What is an Emergency Supply List?

An emergency supply list is a list of all the supplies that we need to use in case of emergency caused by disasters. It can also be called a survival kit list. Your family can survive disasters by preparing for them. Food supply would be even more necessary when disasters strike.  First aid kit and food for emergency kit should be there. A Red Cross emergency kit or Costco emergency preparedness kit were even more better. It is needed because we will not have the chance to shop as disaster hits. Most of the establishments are also closed in these times. Having what you need in advance, you can survive the disaster whether you will be confined at home or have to be in evacuation.

Things That Should Be in an Emegency Supply List

Prepare a survival list with all these items. Plan to keep supplies for 72 hours or even 2 weeks. These survival kit can make you cope with unexpected things.

Do not forget to have stock of food and water. These comes first of all the basic needs. Be sure to have an emergency food storage. Always have a stock of water in your house. Retain a supply of water for the whole week. This will be better so that you will not lack a supply of water. Fill in empty plastic containers with water for storage, like empty bottle of softdrinks. It is the same with foods. Keep a three-day supply of foods. Store non-perishable foods like canned goods. Choose foods that are easy to prepare and do not need to be refrigerated. Lost of electricity occurs when disaster happens. The foods that you should store are canned meats, fruits, vegetables, milk, juices, instant foods, seasonings, sugar, high-energy food, granola bars, instant coffee, cookies, and food for babies and adults.Store a first aid kit. For unexpected injuries and other things, a first aid kit should be kept. Have a small case or bag where you can put these things: bandages in different sizes, different sterile pads, different tapes, small towels, first aid medicines, antiseptic, thermometer, and gloves.Keep tools and supplies in a bag. There are tools and supplies that are needed in this times of emergency. Keep it together in a bag so you would know where to get it. They are paper cups and plates, plastic spoons and forks, emergency manual, batteries, flashlight, cash, small knife, compass, paper and pen, map of your location, toilet paper, detergent, hygienic things, and disinfectant.Take care of your documents. Your important documents must be placed in a waterproof envelope or container. You cannot afford to lose it because of the disaster. The documents can be your contracts, insurance, passports, cards, records, credit cards, bank accounts, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and other certificates.Keep other special items. Include clothing and footwear in your emergency list. Have in mind the special needs of the members of your family, like your infants or elders. Some of these special things are raincoats, diapers, medicines, babies foods, and things we need for sleeping.

How to Make an Emergency Supply List

Step 1 Think for whom are the list for.

Consider your family and consider how many you are. You are going to have a list of stocks that you can use in a specific time. List enough supply that can give the needs of everyone. After considering the number of your family, you will know how many of those supply will you buy.

Step 2 Consider what disaster you are preparing for.

Think of natural and unnatural disasters. Think how we can get through this. Ask yourself if this disaster will let you stay at home or if your family needed to be evacuated. With this, you can estimate the number of things that you should buy and the needful tools and supplies.

Step 3 Think of your everyday food supply and necessary needs.

Estimate the amount of food that you will need for a particular time. You can have a storage of food for three days or even for a week. List all the important things that we use in unpredictable times. List also the things that we tend to use occasionally in our home. When we know all the things that we need, we will know what we will list in our emergency supply list.

Step 4 Buy the things in the list and do it regularly.

After making the list, buy those supplies. Be watchful when you do not have stocks anymore. Buy constantly. Keep on doing it by rechecking your emergency supply list.


How Will I Store My Emergency Supply?

You can store it in a safe cabinet. You can also be prepared by keeping a bag for your emergency kit. Make an emergency backpack list so the kit will be in a single bag that you can easily carry when disaster strikes.

For How Many Days Should Our Food Storage Should Be?

Store foods that can supply to your family for three days to one week. It is advisable to store extra foods because you do not know what may happen. Keep foods that are non-perishable.

Keeping an emergency kit will not make you afraid of unpredictable times. List all the things that you need in your emergency supply list. We should maintain to have these supplies so that we can pass any disaster. A disaster may happen tomorrow. You may never know. So have an emergency supply list.