What Is a Visa Application Form?

A visa application form refers to the official form used by people who are interested to apply for a visa, whether it involves permanent or temporary entry into a respected country. It works similar to a visa letter of application where an applicant submits a document to the embassy including other visa application requirements. And many government entities and organizations gather such forms to decide if visa applicants deserve to stay or not.

Based on a report, America has approved nearly one million permanent residence visas each year.

The Components of a Standard Visa Application Form

Indeed, visa application forms are taken by applicants who wish to get their visas approved. But what exactly does the form look like? Or most specifically, what is inside the form? In this section, get introduced to the basic components of a standard visa application form.

Title: The document used as a visa application form should have a clear title. And be sure to be specific if the form is for nonimmigrant visa application, visa credit card application, or maybe a visa application to enter Canada.Applicant’s Information: Just like an employment application, the visa application also asks about the applicant’s details. This goes to the applicant’s full name, gender, date of birth, marital status, contact information, and more.Address and Citizenship Details: Lots of addresses and citizenship details will be asked in the form. For example, a tourist should provide the residential address, mailing address, or if he or she has dual citizenship.Purpose of Visit: The applicant’s purpose of the visit is another crucial factor to be evaluated by agencies if one should be approved of visa or not. Others are not simply going on vacation anyway because some individuals need to work, be with their family, and more.Dates and Duration: What is your expected date of arrival? How long will you plan on staying in the designated country? Tackle those schedules in the dates and duration section.Sponsorship: Taking a trip to another country is costly so some people would have to consider sponsors to fund them. Insert a sponsorship section to talk about the proof on how to fund the trip, including the sponsor’s name, the applicant’s relationship with the sponsor, and the reason behind sponsoring it.Signatures: Lastly, ensure that the applicant’s printed name and signature will be placed in the form. The same goes for the date of application. The signature works as the confirmation that the applicant has given the correct details for the visa application form.

How to Create a Visa Application Form

Whether you are part of the agency that creates visa application forms for collection or you are interested in what the form is as an applicant, what matters is you know how to make the said form in the first place. The process has never been made easier when you follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Choose a Sample Visa Application Form

The easiest approach to make visa application forms right away without starting from scratch is to use the sample visa application forms listed above. Those templates make it easier for you to label the document, edit the format, print the form, and so much more. Hence, you are guided on how to complete the visa application form.

Step 2: Label and Insert the Form’s Components

Expect to add the form’s title, applicant’s details, and the rest of the visa application form’s standard components next. Proper labeling matters so it gets easier for applicants in following instructions and writing in the form completely. But, be sure you have also arranged all components by putting them into groups, tables, charts, and other graphical data.

Step 3: Organize the Design and Format

Work hard in implementing an organized design and format for your visa application form. Maybe having the document filled and completed makes it difficult due to poor organization. Thus, decide the form’s measurements, expected output (printed or not printed), font size and style, etc. The samples provided here are all editable anyway so there is room for alterations anytime.

Step 4: Keep It Easy

The goal is to come up with an easy-to-follow visa application form. Thus, don’t make it difficult for applicants in using the form. You can always add instructions, use words understood by the general public, and insert visual organizers rather than inputting lots of unnecessary words into the sheet. And once you are glad about the output, launch the form now!


What visa application form should be used for temporary travel in America?

The DS-160 or nonimmigrant visa application form would fit best for applicants who wish a temporary stay in the US.

What are the common requirements for a visa?

Generally, visa requirements consist of the following:

  • Passport
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of profession
  • Proof of financial soundness

How much is it to apply for a visa?

Prices change from time to time. But for the US nonimmigrant visa application costs, as of August 2019, they are around:

  • Nonpetition-based visas – $160
  • Petition-based visas – $190
  • E visa – $205
  • K visa – $265

Visa applications are no joke because how a certain country deals with migration and immigration concerns will vary. And some instances lead to the most drastic consequences. Therefore, a visa application form either makes or breaks that travel entry. By ensuring you come up with a form accepted by professional standards, the chances of getting accepted are high. Download sample visa application forms now!