51+ Sample Membership Application Forms

What Is a Membership Application Form?

Generally, membership forms detail transaction information of an association or group. A membership application form helps in knowing and understanding who wants to be a member of the organization and motivating them to participate in the process. Expect such forms to ask questions related to the applicants’ identification. That way, companies already know who will qualify as new members. And at the same time, applicants expect something from the association after being a member, like receiving discounts, freebies, and special benefits.


According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS), there were around 1.56 million IRS-registered nonprofits in 2015.

Also, approximately 25.1% of American adults volunteered back in 2017.

Meanwhile, Statista reported that the US gym and fitness centers had 60.87 million total members in 2017.

Why Use Membership Application Forms?

To identify and formally welcome new members is basically why membership application forms are important. Not acknowledging new people as members of the team only makes them want to back out. It is critical to know whoever joins the pack because a person’s background says a lot. Most importantly, everyone identified will be officially listed as one of the official members of an organization. Certain members might not receive what the business offers if they were not listed. So for formality’s sake and documentation purposes, members must fill out the forms.

Just like an enrollment form or registration form, the membership document is easy to use. Applicants already receive pre-formatted sheets, meaning they only have to fill in every blank in membership forms. It is better to have a template than let applicants write essays or guess what other information will be needed to write in the membership application. Since there are instructions and questions given in forms, applicants are guided on how to complete the application accordingly. More so, memberships work on many fields, may that be applying for training, gym, sports, class, or nonprofit group.

What Are the Elements of Membership Application Forms?

A membership registration form is more than just asking who is applying. Various elements make the form both informative and welcoming. And without such factors, the application form might not be called as such. So if you are wondering what makes a membership application form, we outlined a list of the document’s typical elements.

Name of Applicant: First things first, the applicant’s legal name should be provided in the form. And it should be complete because inconsistent names and incorrect spelling may lead to membership termination. But do not expect that only names will be asked in becoming a member.Contact Information: The following details to provide would be contact information. In this segment, applicants must indicate their phone or cellphone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses. Some documents ask more like the employment status and emergency contacts.Type of Membership: What is the membership about in the first place? A membership title must be labeled in the form so people will immediately realize the sheet’s purpose. Are you making a dance club membership or a volunteer association? More so, mention if there are general and premium memberships, and expect to write what makes the two types different. Add short descriptions after putting the types to inform clearly.Entry Fees: Be honest if your membership application has a membership fee included. Some applications only mention the fees when the applicants already applied, and that is unprofessional. That is a scam since the form itself should indicate what other payments are involved. So, what the fees are for must be specified.Payment Options: Payments are optional. But if applicable, mention the possible payment methods available. Should applicants pay in cash, bank deposit, online bank transfer, or any other option? Jot it down. Brief instructions will help, so nobody has to ask how the payment works.Membership Requirements: There are certain requirements needed for one to become a member. In a detailed list, state each requirement. That way, applicants immediately get the gist on what to prepare to join the team officially. And requirements would depend on which organization they joined.Membership Subscription Details: When applicants officially become members, what else should be known from their subscription? Are there terms needed for them to observe? Note them down. Members might be surprised by their experience with the team if there was no declaration about particular subscription terms they experienced unexpectedly.Membership Conditions: Membership deals with plenty of decisions from privileges, regulations, responsibilities—you name it. And for awareness reasons, such conditions should be written in the sheet. One of the important topics to discuss is what causes members to be stripped of their membership. Once all conditions are stated, what to do and not do in the process will be clear for each member.Previous Membership: Sometimes, companies must ask if the applicant was a member of any similar field or competing organization. Take one of the most common memberships, for example, gym memberships. Did you know that over 60.87 million members are part of the gym and fitness centers in America in 2017? If an applicant wants to apply to another gym membership, he or she might need to provide details.References: Lastly, there is room for character references. They are necessary as proof if what applicants wrote in the forms is correct or incorrect. These references will be contacted by the company which the applicant wanted to be a member of. It works just like employment, where a manager contacts an applicant’s previous employer about his or her performance and behavior at work.

How to Create a Decent Membership Application Form

You already know the membership application form’s meaning, importance, and elements. Now, are you ready to make the form itself? It is not as hard as you might think. We have sample templates prepared for you. Instead of starting from the beginning, the membership sheet’s format, content, and design are already laid out in the template. Just fill in what is missing, and you are sure to finish in no time. And if your smart goal is to create a decent and excellent output for the membership application form, follow these steps:

Step 1: State Your Form’s Welcome Mat

Membership application forms must begin with introductory statements. Please show your appreciation by welcoming and thanking the applicant for his or her interest in joining the club. A warm or positive tone works well in this case. Be sure you stated what organization or membership the application is for to clarify. One example involves one of the most influential groups that gained many members every year—the nonprofit association. As reported by NCCS, 2015 alone had 1.56 million nonprofit organizations registered in the IRS. And about 25.1% of American adults volunteered in 2017. You can expect many members, for sure. So introduce which nonprofit group you are specifically, as many associations exist.

Step 2: Incorporate and Arrange the Elements

Can you still recall the elements of a membership application form, down from the names to references, as discussed earlier? Slowly insert them in the document. Also, define and describe each category or element. That way, applicants easily know which parts talk about the fees, subscription terms, etc. In short, detail what information you must collect. But do not just enumerate all elements without any flow. Organize the presentation. Arrange the details in the proper sequence to create a smooth flow.

Step 3: Specify What Your Association Offers

Right from the get-go, you encourage participation. Inform by writing in the sheet about what are the promising benefits to expect once applicants officially become members of the association. This part helps applicants get excited, and it will clarify what they signed up for as well. So will the members experience hotel accommodations, special promos, and other freebies? Note them down and be specific. As much as possible, be honest. Maybe you created promises that would not happen, which is a scam. Whatever is being promised must be given to the members.

Step 4: Mind the Design and Format

Do not forget that the templates for grabs are editable. Therefore, you can always customize each template. Be sure to explore the different features of what you can edit until you can beautify and enhance the form. And with its easy-to-use features, working is no longer a hassle. Your only concern is to finalize what your preferred format and design should be until they are established.

Step 5: Keep the Document User-Friendly

Is the membership form user-friendly? If yes, maintain it. Otherwise, you must change into versions that are much easier to work with. Remember that there must be a balance in getting as much information as possible while also letting applicants complete the form without getting tired. A tip is to put instructions as every applicant’s guide on how to complete the application effortlessly. More so, you may add tables, charts, and other organizers to simply the document.

Step 6: Remember that the Form Reflects Your Organization

Your brand already reflects in the form’s style and content. Thus, work hard in keeping the output clean, informative, organized, and welcoming. Otherwise, impressions received from applicants might be bad. There are still plenty of ways to enhance the presentation anyway, like adding better colors, clearer statements, and branding your logo. And the task is not over yet. Everything inputted by applicants will be yours. Thus, you get all the information that you must keep safe. Never lose such documents as they may be needed in certain matters.


What are the ways to invite new members to a group?

There are plenty of ways to encourage more people to join your club or organization. And some ideas are the following:

  • Advertise in any medium
  • Refer someone
  • Make strategic plans
  • Mention promos and freebies
  • Conduct public meetings

What makes an organization successful?

Success differs for each organization. But generally, successful organizations have members who actively participate in completing the company goals and objectives. The same goes for organizations that earn more members, profit, and other rewarding effects.

Remember that aside from being a gateway to your association, membership application forms mark as the beginning of your relationship with the new members. Just like any relationship, learn to enrich it. Keep your promises by ensuring that what you will offer to the members will be offered eventually. And such relationships might not be enriched if introductions are off to a rough start—which explains why you should impress interested applicants right from the start with a promising membership application form.