You are having it in a far place that you only have the first chance to visit. You have no friends there or relatives that could let you to share their house for a while. The generic answer to the question relies on the terms of short-term rental agreement. You can rent a house for a short while in the place where you are having a vacation. It can be in a form of a lease. You can have a temporary stay to that house up to 30 days. Property rental is common in all places that is usually visited by tourists and vacationers. And there comes the new trend of Airbnb rentals. This residential rental is commendable because you are only going to use the house for a short time so a short-term rental agreement is a good answer. You can have a place where you can stay within the time of your vacation.

What is a Short-Term Rental Agreement?

A short-term rental agreement is also known as the vacation rental agreement. It is a document of legal agreement between a tenant and a landlord. This document states that tenants can have occupancy for the property rental up to 30 days. The number of days of occupancy can be definite. It will depend upon on the things that you and the landlord will agree upon. For that period of time, you can stay at the house which is the property of that landlord, regarding that you have paid the rent. The agreement should correspond with all the state laws and shout meet all the Airbnb common policies. A vacation rental agreement should give rules to the guests or tenants as they rent the house. It tells the penalties that they can have if they will break that rules. The landlord has the right to require payment for damages that can be done to their property within the stay of the tenants. He can also have cancellation of the booking if the rules and regulations that they have is not observed by the guests.

Sample Short-Term Rental Agreement

Here is a sample short-term rental agreement. You can use this as a guide if ever you will be caught in a problem of making a short-term rental agreement.



This agreement was executed on Friday, August 6, 2021. The parties that are involved acknowledge this agreement:


Name: John Stanton

Phone Number: (987) 987-6543

Email: [email protected]


Name: Sarah Phillips

Phone Number: (654) 987-3210

Email: [email protected]

The address of the property that will be rented is 4567 Maple Woods Road, Los Angeles, CA 95610


The period of the tenant’s rental will start on Sunday, August 8, 2021 at 5:00 AM, and will end on Wednesday, August 11, 2021 at 5:00 AM. If the tenant will have a wish of extension, a new agreement will be made.


The rental price will be $1000.

Payment will be made by cash.

The rental money will be given to Sarah Phillips.

The reservation fee will be $100.

The tenant should pay a security deposit of $250. It will be refunded if this agreement will be terminated or if the tenant will leave the property. This fee will cover all the damages that can be done to the property.


The number of people that can occupy the property is 5. The occupants can be the members of the family and friends.


Electricity and water are covered by the payment. Other utilities like gas, cable, and internet connection are also covered.

The tenant should take care of the furnitures and appliances. The tenant should pay if any replacement or repair is needed as damage is done to my property.

The tenant should follow cleanliness to the whole property.

The property should be in good condition after the stay.

No pets are going to be allowed in the property.

There should be no smoking inside the property.

The tenant should not bring any firearms or weapons within the property.

The tenant should not promote any disturbance of peace in the environment.

The personal property of the tenant is not covered by insurance.


It is indemnified that the landlord is free from all liabilities like injury and accidents, loss of property or death of any person.


This agreement can be modified with the consent of both the landlord and the tenant.


This agreement is under the state laws that is governed in California.

This hereby certifies that both parties had read and acknowledge this written agreement.

TENANT: John Stanton



LANDLORD: Sarah Phillips



Benefits of a Short-Term Rental Agreement

Short-term rental agreement or Airbnb lease agreement is common in all places. We could greatly enjoy the benefits of a vacation rental. Read the following benefits of a short-term rental agreement.

We can have a vacation in any place that we want. Because there are vacation rentals, we can go to any place that we want and can spend some days there. We just have to rent a house or an apartment and we could stay there in a few days or weeks. Vacation rentals make our vacation possible because it offers a place for us to stay. How can we make a vacation in a far place for a few days or weeks if we do not know where we could spend the night? But vacation rentals give an answer to our problem. We can have a shelter to stay for 1-30 days, depending on the number of days that we decide to have vacation in that certain place. We have a place to rest after we have visited the beach there or the mall in that place. We can have a vacation in any place for as long as we want.It is a good source of income to the landlord. Having vacation rentals is a good business. It can be costly because it caters to tourists and vacationers. You can have your property rented and can get a certain amount of money. But it will give you more money if you will have your property for a short-term rental agreement. It costs a little more than the money you can get from the normal rental period. Money is faster. You just have to take some extra care for your property because different persons come in and out from it. You also need to provide amenities that you should include in the rental.It is an easy way of doing business. Short-term rental agreement make the business of vacation rentals easy. It also makes the vacation of any person convenient. The landlord and the tenants only have to make a short-term rental agreement and they can be done with their business. Both can have what they need just with an easy, breezy short-term rental agreement.It will avoid conflict. The short-term rental agreement has rules and policies. If ever a conflict was about to happen, you can both refer to the agreement to avoid the possible conflict. The terms in the short-term rental agreement will tell you what you can do to solve the problem. You can solve any dispute that can take place.The landlord can charge a higher rent. The period of occupancy is stated in the short-term rental agreement. If both of you had agreed that the occupancy will be 3 days, after that said days, the landlord can raise the price of the rent anytime he wishes. He has all the right to charge a higher rent if he thinks there is a need for it like the number of occupants or if ever the tenants have stayed in your place for more than a month. He will be free to amend the rent whenever he needs.

How to Create a Short-Term Rental Agreement

Do you own a spare house where many people takes a vacation? That house can be good to be a temporary residential lease. Whether it is an apartment or simply a room, you may find yourself asking how you can create a short-term rental agreement or a short-term rental contract. Read these steps and use them if you like.

Step 1: Check the state laws and know its requirements.

Before you can make your house rented, you must first have knowledge about the governing laws in your state about short-term rental agreement. It is for you to know if you can follow all the rules or if you can ever break any. Checking the laws will confirm to you that you can make rentals to your property. Some vacation rentals are restricted so you have to be sure. If it is subjected to taxes, you will know. You will also know all the requirements to have a vacation rental. Some states like Texas requires a license for making vacation rentals, so you have to check on your state what is needed to have rentals for your property.

Step 2: Know your liabilities.

If tenants will rent your property, there may come a chance that your property can be damaged. Better get an insurance for your property. This will recompense all the damages that can be done with your property. Update an insurance policy and you can also create an LLC that can protect all your assets.

Step 3: Prepare the document.

Search for a downloadable short-term rental agreement template or short-term lease agreement template. After finding something that best suits your interest, start with the basic drafting of a document. You can first list all the important ideas and details that you need to write. You can start with the title of the agreement. Make a standard title that can emphasize the agreement.

Step 4: Have a description of the property. 

It is essential that you best describe your property to the tenant. You must state the property address and the type of the property, whether it is an apartment or a house. Include also the private facilities and the public facilities that the guests will have during their occupancy. List the following amenities if they are included the rent payment:

Step 5: Put the information about the tenant and the landlord.

You should write your name and your contact information as the landlord of the property. You must not also forget the name of the tenant or tenants and their contact information. You may have to lists all the tenants so that you will be sure that they will not exceed the number of occupants that you allow to stay in your property. In case the number exceeds, you may ask for an extra fee that can accomodate them all.

Step 6: Make rules and standard policies.

Yes, the tenant may have found a place to stay. But they should remember that they have rules to follow. Some of these rules are no smoking and no pets allowed. You should also state rules about the visitors that you can let into your property. Set rules also about cancellation, maximum occupancy, and damage to property. If the tenant will break your policies, you may include penalties that they have to pay you.

Step 7: Put payment terms.

Your short-term rental agreement or short-term lease agreement shoud clearly indicates the rental cost. You should have a breakdown of taxes, cleaning fee, and any applicable charges. Include all payment methods that you can accept, whether it is by cash or by check. Write the due date of the payment. You can also ask for a security deposit. It will protect you if ever the tenant will have a last-minute cancellation. You may offer a partial refund or a full refund of the security deposit if ever cancellation happens.

Step 8: Sign the document.

After you have drafted the document, write it in the template that you have chosen. Proofread and make sure that it is ready for signatures. When you think so, you can show it to the tenant for acknowledgment and signature. Both of you can sign the document as a proof of your agreement. Keep it for future use if ever the need will come.


Is Vacation Rental Expensive?

It can cost you a little. It is because amenities are included in a short-term rental agreement. Usually, the house or apartment that you are going to rent have furnitures and appliances that you can use. It also includes utilities like electricity and water. Internet connection and cable are also included. Most vacation rentals are so ready for occupancy, that is the reason why it cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Where Can I Find a House That Gives a Short-Term Rental Agreement?

If you will have a vacation to a place and you need to rent a house, you can search on the internet for houses that can be rented in that place. It can offer you a lot of varieties of houses that you can choose. You can have a booking online and you just have to go there as you take your vacation. You can even pay the reservation fee and the security deposit online.

There are families who often take a vacation. They are used in renting houses so they could spend the night while they are there in that place of vacation. Short-term rental agreement may not be new to them. But before we enter into any agreement, we must be sure that it is a good contract or agreement. We must consider the cost and the penalties that it can require from us. Some vacation rentals may be costly and requires some cost for a damaged property. We must choose the agreement that we will enter. Anyway, there are a lot of owners who offer a short-term rental agreement. We have many options to choose from.