Written Notice for Cancellation

What is a Written Notice for Cancellation

A written notice for cancellation is a letter you send to a subscription provider, a service provider, and even the other party in a contract or agreement. When you feel dissatisfied or no longer in need of the subscription or service, you may discontinue or terminate it by writing them a letter notice containing your sentiments of canceling the subscription or service. Most subscription companies allow subscribers to cancel their subscription provided they notify them a few days in advance. With respect to contract termination, the process of rescinding the same is contained in the agreement itself. Some may include a provision that in order to cancel the agreement, the party wishing to terminate it must communicate his intention before a certain period through a written notice for cancellation that is sent through the mail.

Instances You Will Need To Write a Notice for Cancellation

A written notice for cancellation is a letter you use to communicate your intent to cancel something. Here are some instances where you will need to write a notice for cancellation.

1. Cancellation of an event

Events such as concerts, weddings, social media influencer meet-ups, book signing, religious gatherings, and the likes. A situation might come up where your venue is no longer available. To avoid inconveniences, you should send your wedding guests a written notice for cancellation to inform them that your wedding reception has been canceled.

2. Cancellation of an agreement

Buyer’s remorse is an actual phenomenon. You may have signed the deal feeling that it was fair and reasonable, but the next day you would feel that it is fraudulent and wish that you didn’t agree to it. Or maybe, you thought you had enough money to pay for it, but it turned out you don’t. Well, if the agreement allows cancelation, you should send a written notice for cancellation.

3. Cancellation of a subscription

There will be a day where we will outgrow reading a type of magazine and wish to cancel your subscription to it. Or maybe, you wish to cancel your gym membership because you are no longer using it and it would be a waste of money to keep it. Most subscriptions or memberships allow a cancellation, just ask for the guidelines and steps.

4. Cancellation of an appointment

You may have found yourself in a situation where there is an unexpected change in your schedule that would prompt you to cancel an appointment with a dentist, a consultant, or with your boss. A possible option would be to cancel and reschedule your appointment. As a courtesy, notify the person in advance.

How To Write A Written Notice for Cancellation of a Subscription

Did you know that one-third of Americans are paying for subscriptions without knowing it? You are probably one of those people with tons of current subscriptions that it has become hard to keep up and monitor them. Some people even have to resort to apps to track, monitor and cancel their subscriptions for them. A common step in every subscription cancellation process is writing a notice for cancellation to the subscription provider. If you are in the process of writing one, here are some steps you can follow.

Step 1: Keep it Business Formal

Use business letter format style and font when writing the letter; a commonly used format is a block format style. Avoid using comic sans font when writing a formal business letter. With respect to the tone, keep it friendly and firm. It is best to get to the point and directly state the purpose of why you are writing the letter. Steer away from writing unnecessary and irrelevant anecdotes.

Step 2: Provide Basic Personal Information

The first paragraph of the cancellation letter should contain an introduction or your basic personal information. Introduce yourself by stating your name, a statement that you are a current subscriber, and how long you have been a subscriber. You can also further include other relevant information that you deem necessary like your phone number, email address, mailing address, etc. This is important so they will have the means to contact you whenever they need clarification, questions, or to confirm the cancellation.

Step 3: Indicate the Subscription Account Number

Normally, when you join a subscription or membership, the organization will give you your subscription account number or member identification number. Whenever you need to inquire or have questions about your subscription or membership activities, the organization’s employee or customer service representative will most likely ask you for your subscription account number or member ID to verify in their system. Make sure to write down in your cancellation this number so the representative can verify your account.

Step 4: Give a Brief Reason for the Cancellation

You do not need to elaborate on why you are canceling your subscription. A one-liner reason is sufficient as long as it provides some context to the cancellation. For example, “I will be traveling outside the country and will be gone for a long period of time hence I have decided to end my gym membership as I will not be able to use it.”

Step 5: Ask for Cancellation Confirmation

Make sure to indicate in your letter a request for confirmation of the cancellation. Kindly ask them a reply that the subscription cancellation has been processed successfully. If you paid the subscription in advance, you may also include in the letter instructions for a refund. For example, “Kindly confirm the cancellation of my subscription (or membership) by replying to this mail. You may refund the membership fees paid to my bank account xxxxxxx.”

Step 6: Sign and Send the Notice

End the letter with a closing salutation together with your name and signature. Consider using the words “sincerely”, “best regards”, or “truly”. Place your signature by hand and have the letter send via certified mail.


Can I cancel a contract?

Generally, no you cannot cancel a contract. However, there are some situations where you can revoke your right to rescind it. Contract cancellation or rescission is governed by state law. In some states, you are allowed to revoke a previously signed agreement provided you signify your intention to cancel during the “cooling-off” period. The period is usually written in the face of the contract. Other times, the written agreement may also provide for instances where either party may terminate the contract such as breach of obligations. Most states allow a buyer in a contract of sale to cancel the agreement when there is a fraud on the part of the seller in representing his faulty products. In conclusion, the first thing you should do when you want to terminate a contract is to check the contract itself. Re-read the contents of the agreement and check if you are allowed to cancel it. Some contracts may require you to send a written notice for cancellation days before the actual revocation date. Hire an attorney if you are unsure of the language of the agreement.

How long do I have to cancel a signed contract?

It depends on what you contract it is you have signed. According to federal law, a buyer has a right to cancel a contract with a door-to-door salesman within three days from signing. The law acknowledges that a person may change his mind, also known as “buyer’s remorse” hence, the law has given the consumer a three day right to cancel a sale made at his doorstep. The process involves writing a cancellation notice to the salesman or his company within the time allowed. Make sure you retain a copy of the notice or letter to cancel, and most importantly always send the letter by certified mail with a return receipt. You can use that as evidence later on.

Is there a difference between cancellation and termination of a contract?

Both terminologies are often used interchangeably. But if we speak on technical terms, there is a hint of difference between the two. Termination of a contract usually means revoking or rescinding an existing contract such as a lease agreement, loan agreement, or buy and sell agreement. It involves a contract that cannot easily be canceled without breaching the contract itself. On the other hand, when we speak of cancellation of a contract, it usually refers to a contract that contains a cancellation clause. Some contracts that have built-in cancellation clauses in them are gym membership, insurance policy, a magazine subscription, etc.

Can I cancel a membership over the phone?

It depends on the organization’s policy. Some memberships will require you to formally send a written notice for cancellation before 30 days from the actual date of cancellation, others may allow for an over-the-counter cancellation or cancellation via text or phone call. It would be best if you go through your membership agreement and check the cancellation guidelines. If you cannot find your copy of the membership agreement, try and call the organization itself and ask for the requirements on how to cancel your membership. Even if you have successfully canceled your membership via phone call, you should also consider emailing them a written notice for cancellation just to be sure. You can use the mail receipt as proof of cancellation.

How do I cancel a debit card subscription?

The first thing you need to do is call the company or banking institution where you applied for your debit card subscription. Ask for the guidelines on how to end the subscription. Usually, they will ask you to send a written notice for cancellation or stop payment order request letter. Once you have complied with the requirements, make sure to monitor your account for any activity linked with the subscription.

Whatever reasons you may have for canceling a membership, subscription, agreement, or appointment, consider sending a notice for cancellation in advance as a courtesy to the subscription provider or to the other party. You can find sample templates above to get started in writing your letter. All you need to do is browse through our website, find a template you like, download the file in your preferred format, edit it according to your specifications, and print it.