What is a Warning Notice?

A warning notice is a letter that is given to an employee, student, tenant, or any person who has committed a failure to adhere to the policies of a company, school, organization, or agreement. It is to warn them that there will be a consequence to their actions like termination of the agreement or dismissal from the organization or company. A warning notice is common in companies when their employees committed misconduct and have to be corrected through disciplinary actions. It would be a need to give a warning notice at work when employees are not behaving properly like when they are always being late or absent at work.

An employee warning notice is given by HR to an employee who has wrong behaviors in the company. The warning notice is to let the employee know that if he or she will not amend his or her actions, he or she will be dismissed from the company. So, a warning letter is given before the company will take final action to terminate an employee. The warning notice is a reminder to every employee that they cannot have unprofessional behavior in the company. Any wrongdoing that they can commit deserves punishment if they will not amend their behaviors. A warning notice can go together with a verbal warning reminding the employees to correct their actions to not be terminated in the company.

A warning notice is also called a warning letter. Some examples of it are a disciplinary warning notice, warning notice to a tenant, warning notice to an employee for misconduct, warning notice to an employee for absence, warning notice to students, warning notice for not attending the meeting, early warning notice, parking warning notice, community protection warning notice, and warning violation notice. Even in car parking, a warning notice can be given when you are violating the parking agreement that you have with the lessor or when you do illegal parking. A landlord can also give a warning notice to his or her tenant when they are not doing the terms of a tenant agreement. Eviction can take place when they still commit bad actions with the apartment or property that they are renting.

As an employee of a company, if you do not want to receive a warning notice, you should ensure that you will do the right actions every time. Be sure that you can have professional behaviors all the time. You should not ignore the warning letter because it can get you terminated in the following days if you continue to do your bad actions. It is on your side to have caution after you have received the warning notice. Be sure to not commit the same mistakes again. If you have received a warning notice, take it as a good way to reprimand your actions and fulfill your work duties in the right way. You will not want to have dismissal after you have given the warning notice. So, take it as a chance to change your behavior so that you will not lose your place in your organization or company.

Benefits of a Warning Notice

If you are an HR staff, maybe it is a little hard for you to fill up an employee warning notice form to warn employees of a possible dismissal if they will not correct their actions. But you should know that a warning notice can settle everything. It may be the solution to the problem and you can get benefits from it. Read and consider the following benefits of a warning notice:

Having Good Management: By using a warning notice, you can implement good management in your company. Your employees will become unruly if they will not receive a warning letter after committing unprofessional behaviors in the company. To show them that you have definite rules and policies in the company, you must send them a warning notice after they have committed an unruly mistake in the company. You have to show that you are implementing strict management in your company and they cannot do everything they please. You have the HR department to correct them if ever they commit a mistake. All their actions should be amended if have found guilty of misconduct and they cannot do bad actions all the time.Gives Boundaries: The warning notice is a good representation of the boundaries that your employees have to consider in the company. It is proof that they cannot do everything they want. If ever they commit some mistake, there will be a sure consequence to their actions. They must remember that they should have to make a good performance every time, following all the standards of the company. If their performance will be poor, a warning notice can be given to them so that they will work better. There are boundaries that they have to remember in keeping the standards of the company. They have to strictly follow all the standards so that they will not be found lacking and be worthy of a warning notice.An Evidence that You Care: A warning notice shows that you care for your employees. It is how you can show them that you can give them a chance every time that they commit some mistakes in the company. You will not just terminate them after committing misconduct. You will just reprimand them for their wrong actions and you are waiting for them to change at once. It is one way to show your employees that you want them to stay in your company so they just have to amend their deeds. By giving a warning notice, you can let your employees know that you want them to work well in your company. You are willing to still receive them if they will correct their actions. At the heart of your warning letter, you can show the desire to keep your employees in your company. You just have to remind them that they should do something to benefit the company.Having Connection to Employees: You can maintain a good relationship with your employees through the warning notice. You can have open communication with them. Through the warning notice, you can let them know of their wrongdoings and you can reprimand them as a good work colleague or a good friend. A good connection with your employees can be maintained. Sometimes, it is hard to connect with your employees and you do not know how you can make them improve with their work. The warning letter can help you to point out to them their mistakes and can let you remind them to make their work better. It can be a good means of communication so that both of you can do everything for the benefit of the company.Being Fair to the Employees: Certain laws state that you cannot just terminate employees in their work. A warning notice is proof that you are following this thing. Besides, you can show fairness by sending a warning notice first. You will not just terminate someone after committing misconduct. You are going to remind them first to amend their actions. You are giving them a chance to change. If they can correct their behaviors, you are willing to keep them in the company. They will not face dismissal unless they will keep on doing their bad actions after the warning letter. The warning notice is a way how you can make your employees change so that they will not face termination in their jobs.Gives Authority: You can implement the right authority in your company if you will issue a warning notice in times of misconduct or misbehavior. This is to let your employees know that they are not free to make unprofessional behaviors. You can implement your standards and policies better if you can make the employees see that they can receive a warning notice if they will not keep the expectations of the company. You can hold your employee responsible for all their actions in your company. The role of management in your company will be clear to the employees. They will know that if they will commit some mistakes, HR is there to reprimand them.

Tips on Warning Notice

The objective of a warning notice is to balance everything in the workplace. Justice should also be ensured in the workplace. So, a warning notice is a must so that you can keep the company’s standards and maintain the well-being of the employees every time. Anyway, do you want to have some practical tips on warning notice? Consider and have the following tips:

Be Clear: You have to know that you need to be clear in the warning notice. You should write clearly the misconduct that the employee has done. For example, if the employee has been consistently absent, you must put the dates when he or she is absent. You should also provide some proof that the company is contacting him or her at those times. You have to clear the rules that the employees have broken. You should point out the failure that they have committed to meet the company’s standard. You cannot send a warning notice that is not definite. You need to state the true mistake of your employees.State Your Findings: You have to be fair in giving the warning notice. You need to let the employees know that you have done a fair investigation of their case. You have to point out to them the rules that they have broken. You can do it by reminding them of the things that are written in the employee handbook. Emphasize the boundaries that they have crossed. You have to let them see that they truly made a mistake and they have to correct their actions.Be Consistent: In implementing good management of your employees, you need to be consistent. If they have committed misconduct, be apt to correct them. Do not wait for them to do it so many times. After a few offenses, or even at the first offense, you must send them a warning notice. They should know that they are misbehaving in the company and the company has the right to terminate them if they will not change. This way, they will fear misbehaving in the company. So, show consistency so that you can correct your employees.Insist on Employee Ownership: You have to let your employees know that it is their responsibility to correct their actions. You have to explain to them that if they will not be responsible for their actions, the company can do nothing but terminate them. The company will only respond to their continuous misbehaviors. So, they have to take ownership of everything that they will do in the company. They should keep the company’s standards if they want to stay in the company.

How to Write a Warning Notice

Are you looking for a warning notice template? Are you going to write a warning notice? We can help you in writing. Read and consider the following:

1. Speak with the Employee

The first thing that you have to do is to speak with the employee. Confront the employee about his or her misbehavior. The employee has the right to have a verbal warning before or together with the warning notice. Ask the employee what is going on with him or her. This is the first thing that you can do to solve the problem.

2. Write the Warning Notice

The next thing is you have to write a warning notice. Be sure to complete its components. Write the date when it is issued. Include the employee reference details like the employee’s address, name, and employee number. Make a heading confirming that it is a warning letter. State the exact information about the poor performance of the employee. Justify your sanctions. Then state a clear expectation that your company has from the employee.

3. Send the Warning Notice

After you have written the warning notice, you must sign it. The signature of HR or management should be written on it. After that, you can send it to the employee who has committed bad actions. Then, wait and see if the employee will amend his or her actions. If the employee will not change, then you can proceed to his or her dismissal.


What is a PIP?

A PIP (performance improvement plan) is a tool that gives opportunities to employees succeed in their work. It is a little different from a warning notice because it focuses on the poor performance of the employees regarding their work.

What you should do when you receive a warning notice?

When you receive a warning notice, the very thing that you should do it to amend your actions. Stop doing the things that you know are bad for your organization, school, company, or your agreement.

It may be sad when we receive a warning notice. But we have to remind ourselves that it is our fault that we have given that kind of warning. We have to correct our misbehaviors and do what is right always. Anyway, are you looking for a template for a warning notice? This post has 20+ SAMPLE Warning Notice in PDF | MS Word. If you are about to create a warning notice, you can use any of them. Download now!