50+ Sample Clearance Forms

What Is a Clearance Form?

A clearance form is an official document that clears a person or thing from specific responsibilities or clarifies the end of a certain job. It can be defined in many ways depending on what the clearance form focuses on. So from the NBI clearance, medical clearance, employee clearance, and so forth, you can tell that their functions are not the same. And you will learn more about the different types of clearance forms later on.

According to Statista’s 2020 research survey, the highest number of crime clearance comes from Los Cabos, Mexico with over 111.3 murders in every hundred thousand population.

Also, Go Government reported that the federal government covers three types of security clearances—non-sensitive positions, public trust positions, and national security positions.

The Different Types of Clearance Forms

You should know by now that one clearance form is not applicable to all types of clearances. Different clearance forms cover various purposes. So in this section, get introduced to the different examples of clearance forms, why they are important, and how they differ from each other.

Employee Clearance Form: The employee clearance form, also known as the exit, separation, termination, or resignation clearance form, is the most heavily used function of the many clearance forms out there. In this example, the clearance form is used to note that a resigning employee has officially ended his or her service with the company. The same thing applies that the form proves that one has worked with the organization at some time. And employees who plan to leave or apply to a new organization often require employee clearance forms from HR or human resource to make it official.Student Clearance Form: In the school setting, a student clearance form authorizes students that they could pass for the next semester. This clearance form generally contains the list of subjects taken by the students and blanks beside each subject. Signatures will be affixed by their designated teachers if the students passed the requirements and have no problem with the grades. And once every blank has a signature, the student has officially passed.Business Clearance Form: Any business should have a business clearance certificate of completion. In this clearance form, the document certifies that the organization or business has officially paid taxes, asked for a business permit, and has complied with the requirements to run a business. And companies without a business clearance would be asked to close as it is illegal to do so.Medical Clearance Form: You use a medical clearance form to prove that you do not have any medical condition, in case it is required from work, school, or any event. Medical clearance states that the patient has met with a licensed physician to assess one’s health or undergo a physical examination. The form could either prove that you used to have a condition but have been healed already after the medical services, or that you are healthy in the first place so there is no need for hospital admission.Police Clearance Form: A police clearance form is an official certificate from the government that proves how a person is free from any criminal record. Many companies ask for this police clearance for safety purposes as no one would naturally want to hire someone with criminal charges. In fact, a police clearance can also be a useful ID or work requirement as it may be asked from your employer.Security Clearance Form: There are agencies that require security clearance forms, most especially the federal government. It has been reported that three types of security clearances are required. These are the non-sensitive, public trust, and national security positions. And such security measures are helpful for a full background check among agencies.Crime Clearance Form: Also related to police clearance but with a different function is the crime clearance form. In this example, crime clearance proves that an offense was cleared via arrest. And based on a 2020 survey, over 111.3 murders covering every hundred thousand population in Los Cabos, Mexico was reported to have the most number of crime clearance.Site Clearance Form: In the concept of construction, a site clearance form may be asked. This clearance either confirms that the constructed project has passed the site or construction standards or that the construction site is clear of any tree, bush, rubbish, and any other unnecessary material. And it is crucial to note which use of site clearance you are going for to prevent confusing clients about a site clearance.

How to Make a Proper Clearance Form

Now that you know the different meanings or types of clearance forms, it is easy to understand when to use them. But what about how to create the clearance form itself? The process is simple, especially when you only need five basic steps to cover it. So without further ado, here are the steps to help you make clearance forms properly:

Step 1: Identify Your Clearance Form’s Function

First of all, what is your clearance form’s purpose? You should already have a strategic plan ahead whether you are about to create an employee clearance form, security clearance form, or maybe school clearance form. That way, you will have a clear guide on how to structure the form. Confirm that first or your clearance form’s content could be mixed up with other irrelevant data. And don’t forget to conduct extra research about your desired function to have a better idea of what to add to the document later on.

Step 2: Pick a Sample Clearance Form

You need not be concerned about creating clearance forms out of scratch because samples are already listed above this article. Be sure to inspect every sample clearance form available for download until you can select your most preferred example. With each sample, you get to see clearance documents in varying formats, data analysis, and details. At least you never have to take time making a new form because premade versions only require a few tweaks and finishing touches to create the forms shortly.

Step 3: Edit the Sample Template’s Format and Content

Make use of the samples’ editable features. There is definitely some leeway to edit the format, content, and overall design of your clearance form. For example, you create a checklist version of the clearance form rather than the fill-in-the-blanks type of document. Or perhaps, you go for a printed copy of the clearance form or go for the soft copy format. How you want the output to turn out is in your hands so be sure to finalize not only the appearance of the clearance form but also its relevant content.

Step 4: Be Specific, Particularly in the Statement of Clearance

Clearance forms naturally have a statement of clearance. This statement is what certifies that a person is cleared from certain responsibilities or has completed the requirements. And be sure to be specific with your words because flowery words without the gist will still make the form useless. Take a look at your sentence structure, grammar, and so forth. Hence, common evaluations naturally happen to ensure that you have corrected everything on the clearance form from the top to the bottom part of that document.

Step 5: Observe an Easy-to-Follow Form

Last but not least, ensure that the clearance form is easy to read and understand. An easy-to-follow structure is the right way to go. That way, misconstrued sentences can be avoided and people will understand immediately who and what is being cleared from that document. You can place additional instructions or organize the details into well-grouped categories to keep it simpler as well. Also, ensure that the entire content answers the who, what, when, where, why, and how questions regarding the clearance. And submit it once you are okay with the outcome.


What are the advantages of a clearance form?

A clearance form is advantageous because of the following reasons:

  • It brings awareness of who has been cleared or has already completed the expected requirements, including when it happened and for what purpose.
  • It clarifies that the person has no pending balances to be paid.
  • It is a detailed document containing the most significant answers to questions concerning the subject’s clearance.
  • It contains many different types rather than just having one function.
  • It validates one’s clearance since the form requires the approval of those with authority to accept or reject the clearance.

What is a clearance certificate?

According to Investopedia, clearance certificates are the official certificates used to validate how an entity has already completed the payment for all liabilities and other requirements. Commonly, the clearance certificate is applicable to tax liabilities when it comes to managing a deceased person’s estate.

What makes you disqualified from a security clearance?

It is known that you get disqualified from security clearance if you have committed illegal drug possession, drug abuse, and other illegal dependencies. But the regulations also vary from which state you are in so don’t forget to review what is allowed and prohibited in your area regarding security clearances.

What is an asset clearance?

An asset clearance is when an organization plans to get rid of old assets may it be through conducting a business auction, selling those assets, or buying new assets straight away.

How do you pass a medical clearance?

Passing a medical clearance solely depends on your health’s condition. But if you want to improve your results, you can be prepared by getting enough sleep, avoiding fatty foods or sweets before the clearance, drinking plenty of water, and fasting.

No matter what your intention is for making a clearance form, what matters most is that you know how to tailor the form’s details according to your purpose. Otherwise, you might end up making a hodge-podge of a document, like a student clearance form used for police clearance—a huge mismatch. Thankfully, you don’t have to be confused when you have premade samples as your options in creating the form. Download your preferred sample clearance form now!