220+ Sample Letter

What is a Sample Letter?

A sample letter is an example or a template that we can use when we are going to create a letter. A letter is a written message of a person that is sent to another person. Letters are a common way of communication that is usually used professionally. Everybody knows how to write a letter. Some examples of letters are a cover letter, a letter of recommendation, a letter of intent, a resignation letter, a love letter,  a thank you letter, a reference letter, an employment verification letter, and a letter of interest.

A sample letter or a letter template can help us to write a letter with a good letter format. The traditional way to compose a letter is to write it on paper or stationery. Then it is placed inside an envelope. Nowadays, letters are made by email and sent online. But whatever means you use in creating a letter, just be sure you will be professional in creating a letter. This can make your letter good and acceptable.

Tips on Letter

Sometimes, we came across a letter that we should make but we do not know how we can do it. If we find a template or a sample letter, we do not know how we can make our letter great. With this, we may need some tips to improve our letters.

Consider Your Audience: When you are writing a letter, you must tailor it to the specific audience you are writing for. Whether you are writing a business offer letter, a contract termination letter, a professional reference letter, or a doctor appointment letter, we have to consider our audience. We have to ensure that the letter will suit our audience.Be Clear and Concise: Remember to be clear and concise with your letter. You have to effectively convey what you want to relay. By being clear, everything will be easier to understand. There is no need to use too many words just to deliver your message.Be Polite and Respectful: In every letter that you have to write, you need to be polite and respectful. By doing this, you can show professionalism. You can have what you need when you will be polite and respectful. This is because the person to whom you are communicating will consider your letter greatly.

How to Write a Letter

Have you not written a letter before? Or do you just want some steps that can help you improve writing a letter? You can use the steps below.

1. Write a Salutation

After you have chosen a format for your letter, you must write the date of the letter. Then begin with a salutation. This can be “Dear”, “Ms.”, or “Mr.”, or any title that should be written before the name of the person to whom you are communicating.

2. Write the Body of the Letter

Then create paragraphs to convey your message. Be sure to tailor the letter to your specific audience. Be clear in anything you want to say.

3. Make a Closing

Wrap up your letter by summarizing a request or instruction. Then close the letter with phrases like “Sincerely”, “Yours truly”, and “Best regards.”

4. Sign Your Name

Do not forget to sign the letter. Below the closing phrase, put your signature, whether it will be in ink or with a digital signature. Then send the letter. If it is a Word or PDF document, send it in an email. If it is a physical letter, deliver it through mail or by hand.


What are the benefits of letters?

The benefits of letters are having a personal touch, making formality, having communication across distances, expressing emotions, and giving confidentiality.

How long should a letter be?

The length of the letter depends on the message that you want to convey. But you should bear in mind to keep the letter concise and direct to the point.

Writing letters can be a part of our lives. We do this at work, school, and other instances. To be sure that you can send a good letter, be careful of everything you have to write and use sample letters so that you can be guided. When you create a great letter, the other person can be impressed with your writing abilities and this can give you a good reputation.