125+ Rental Application

What is a Rental Application?

A rental application is an application that is needed to rent a property. This is submitted to the landlord. Through it, the landlord can gather the necessary information that is needed to let you rent the property. The future tenant should fill out a rental application form in the rental application. Whether you are having a long-term rental agreement or a short-term rental agreement, you need a rental application. A rental application fee is sometimes needed. Some examples of rental applications are a house rental application, an apartment rental application, a mobile home rental application, and an online rental application.

Signs your rental application will be approved are the landlord is willing to negotiate with you and the landlord is scheduling you for a visit to the property. But maybe you are wondering if how long does it take for a rental application to be approved. Sometimes, it may take a few weeks, but sometimes, a few days are enough. What happens after the rental application is approved? The landlord will let you live or rent the property after the rental application is approved. You and the landlord will start to have the rental agreement or rental lease agreement. But for you to ensure that your rental application will be a success, it may be helpful to consider a rental application template or a sample rental application so that you will know how to fill out a rental application. This can guide you to give a good rental application.

Tips on Rental Application

Sometimes, it may not be easy to pass rental applications. Landlords may be picky in choosing their tenants so we have to ensure that our rental application will stand out. We should all do the proper things so that we can be sure we can comply with the requirements of landlords. To help you with your rental application, you can use the following tips:

Fill Out the Application Completely: You will only receive two things after filling out the rental application. These can be approval letters for rental application or rejection letters for rental application. The result will depend upon how well you are going to fill out the rental application form. If you are going to miss on some information, your rental application will not be approved. You have to diligently fill out the rental application so that the landlord can gather all the information they need from you. This is the only way how you can be accepted to their property. Fill out the rental application form completely.Include a Cover Letter: To get your rental application approved, know that a cover letter can help you. Write a cover letter expressing your sincere desire to rent the property of the landlord. You will be professional by doing this. The landlord will see that you are a good person with a sincere interest. Just make sure to create a good cover letter. Use good language in your letter and avoid any jargon. If you like you can use a template or sample letter so that you can be guided in writing a great letter. Make sure that you can convince the landlord to let you rent with your letter.Provide Accurate and Verifiable Information: When you are filling out a residential rental application form, make sure to provide accurate information. After writing your details, double-check them to ensure that you have given the right details. Also, ascertain that the information that you are giving is verifiable. For example, if you are going to give a professional ID card or company ID, ensure that the landlord can make employee verification or any verification possible. Because if you can, the landlord can be assured that you can be a good tenant.Attach Relevant References: We know that reference letters can do a lot when a person needs something. It has no difference with rental applications. If you can provide references, you can build the credibility that you need in their eyes. Through references, they will know that you can be trusted. They can ask someone about your character to ensure that you are a good payer. If you are not able to provide professional reference letters, you can attach relevant references to the rental application. With this, the landlord will have some information on how to contact your references.Communicate Openly: You need to have open communication with the landlord or property manager. If you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask the landlord. Clarify what you want to know about requirements. Reach out to the landlord when needed. It is better that you know everything rather than you will have some problems afterward or your rental application can be rejected because you did not comply with the requirements because you do not know something. If the landlord has some inquiries for you, be prompt to reply. This will show that you are serious with the application and this can start to build a good relationship with the landlord.

How to Make a Rental Application

Landlords must know everything when it comes to rental applications. Through this, they can be sure that they can get the right tenant. Below are the steps that landlords need in making a rental application.

1. Get the Basic Information

Start the rental application by getting the basic information of tenants. Provide fields for the applicant’s full name, contact information, address, and date of birth.

2. Collect Financial Information and Rental History

Maybe two important things that you need to know are the rental history and financial information. To get financial information, you can request for employment verification letter, bank statement, or income statement. With the rental history, you can ask for the details of their previous rental properties.

3. Include the Authorization and Consent Section

After asking for other details like pet information or personal references, include a section where the applicant can grant consent for the landlord to do background checks and contact references.

4. Add a Questionnaire

Of course, you may have additional questions that you may want to ask. You can add a questionnaire to the rental application. This can enable you to know the things that you want to know.


What are the benefits of a rental application?

The benefits of a rental application are it helps the landlord to screen tenants, gives fairness, provides legal protection, increases transparency, and reduces tenant turnover.

What is the rental application fee?

It is the fee that applicants have to pay for the rental application to be processed. The amount of the fee should be clearly stated in the rental application. It can be refundable or non-refundable.

Rental applications are an essential process because we can rent a property. If we are tenants, we have to ensure that we can fill out the rental application well. If we are landlords, we have to ascertain that we can collect enough information. Rental applications are a good process to begin a good tenant-landlord relationship.