30+ Sample Faculty Performance Evaluation

What is a Faculty Performance Evaluation?

A faculty performance evaluation is a report that announces the performance of teachers regarding all the criteria that are given by the school or university. It is an assessment of their works that can be done monthly or annually. The evaluation can also be a self-assessment that can be done by filling up a self-appraisal form or self-evaluation form. The annual performance of the faculty is much beneficial for the school because they will know how they can improve the performance of their teachers. Evaluation criteria should be carefully given so that they can get the true assessment for the skills of teachers.

Teaching performance should be evaluated so that the university will know the areas where the teachers are strong and the areas where they are weak. In both areas, teaching should be enhanced. The school needs to continually support the teachers in the areas where they are strong and with the areas where they are weak, the school must find a solution. But without the evaluation, the school will not learn the actual condition of the teaching performance of the faculty. Only through the evaluation will they know the truth about the abilities of their teachers.

The evaluation criteria for performance appraisal of faculty members are being provided by the highest stakeholders of the university. They need to ensure that the teaching performance will be better and evaluation is the only way how they can improve the learning in the school. They should have the best teachers that instill knowledge. So, they have to shape the skills of the faculty over and over again through the performance evaluation. Every mistake of the faculty will be corrected after learning them through the evaluation.

Setting the right criteria is what can make a school advanced with its goals. You need to have the best faculty for strategic cost management and performance evaluation. All the faculty performance evaluation sample comments are valuable because they can mean improvement for the school. You just have to be completely honest in providing feedback for the faculty. This is how you can get the best faculty performance evaluation instruments results and summaries. You can get an accurate report that can help your school or university.

Elements of a Faculty Performance Evaluation

Do you know how to write a faculty performance evaluation? Will it be easy for you to understand the faculty performance evaluation system and easy to fill up a faculty performance evaluation form? Are you aware of the components of this evaluation? If not, you can refer to the following to learn some of the elements of a faculty performance evaluation:


The abstract is the summary of the evaluation. You can cite your goals in the abstract. This will explain why a faculty performance evaluation is needed. You can write why your school will want to invest time in this kind of thing. You can reveal the purpose of the evaluation. That is to exemplify a good teaching performance that can be found in your faculty. You can also include what your school is up to. You can enumerate the things that you are expecting from the faculty. You can also be proud of the skills of your teachers, saying that the faculty performance evaluation is the result of your achievement.


You should write an introduction in the evaluation. Through this, you can show the mission of your school. You can cite your mission and vision statement that can be the reason for the performance evaluation. You must state why the evaluation is vital and your reasons for doing it. You should make a good introduction that will make the reader interested to consider the evaluation of your faculty. You have to convince the readers of the importance of education and why such evaluation matters in this field.

Rating Method

This is the procedure how you will evaluate your teachers. You can have a rubric that can be used in measuring the actual abilities of the faculty. You need to set criteria on how you will grade the faculty. You should have a rating method that will assess the grade of teaching performance of the faculty. In creating a rating method, the university can have a meeting discussing how you can set the criteria and how you will form rating methods. Make a rating method that you know can boost the skills of your teachers. It should help you how you can improve your school.


You should have a list of the participants for the faculty performance evaluation. This list is the names of the faculty members or the teachers in the faculty. You should list them in the evaluation so that you may have an evaluation for all of them. Every one of them should be evaluated. Your strongest teachers and the weaker ones. The record should be complete because all should be evaluated. You need to ensure that every teacher can be improved with their abilities.

Analysis of Results

This should be a table where you will have an interpretation of the results of the evaluation. This is needed to further assess the results of the assessment. Careful analysis should be given so that you will know what to do to improve your teachers. Through this, you will learn what is the need of every teacher. Through the table, the data will be more visible. You can have the right judgment that you can start to implement for the faculty.

Study Conclusions

The study conclusions are the implications that you need to address in your school. Through this, you will know the limitation of every teacher and you may be able to help them. Your conclusions will dictate all the measures and metrics that you can start to have to make the teaching performance better. In coming up with the conclusions, be sure that you have considered every factor that can affect the teaching abilities of teachers. Consider also their strengths and weaknesses so that you can create a good resort on how to make them better.


Recommendations are the probable solution to your school’s problem. These are the things that you can do to address all the weak areas in the teaching performance of the faculty. In making recommendations, be sure that the teachers can learn the new techniques that will be given to teaching to improve their teaching performance. Use the latest strategy so that you will know that your teachers will have an ace in teaching. You can also use the latest technology so that you can have an advanced way of teaching.


References are the things that you have used in your evaluation. These are the things that the readers can refer to when they do not understand something in your evaluation. References are the list of sources that help you in the evaluation. Without these, you may not be able to complete your evaluation. Acknowledge the sources because it is the right thing to do.

Criteria of a Faculty Performance Evaluation

Are you aware of the faculty performance evaluation criteria? Do you know how you can set the best rating method to evaluate teachers? We have provided some criteria on how teachers can be graded. They are the following:

Teaching Effectiveness: The university must ensure that its teachers have good teaching abilities. Every teacher should be effective in teaching. The students must learn what the teachers are imparting to them. What will be the use if they will not be effective in teaching? So, the school must check the effectiveness of teachers.Scholarly Accomplishments: Your teachers should have a good scholastic record. They should excel when they attend seminars and training. They are the representative of your schools so they must help how you can get a good reputation. They must be adept at getting awards as a teacher. Through it, they can prove that they are good in what they do.Good Works on Research: A good teacher should have published and unpublished works in research. They should exemplify good knowledge and that is possible by showing that they are capable of doing good research. They should give good outcomes of studies that can help the students and other people.Counseling Service: Your teachers must be also good with the students. They should be able to provide good counseling services that can help students with their studies and with their life as a student. They should know how to correct students from their mistakes. They should know how to reach out to students so that they can share their adversities in school.Success in Getting Funds: A good faculty member is also someone who has skills in getting funds for the school. This teacher is good for projects. He or she makes sure that the school will have sufficient funds for all their needs. The teacher can provide help by writing proposals and negotiating with stakeholders to gather funds.Administrative Service: One of the works of faculty members is doing administrative tasks. Teachers must be good at keeping records and files. They should know how to assist students with all their needs in school. Faculty members should be good at documentation.

How to Write a Faculty Performance Evaluation

Do you need a faculty performance evaluation sample or an evaluation for a professor sample? Are you about to create a faculty performance evaluation? If that is what you are going to do, we can provide some steps for you. You can use them as you write your evaluation. They are the following:

  • Step 1: Set Your Goals

    The first thing that you have to consider when making a faculty performance evaluation is your goals. Why are you going to make such an evaluation? What can you do to improve the teaching performance of the faculty? What do you want to achieve for your school? In what areas do you want the faculty to improve? What is the strategy that you can use to help your teachers? What are the objectives of your school? How can you attain your mission? You need to set goals so that you will know how you can assess your teachers. Through goals, you can see where your teachers are lacking, if they will not reach the expectations in your goals. Every school should have goals in teaching so that the learning style will be given priority. Think of short-term goals that your teachers can apply every day. Have also long-term goals that you can work out for the whole year. Be sure that you can make realistic goals that can be achieved by the faculty.

  • Step 2: Make Criteria

    After you have set your goals, you can start making criteria for the evaluation. Your stakeholders should have a meeting for the school to come up with the best criteria that will judge the performance of the faculty. Consider all the factors in teaching. Think of all the works of the faculty. Consider your goals and make some criteria that are according to them. Insert your goals in every criterion, knowing that through them you can assess the capabilities of your teacher in reaching your goals. The criteria should deal with all the aspects of the work of the faculty. It is because every part of the work of the faculty should be given proper attention. Make complete criteria so that your performance evaluation will not be lacking in any necessity for good teaching.

  • Step 3: Assess Teaching Performance

    After having the criteria, you can start evaluating the faculty. You should start with the teaching performance of the faculty. Using the criteria, you should check the abilities of your teachers in every area that is included in the criteria. Your rating method can include questions that can be answered by a yes or a no. Or it can be an actual rating method having percentages. Grade each teacher honestly. You should not be biased against those who are not close to you. You need to get an honest report. It is what can help your school. Consider each question in the evaluation carefully. Assess the teaching performance of every teacher with all diligence. You must reveal the true nature of the teaching performance of the faculty. So, you need to be honest with the evaluation.

  • Step 4: Assess Scholarship and Research

    Aside from the teaching performance of the faculty, you need to assess the abilities of teachers in regard to scholarship and research. You have to bring out which of the faculty member are good in research. You need to know their scholastic abilities. Knowing these things will make the school know how you can use them to the fullest. If a faculty member is not so great, you can make him or her attend training to enhance his or her skills. To have the best teachers, a university needs to give attention to other things that its teachers can do. This way, it can train its teachers to be the best at what they do.


What is the tip for a good teaching performance?

A tip for a good teaching performance can be staying in the scholastic discipline of your school. You have to follow all the teaching methodology of your schools. Through this, you can ascertain that you can give a high quality in teaching.

Is self-assessment useful for performance evaluation?

Yes, self-assessment can be useful in performance evaluation. If faculty members will be honest in assessing their abilities, then the school can have an accurate report on the teaching performance of the faculty.

A faculty performance evaluation can enhance the skills of teachers to better instill knowledge to students. Every school should have this evaluation once in a while. It has to check the abilities of teachers so that the welfare of students will be secured. Well, do you need a template for a faculty performance evaluation? This post has 30+ SAMPLE Faculty Performance Evaluation in PDF | MS Word. You can get a template for free. Download now!