50+ Sample Wish List Templates

What Is a Wish List?

A wish list is pretty self-explanatory—a document that enlists all your desires, hopes, or wishes and is typically written in a serial format. This list answers the basic question, “What do you really want?” And you enumerate those wishes when you can think of any wish, just like a bucket list. But in business, wish lists are what shoppers use to list their favorite products or services to purchase. And shoppers can refer to that list once again when they are ready to buy already.

According to the Pew Research Center, the leading wish lists of people in terms of using information to decide in life are to experience unlimited data with their cellphones (50%) and to experience excellent home internet service (48%).

On another note, BigCommerce said that wish lists affect sales and engagement greatly; in fact, around 59% of customers use tablets and cellphones for direct online purchases.

Why Are Wish Lists Important?

You need a wish list to be reminded about your many wishes without forgetting them over time. As stated before, your desires may change so at least writing it down on a list makes it easy to add or deduct any wish. Keep track of them from time to time. Also, wish lists are personalized documents. You have the freedom on how to make it. You can make one whole list of your wishes or divide them into different categories. Another idea is to form a wish list ala to-do list or checklist wherein you put a checkmark to your wishes that already came true. So if everything is marked, you finally got your wishes.

Wish lists are also important for different functions. A common example is to wish for items like clothes, jewelry, toys, video games, etc. Fun fact: Wish lists can affect sales and engagement greatly. According to BigCommerce, 59% of customers use cellphones and tablets for direct online purchases. So if shoppers put their desired items to buy in an eCommerce wish list, they can purchase them online when it is already their birthday, Christmas, or just when they have the money. But, you can also make intangible wish lists. These are similar to goals and objectives for your career, education, relationship, or life in general. Just keep track of your purpose.

What Are the Common Parts of a Wish List?

Yes, wish lists are personalized so there is no fixed format, design, and content for such lists. Lest you need a guide on what the list generally looks like, you can visualize it by familiarizing its common parts. So in this segment, get to know about the standard elements found in a wish list.

Title: A wish list without a title that says ‘Wish List’ might be bemused as any other piece of paper. So be sure to put a clear title in the document used. The key is to use capital or bold letters on the title for more visibility. Also, ensure that its size is noticeable enough and add an aesthetic factor if you want, like some hints of calligraphy to its font. And to expound a bit about the list, just insert a brief introductory statement.Itemized List: A wish list would not be called a list in the first place without the list of items. The itemized list is every wish you will enumerate in the wish list. And a tip to be aware of how many wishes you wrote is to include a serial number. For example, you write: (1) Buy The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes book, (2) Look for a new house, and (3) Purchase a planner for the new year. And don’t forget to add more numbers in case you will add more wishes soon.Price: If most of your wishes are to be spent and you know the estimated value of each item, then you will note the prices. That way, you come up with a price list as a category to your wish list. This section is more rampant in eCommerce wish lists. Stating the price helps shoppers know how much to prepare in purchasing their favorite products.Categories: As a review, a price list is just one category under your wish list. You can come up with your personalized categories depending on your wish list’s purpose and your preference. For example, you categorize your itemized lists with one group specifically for the things you wish to buy, another section for the objectives you wish to achieve, and so much more. You can even have another division specifically for what you want in terms of using information to decide. And fun fact: most people prefer experiencing unlimited data with their phones (50%) and having excellent internet service at home (48%).Progress Checker: Never forget to include a section where you can jot down your current progress with your wishes. An easy idea for your progress checker is to put checkboxes or blanks where you mark your wishes that already happened. And your goal is to put as many marks as you can until your whole wish list will be fulfilled.Notes: Lastly, you can include extra space for your notes section. This part is more of your free space lest you have more things to add along the way. For example, you can write here what you feel about a certain wish or just use it for a multi-purpose space, like a bullet journal. Nonetheless, how you wish to use this space is up to you.

How to Craft an Excellent Wish List

As you have ventured through a wish list’s meaning, importance, and parts, your next concern is to make the wish list itself. Not to worry since wish lists are not any other complicated lists; wish lists are very easy to make. But to ensure that you come up with excellent results, we got you covered. Kindly follow these steps on how to create your own wish list:

Step 1: Take a Look at Sample Wish List Templates

Stop thinking that a wish list is quite a hassle to make because that is entirely wrong. In fact, we have a collection of wish list samples that are sure to make your experience easier in crafting wish lists in no time. Just explore every template above and choose which template you want to work on. And by working on your document means you can freely customize your wish list down from its font, size, design, and many other editable features.

Step 2: Form a Wish List According to Your Purpose

Indeed, everyone’s wishes vary. But the same goes for their purpose of making the wish list. Are you creating a personal wish list that consists of your dreams and aspirations in life? Or maybe just a simple wish list for your Christmas party’s secret Santa? The point is, purposes differ. So make sure you know your main objective so that you can tailor your wish list according to your specified function.

Step 3: Aim for an Organized Wish List

The reason you can edit your template’s format and design is for the sake that you can not only personalize wish lists but also organize them properly. Bear in mind that a wish list with jumbled information may be misconstrued or hard to read. So aim to arrange your details accordingly so it will be easier to follow and understand. In fact, adding more style and creativity is certainly welcome. You would be more inspired to meet your wishes with your preferred designs, whether it is cute, dark, or anything under the sun.

Step 4: Check Your Wish List’s Parts

What renders your wish list to be complete is when it contains its basic parts. Without the title, itemized list, and other essential parts, your wish list may be incomplete. You already know each part as discussed earlier. So ensure that the necessary parts are present. You can also decide how the arrangement goes like if you want to add sketches, charts, or graphic organizers to the list. What matters most is you can finally enumerate every wish you want until you can make them happen soon.

Step 5: Make Your Wishes Come True and Document It

The challenge lies in making your wishes come true. Of course, do not just make your wishes hard to obtain. You have to be realistic. And most importantly, come up with a strategic plan on how to make them happen. You could save more money, find time to work on your dreams, and more. Stick to your wishes and be patient because they will slowly happen as you work hard and smart. Document your progress until you complete everything.


What is a bucket list?

A bucket list is a kind of personal wish list that focuses more on what an individual wants to accomplish before kicking the bucket, or in other words, before you die.

What is a gift registry?

Another popular wish list type is the gift registry. And it refers to a list of goods that could be bought at a store that handles the registry.

What is Amazon wish list?

The Amazon wish list is basically a gift registry in Amazon. For example, you come up with a wedding or infant registry to list your wishes and the people whom you personally know can access that list and may even purchase such gifts for you. And Amazon will eventually deliver such goods to the one who made the list as a special surprise.

To purchase for a holiday gift, to construct a bigger classroom or school, to travel the whole world—anyone’s wish could be anything! So whether you are going for a DIY wish list for yourself or for someone else, what matters most is that there is a clear reference of what wishes to fulfill. And a written document, like from any of our sample wish list templates, is just the right recipe to design, enumerate, and construct your own wish list. Download a template now!