What Is a School Notice?

A school notice is one of the many documents covered in school when you need to share information or announce something shortly. It is often used to notify students, teachers, or parents about a holiday, school admission list, student-teacher orientation, parents’ day, exam schedule, field trip, and other forms of school-related announcements. And school notices may either be given privately to the targeted audience or displayed on the official school notice board.

According to the Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College (ARSD), the word count for notice writing is only 40–50 words but only counted in the body of the notice.

Why Are School Notices Needed?

From the name school notice itself, you can already tell that it is important among schools and educational organizations. But why do you think it is necessary? Truth be told, there are a lot of factors that prove the importance of school notices. And here are some of the main highlights:

Spreads Information Fast

A school notice is the perfect piece of a document to use when you need to announce or spread information quickly. Just like any notice form, the details inside notices are straightforward. That means you can easily outline the subject, data, body, and the rest of the key elements of a school notice. Also, notices work as reminders regarding what people should be aware of. So at least you can remind your target group about something pronto rather than taking too long.

Short but Formal Way of Communication

The best thing about a school notice is how it gives the right balance of a brief yet formal approach to communication. Remember that it is written in a more formal tone than using sticky notes but less formal than using lengthy school letters. At the end of the day, it is still a school document so knowing how to write it professionally is crucial. Also, the document used as a school notice is small itself so you need not shoehorn a bunch of details into a small document.

Practices Your Skills to Make a Summary

Do you want to put your skills in making summaries into practice? School notice writing can help you achieve that. When a topic, event, or project is too detailed and you need to create an executive summary about it, writing a notice makes it easier. Long paragraphs are no longer necessary in a notice since you can simply enumerate the who, what, when, where, why, and how of any school matter. Take this opportunity to learn how to simplify details into shorter words.

Covers a Variety of Possible Topics

School notices may open about any information related to a teacher-parent meeting, lost and found, class summer camp schedule, exam results, independence day celebration, half-day exam, summer vacation, admission fee, and so much more. With that said, the notice’s content would differ according to purpose. And it is very important for school notices to be specified in terms of what they are meant for to prevent wasting time in sharing a message.

The Essential Parts of a Proper School Notice

You might be wondering what makes up a school notice. Remember that there is not only one way to format a school notice, especially when a notice’s topic could be of any matter. For example, a lost and found notice would include highlight details related to the lost and found item name and identification marks whereas an educational tour notice would tackle the different venues, objectives, and fees in the process. Nonetheless, standard school notices usually contain the following parts in the layout:

Notice in the Title: A school notice should be distinguishable with a proper title. The word “notice” should be visible there so your document needs not to have a long introductory statement. Although the title “school notice” is enough, you can specify it further according to the subject such as a school meeting notice, school lost and found notice, school exhibition notice, etc.Institution/Organization Branding: To maintain an official or uniform school notice exclusively for your school, don’t forget to add your school branding. That means the official school logo, address, contact numbers, website, and other branding elements are displayed in the notice for identification and marketing purposes.Heading: The heading marks the subject of the school notice. What is the school notice about? The gist of the school notice must be written in capital letters for distinction.Date: For formality’s sake, write when the school notice was actually written. Write the complete date or schedule from the time, day, month, and year. This will help you and the readers determine whether the school notice was recently made or is already outdated.Recipient Information: To whom is the school notice for? Mention the target group of your audience under the recipient information whether they are students, teachers, etc. If you are not sure of who the target is, conduct an audience analysis so you will know who to write for. Thus, school notice writing will come off easily when you know your target audience.Body of the Notice: The main meat of your school notice is the body of the notice. This part is where an accurate and complete set of information is crucial. Insert your statement of purpose, what is going to happen, who to contact for further details, and other important specifications here. Make sure that in the body, readers have all the information to understand your message. You can write in sentence form, bullet form, or table form, depending on which is more convenient or easy to read.Writer’s Name and Signature: Of course, readers would wonder who wrote the school notice in the first place. So as the writer, input your name, position, and signature to identify yourself. Just like in writing a business letter, the standard format is to write your full name in print with your signature on top.Remarks: Leave extra space to write remarks at the very end of the notice. This section is reserved for notes, feedback, and other last-minute additional information needed to write in the notice. You never know when it will be needed so at least prepare a space to be ready.

How to Write a School Notice

In running a school, expect to come across different school notices from time to time. And without a uniform or standardized school notice format, communication may be misconstrued. So be sure to make school notices that meet the appropriate expectations. And here are the steps on how to write a proper school notice:

Step 1: Leverage a Sample School Notice Template

Writing a school notice from scratch is old school. Use sample school notices instead. These free and premade templates help you create school notices quickly. More so, you are allowed to customize the template in whatever layout, format, or presentation you prefer. There are even loads of templates you can choose from such as sample prior written notice, sample copyright notice, sample payment notice, sample termination notice, sample notice of intent to homeschool form, and more. Check it out!

Step 2: Prepare the School Notice’s Parts

From the title, branding, heading, date, down to the remarks section, be sure to insert the basic parts of a school notice, as previously discussed. These sections basically complete your school notice anyway. Also, dividing your notice’s details into parts or sections makes the school notice as an easy-to-follow document. Don’t just throw away every detail into the notice without properly arranging them. And if you like to add more useful sections, you can apply that as well.

Step 3: Focus on the Important Points Only

Always remember that you are not writing a long detailed letter in a school notice. Notices are supposed to be short rather than detailed. But at the same time, don’t make it too short that the essential aspects are missing. The key is to really be more straightforward and focus on the important points a lot. If you miss the crucial points in the school notice, then you failed to write it. So before even writing the notice, you should have enough background of what you are writing about first.

Step 4: Highlight the Striking Factors

One way to help readers not miss the most striking details in a school notice is to highlight those important words or phrases. For example, you underline or use bold letters in writing the school meeting venue, the school field trip date, the school admission form requirements, and other key elements worth noting in the school notices. So when the important words are highlighted, underlined, or bolded, they will be easy to catch the eye of readers.

Step 5: Write Professionally

Keep in mind that since a school notice is an official document concerning the school, write it professionally. But it doesn’t mean you have to write with complicated technical terms as if you are pursuing heavy academic writing. Simple English will do. Also, the standard professional format for school notices is to be written in passive voice. And according to ARSD college, a notice should only follow the 40–50 word count in the body of the notice.


What are the five Ws in a school notice?

In a school notice, you are expected to answer the five Ws. What is about to happen? Where will it happen? When will it be? Who is eligible or can attend? Whom do you contact for authority?

Where else can notices be posted?

Besides giving a notice document to the target audience or posting it on the school bulletin board, notices can also be published in magazines, newspapers, government display boards, and other public places.

What are the types of notices?

The common types of notices are the actual notice, constructive notice, judicial notice, funding opportunity notice, administrative law notice, previous notice, public notice, and resignation notice.

How long should you consider for a notice period?

According to Indeed.com, the proper way is to leave at least one week of notice period to the employer if you have been employed for more than a month but still less than two years. Hence, only give out at least two weeks of notice if you have been employed for several months already.

Just like a school memo, a school notice either involves good news or bad news. Except for being related to school matters, you can never really guess what a school notice is about unless you see the notice document itself. So it helps to shower these notices with clear, direct, and the right amount of data that won’t mislead readers. And sample school notices are the best premade templates you can depend on to make sure every school notice you produce pays off. Download and optimize a sample school notice template now!