms aside from the regular maintenance report forms so, it is a process that is not simply over after completing the vehicle maintenance checklist. Just like the coil and cogs that makes the machine move, there is also a lot of administrative service required from the technicians and inspectors.

How to Safely Conduct Daily Vehicle Inspection

It should be noted that in any type of inspection done, regardless of its goal, should proceed with precaution that puts the well-being of any technician or inspector as the highest priority not just to value safety but to also finish the job securely. Here are some of the tips on how to safely conduct a daily vehicle inspection:

Tip 1:  Cooperation

The first step, always, in every smooth transaction is cooperation. The willingness to let technicians tinker over our personal vehicles can be evasive to some. But letting a professional do their job will also make things easier. They are, after all, people that have studied the profession and are knowledgeable in their work. And so, we must let someone with those trusted credentials and expertise simply, and without violent reactions, do what they do best if we expect excellent service and quality care over what we value.

Tip 2: Appropriate work clothing

Protection is a must. That is the first rule in doing any job that involves machinery and operating hazardous tools. Safety is the end-goal of every inspection; thus, it is best to abide by doing it safely too. Wearing appropriate clothing that can protect you from harm while doing the inspection is just another way of giving value to both the vehicle and technicians. No matter how hard we try to follow instructions correspondingly and faithfully, there are a lot of unpredictable circumstances that can occur and dangerously harm a life.

Tip 3: Operating with appropriate tools

Operating on any kind of machine requires tools specialized for undoing the knots and bolts. That is also another form to ensure safety while delivering proper treatment. It is a must to prevent any further damage to parts just because inappropriate working tools have been used in checking and inspecting. Just like knowing which daily vehicle checklist template is best suited for different forms of car inspection, like for some safety inspection checklist companies, they use the daily vehicle checklist template pdf version and some use daily vehicle checklist template excel version not only for its convenience but also, because it works effectively for them.

Tip 4: Follow the Instructions

Repairing or assessing any kind of damage to a vehicle must be done thoroughly. And the only proper way to do it, is by following the instructions on how to correctly assemble and disassemble the parts. A mistake can have grave consequences and in the worst case, it cannot be undone. Thus, what better way to ensure that mistakes are avoided and limited is by following directions and instructions.

Tip 5: Assessment

Simply identifying problems does not immediately lead to solutions. One must also have the proper knowledge in order to simply identify when it comes to troubleshooting. And in writing any kind of inspection reports, what we expect is a concise description of the whole process. Thus, being an expert is a must if we want to appropriately fix any cause of concern. Since misleading assessments can lead to more complications and might even endanger more lives which contradicts the whole point of the inspection in its entirety.


Who can conduct vehicle safety inspections?

To make sure we get the best service and proper treatment, certified technicians and inspectors can do the job of maintaining or inspecting our vehicles. Since they are best qualified to do the work that is needed to give the appropriate assessment especially when it comes to damage parts and they can give the best fix for each one of them. Equipment inspections are best handled by professionals that know what necessary actions and repairs to be given.

How often must the car be inspected?

Whilst it is indeed important to have your car checked daily, it mostly, however, applies to vehicles that are used in a job like doing an excavation where an excavator is needed. It is important that those types of vehicles are maintained and checked daily as they are machines that demand a lot of intense and powerful lifting and movements. The attention given to safety must mirror by the hazard assessment checklist when operating any type of machinations. However, regular car owners are also encouraged to check their cars daily with a simple inspection.

What is the purpose of daily vehicle inspection?

The purpose of any kind of inspection is always safety. It makes sure that the vehicles are operating at their top capabilities. It also gives that blanket of safety to not just heavy vehicle workers when performing their job, but even let regular vehicle owners feel that they can confidently drive around knowing that natural disaster and human impulses aside, any technical issues have been addressed properly.

In our daily lives, we have taken a lot of things for granted. As these things are given and expected. It does not cross our mind to care unless it becomes an inconvenience. However, all great things are a composition of small dozen pieces. What we might not know is that someone who has gone over a simple daily vehicle maintenance checklist actually saved a life or prevented an accident that day. As nothing is guaranteed, we must make sure our safety is.