50+ Sample Student Evaluation

What is a Student Evaluation?

To every educational institution, a student evaluation plays a vital role in the life of a student. It is a document that reveals the performance of a student within the particular year. It is given at the end of every semester or sometimes at the middle of every semester. These are called end-of-semester student evaluation and mid-semester student evaluation. This performance assessment has been done by teachers or professors. They are the ones who are going to assess all the things that a student has done in class within the school days. Evaluation meaning may be not as simple as it is. It is because evaluation synonyms imparts a greater sense of analysis here on the performance of students.

For example, a medical student performance should be given much importance because the course is a difficult one. Even if the course is art or nursing, whether it is a peer assessment or evaluation of a group work, teachers must take into account a careful analysis that can be given to students. They can use a transcript evaluator or evaluation entry system to make their work better. Performance evaluation must also be true. They must do it without bias or stained judgment. A good summative evaluation may be a result of studying all types of evaluation. So before teachers could actually present their student evaluation, they must study carefully the course evaluation that they would give and also the performance of their every student.

Tips on Student Evaluation

As it is true that every student evaluation should be accurate and well-done, it is needed to have some some knowledge on making it. We can use some of these tips  so that the process of evaluation would be better.

Your every sentence must assess learning. The student evaluation must assess whatever the students have learned in the class. Your every sentence must contain the descriptions of the course that they are taking. If a student is in an art class, all the lessons that they have taken can be put in the student evaluation. You must tell how well they have taken those classes. If their rate of learning in the art class is low, you must state it. If they excel on it, then you can place it.  The reader of the student evaluation should be easily grasp how well a student does in that particular subject. All your sentences should tell about their learning and not about something else. It will keep your student evaluation consistent. The learning of the students will also become transparent. So concentrate on the assessment of learning of the students on your every sentence. Anyway, it is the student evaluation is all about.Be honest in your evaluation. The main purpose of the student evaluation is to assess the capabilities of the students. You have to be honest to have a good report on the student’s performance. If you will do so, there could be a room for improvement on the student’s part. They would come to know how well they do or if they need to improve. They would know their mistakes and could correct it afterwards. Being honest would do much good. The students must know how actually they excel in class. If they are achievers, they should have a good reward of their work. If they are not so much so, they must know how they can improve themselves. By being honest, you can also get an accurate student report. It would make you a good teacher who imparts knowledge in a good way.Address the evaluation to the readers. You can address the student evaluation to the outsiders. These may be the school admissions, school staff, and school district. Make your student evaluation in the way that would give them knowledge. This way, others may also learn on your student evaluation. Others may come to know some things about the courses that you are teaching. Make it also easy for them to understand. Be consistent on the courses so that they could easily tell the course that you are teaching and all the things about it. If you would be aware that the student evaluation is not only between you and the student, you may also try to make it better. Larger audience would keep you to make it more formal. You will also be prompted to make it more accurate. If others would share the report of the evaluation, you would not want to report error to them and humiliate yourself afterwards.Re-evaluate before having an official student evaluation. Consider to evaluate your students twice or thrice before actually making a student evaluation. In this way, you may perfect your student evaluation. The purpose of evaluation is to assess their performance. If you will have it one time, you may tend to forget some important things. Repeat the evaluation process to make everything better. Students have the right to have a proper evaluation so it would not hurt if you allot a little more time in the evaluation process. Apply evaluative procedures that would better reflect the student’s performance. After re-evaluating, stick to your decision and give your assessment.Do not be a terrible teacher. No one would want a terrible teacher. They are hard in class. They are strict and could almost make the students jump. They give tedious assignments and they seem as if they would not forgive any mistake that a student could make in class. If you are a terror professor, you might consider to be kind in giving a student evaluation. Be good to your students. This will not affect your being honest. Give considerations most especially to your weak students. A student evaluation will greatly affect them so you must give them a just report. If you can cover for small mistakes, then there is no point on giving a low evaluation to a student. On the other hand, if a student is greatly excelling in school, you must be transparent to put it. Be generous in giving a good student evaluation. If you will be a generous teacher, your student will see it. They will remember it and will not forget you.Put good remarks or comments. As one of the purposes of student evaluation is to improve the students, put remarks that your students will consider. If they have to improve on a specific thing, tell it to them so they can do it. Putting remarks and comments will also signifies your concerns to them. Do it in a loving way. A student evaluation must not be something that is just a simple document. It should be a communication between the teachers and the students. It is the result of their relationship. If they benefit from one another, it would tell so. With remarks, the student will come to know what they should do afterwards. In the case that they are doing good in school, it would be nice to give them some compliments. It would make them to strive better. If they are not going that good in school, you must be nice to tell it to them. Persuade them to do better. Say it in a nice way. If you will do so, they can be inspired to work better. Do not forget to put comments because that is the part where your students will know your thoughts. It would also be good in the part of the readers to read comments and remarks.Keep all your records accurate. It is important that you monitor whether students can submit their project on time or not. Keep a record of everything that you require with your students. With it, you can know what you are going to put in your student evaluation. If you are going to lose some of your records, you can have a biased evaluation and student might come questioning you about it. File all the students records properly or diligently keep the records in your computer. While doing so, you can also have reference that can show to your students or their parents, in case any question will arise regarding your student evaluation.Give small assessments for each project. With every project that you will give to your students, give them a cogent sentence assessment. As the project increases, you will have more things that you can say in the student evaluation. Record it on your computer so you will not lose it. These small assessments will make your work easier. In addition, you can compare all your assessments to have a final assessment. Your report can also be more accurate.Ask your students for self-evaluation. Two days before the end of the semester, you can ask your students to submit a self-evaluation. This would reflect how much they have learned from your subject. It would give you some ideas that you can put in the student evaluation. Not only will you came to know how much they have learned, you will also know what they actually think about the course. Self-evaluation would reflect the student’s abilities.Be concise in writing the student evaluation. Make your student evaluation brief. Just put the assessment learning of the student. Avoid repetition or irrelevant things. Just put all the necessary details and plainly tell how much the student has learned. Put straight comments that would benefit the students.

How to Write a Student Evaluation

If you are a new teacher and it is your first time to make a student evaluation, you may want to know how to make one. Use the following steps in writing a student evaluation.

Step 1: Make a plan for the student evaluation.

Create a plan for the student evaluation. Know whether it would be an end-of-semester student evaluation or mid-semester student evaluation. Whatever you choose, be sure that it would more reflect the learning of the students. Plan it before actually making a draft. Think of all the necessary things that you should put in the student evaluation.

Step 2: Ask relevant questions.

Create some questions where you would like to have a feedback. Some of these questions are:

Step 3: Have a meeting with the faculty.

The faculty can help you on creating good questions for the student evaluation. If you will ask for their help, all of you can gather questions that could help for the improvement of learning in your school. You can agree for a few questions that will be easy for the students to rate.

Step 4: Search for a suitable template.

After gathering all the questions, you may want a template to use. Search for a suitable template on the internet. Look for templates that have the same questions as yours. Or you may want to edit it. You can put there whatever you have discussed in the faculty. Be sure that all of it will benefit the students.

Step 5: Give it to the students.

When you are done, give the student evaluation to your student. What they think was important to improve your institution. The student evaluation will assess how much they have learned.


How Many Times Should We Have a Student Evaluation in a Semester?

Student evaluation are done only once. It is given before the semester ends. There are times that it is given at the middle of the semester so that both the students and the teachers could improve, but usually it is given after every semester. With this one time evaluation, the learning in the institution is assessed.

Is the Comment Necessary in the Student Evaluation?

Yes it is. The comments are necessary because it will help the institution improve their resources. They would know what is lacking so they could act on it. Through the evaluation, what is needed in the teaching process would be revealed.

Do We Have to Be Honest in the Student Evaluation?

Yes. Be sure to put honest things. The educational institution should know the honest results of the evaluation. One of the purpose of the evaluation is to improve its teaching. If you will be honest, the school would know their performance. They would know if they have successfully given knowledge to a student or not.

The student evaluation is needed to have a better assessment of the learning that a student gets in an educational institution. It implies whether they get the learning that they should have or not. If the student evaluation is what will improve our teaching, we must be ready to submit one every year or every semester. This will greatly improve our institution and this assessment is very good in education. We just have to be honest in doing a student evaluation. The results must be accurate and what are we going to put there must be all true. We will all benefit if we do so. An honest student evaluation can provide better learning. It can produce better students, and also better teachers. And thus, your educational institution can gain a good reputation.