50+ Sample Request Forms

What Is a Request Form?

A request form is a written, printed, or digital document that records work requests the moment an employee requests something. It formally covers how the request process goes from submitting the form, monitoring the request, assessing the request, and finally establishing the request. And request forms are one of the common work forms out there when employees or requesters need something formally, much like asking for permission.

Why Are Request Forms Important?

You might be wondering why there is a need to write and submit a request form when a requester can simply talk with whoever is in charge to make the request happen right away. And here are important reasons why request forms should be made:

Not Lose Track of Different Requests

From business meetings, equipment rentals, extra services, to expense information, work requests can be about anything. In fact, not all requests are related to work when students or personal matters are the subjects. And as more people request something from a manager or department head, it is possible that the person in charge might lose track of the many wide-ranging requests received. So to ensure that heads won’t forget any request, using request forms as reference is the right way to go.

Delivers the Right Expectations

It is best to write down a request formally to ensure you can talk about the needed details to get it started. For example, you might have tried talking about the request with a department head. However, what you expect to happen could be different from the head’s perspective. So to properly explain in detail, you might as well write the full details in a request form to ensure both parties’ expectations will be met.

Requests Are Written as Proof

The problem with requesting via word of mouth is that whoever promised to make your request happen might not push through with your idea in reality. Or worse, that person might lie that you never requested in the first place. So to ensure that people would believe that you made a request, written documents such as request forms work as a reliable reference or evidence. Rest assured, using request forms as proof can help you prevent headaches and conflicts.

Uniform and Organized Way to Request Something

In the workplace, it is common for complaints and grievances to happen when someone receives special treatment such as getting the go-signal right after a verbal request. Yet, some employees still need to submit a form and wait for confirmation before even having their requests granted. Hence, companies should make submission of requests uniform to keep things organized. Ensure that everybody who needs to request something should submit request forms to keep it fair.

Common Examples of Request Forms

You already know that there are lots of possible requests a person can make. And to have a clue on what sort of examples work requests would be tackled in requests forms, here are some significant examples:

Time-Off Request: Request forms related to a scheduled work absence such as sick leave, vacation leave, or any valid reason for time off would fall under time-off request forms. This example can also be referred to as a vacation request form or any type that involves taking a break from work.Change Request: Meanwhile, change request forms are used to formally ask for possible alterations needed for a product, service, or system. An example is a request to implement a change management plan. So requests related to changing something would use this type of request form.Information Request: The information request form is used for anyone seeking valuable information on any matter. This is often the form submitted to the help desk or anyone who has access to employee information, product information, and other information.Product Request: Product request forms or order forms are often used by retailers to order products online. You can request any product or equipment with its color, function, price, and other descriptions. Products requested may be related to office supplies and other essential items.Service Request: Besides products, requests could be related to service. Your request form could propose vehicle maintenance, training service, and other forms of services. Just make sure to be specific on what services must be done in the request form.Financial Request: Check if your request is related to money because it all comes down to a specific type called a financial request. Examples of financial request forms tackle reimbursement, insurance, business funding, loan application, and more. And the important factor for these requests is the estimates written in the form. Make sure you applied the right calculations and expressed the right figures of the amount requested.Meeting Request: Anyone requesting a business conference or meeting to talk about any potential matter or plan should be written under a meeting request form. Expect to jot down what the proposed meeting is about ahead as it is an important detail to evaluate if the meeting should be approved or not.Appeal Request: Urgent requests no longer become a hassle using appeal request forms. And even though you need something urgently, you should still be able to explain its details in the request form clearly.Security Access Request: In case there are certain things to look into at any area with strict security and you need access there, use a security access request form. The form would likely ask about which department you need access to, what the access level is, how long you need the access, and why you need access in the first place.

How to Make a Proper Request Form

Creating and designing a request form will be easy for you now that you know its definition, purpose, and different examples. And to make sure you achieve a streamlined process for the creation process, simply follow these five effective steps in concocting a request form:

  • Step 1: Download a Sample Request Form Template

    Editable and downloadable sample request forms await you as listed above in this article. So feel free to explore all samples until you pick your favorite templates to optimize. Besides general request forms, you can select more specific templates such as a product request form template, employee request form template, vacation request form template, sample request form for materials, etc. And you can even edit the template’s design and content so you won’t have to submit standard examples.

  • Step 2: Ask for the Type of Request

    You already know that requests have a variety of types. And it is necessary to ask for the type of request in your request form. You can provide an itemized list of choices for the requester or leave a blank for them to be more specific. This step is important so that you will know what set of questions and data to add to the request form later on. Thus, the request type confirms the statement of purpose as to what the request is for.

  • Step 3: Create and Curate the Questionnaire According to Type

    Now that you have a thorough idea of the request type, create and curate the form’s questionnaire according to the type or purpose. For example, a reimbursement request form would ask questions related to the expense purpose, payment period, payment amount, and receipt. Meanwhile, the questions expected in an employee information form would tackle the employee’s name, address, salary history, and related details. As you can see, the questions asked would not be the same. Use questions that are relevant and necessary for the type of request.

  • Step 4: Come Up with an Easy-to-Follow Document

    Request forms should be easy to follow. There is no need to write it in long paragraphs because simply using basic keywords and enumerating answers are enough to fill it out. A great tip is to use visual organizers such as tables, graphs, and charts in presenting your form. They will make it easier to work with like when you divide the form’s questionnaire by table. And to make the form user-friendly to the requester, you can incorporate instructions in the document as well for their guidance.

  • Step 5: Include Submission Details

    Lastly, add the request form’s submission details. Now that you know how to make the form easy to use and convenient for the requester, the last instruction is to remind them how they submit the form itself. You could input the name and contact list of the person in charge to receive requests, an email address for digital request forms, as well as the estimated timeline on when to expect an answer if the request is granted or denied.


What is the format of a request letter?

The request letter’s format consists of the date, recipient information, subject, salutation, body, gratitude, closing statement, and name/signature.

How do you write a request email?

A request email can be written with these steps:

  • Identify the type of request and its purpose.
  • Write a friendly introductory statement with the subject and salutation.
  • Be honest in expressing your request.
  • Explain why you are requesting it in the first place.
  • End with a call-to-action statement.

What is a project request form?

A project request form contains the essential details regarding an upcoming project plan. The form not only requests to make the project happen but also to understand the costs, duration, resources, advantages, and reasons why the project is worth doing so.

Thanks to request forms, asking for a favor runs in an organized systematic process. Rather than risking chances of duplicate requests, missed requests, and conflicting requests, written business documents such as request forms record the essential data per request. And if the requester meets their company’s requirements upon the request, there is a high chance that it will be accepted. So be sure to prepare the best set of request forms for your business using sample request form templates. Download now!