What is a Work Notice?

A work notice is a letter that contains the status of the work of an employee. It is given in times of resignation, termination, or change of a schedule. If there is something that will change regarding your work in a company, you will be given a work notice. Nowadays, the work notice is commonly given through email. The most basic form of a work notice is the work notice that can be given with a resignation letter. It is given by employees to their company to inform them of the upcoming resignation. It is a notice that relays the time that the employees can still work for the company. The notice is usually given two weeks before the employee will actually leave the company. This is for a good reason to not leave their post immediately in their work.

Writing a work notice may be easy for employees. You just have to explain a good reason why do you want to leave the company. And of course, you have to write a work notice in advance. It should be given in advance to your company before you will actually quit your job. Usually, after you have given a work notice, you still have to work for the company until the last day that you have mentioned in the notice. So, a resignation letter should be given before you will leave the company. Give the company a 2 weeks notice or 30 days period before leaving them. Do this as your last courtesy to the company.

A leaving work notice is an honest thing to do as a professional. You should not leave your work post just like that. You have to think about the company who has helped you to have a living for years. A two-week or 1-week notice will be good before leaving them. Let them have the chance to find a replacement for you. Wait for someone who can work in your absence. Even at times that you can be given a stop work notice, you still have to stay at the company for a short time. We cannot leave our job so instantly. That would be unprofessional.

The work notice is a short letter that contains your reason why you will leave the company. It also expresses your gratitude to the company for hiring you for months or years. As an official letter, it can be handwritten or typed on a computer. Be sure that it will be a formal letter. Any employee should know how to make the right work notice. The work notice period should be good enough for your company to find your replacement. Be sure to give a fair work notice period. It will be better if you will leave your company on good terms.

Tips on Work Notice

Are you looking for a work notice example? Is it because you want to have some tips that you can use in writing a work notice? Well, this post has got you covered. We can share with you some good tips that you can use in your work notice. Read the following tips:

Have an Exit Interview: An exit interview can be good for you. Let your supervisor make an exit interview with you. You can share your feedback about your work. If there are some things that you want to say to your company, then you will have the opportunity to tell them. You can tell them what motivates you. You can share your thoughts about your job position. You can also ask for feedback from them. You can ask them what they think of you as a team member. You will know the good things that you have done at work. You can have feedback that you can use in your future work. An exit interview can also make a good goodbye to your supervisor. You can talk for a while about your company and your reasons why you want to leave the company. You will know your performance and you will know your areas of growth when you have worked in the company.Be Concerned with the Transition: Do not leave your company just like that. You have to think of what will happen in the workplace when you are gone. You can talk about the work transition with your team members. You may want to leave a message to them about the work that you are going to leave. This can do a lot for the company. The workforce will surely work like before even if you are gone. So, you have to consider some things in your workplace. How are you going to leave unfinished works? What are things that your team member have to know regarding your work? Be concerned about the transition that is about to happen. You can leave some words that can take care of the job to your team members. Or if you can meet the replacement on your job, you can do something to train him or her before you leave. Teach your replacement the things that he or she has to know. This way, you can leave your company without compromising any work in the workplace.Meet with HR: You should meet with HR to discuss some things regarding your work. There are things that you need like your certificate of employment and other things that may be important for you in the future. It is your last days at work. So, if you ever have some important things that you need in your company, you have to fix them while you are in the company. You may even want to settle your separation pay. Request all the necessary paperwork that you need like paperwork on your benefits and insurance. They may be harder to settle after you have left the company. So, while you are still in the company, you have to do everything that you have to do. You can ask the advice of HR about this. They may tell you about the things that can be of importance to you. Besides, it will be your last days. You should meet with HR to thank them for all the time that they have assisted you while you are in the company.Make a 30-60-90 Day Plan: You should make a plan while you are leaving the company. Being jobless is a serious thing. You have to think about your future. What will be your future work? What will you do next? You have to create a 30-60-90 day plan that can guide you after you left your work. This can make you be goal-driven. You can find great actions to have a new position. Planning is important so that we can see what we desire. If you want to immediately have another job after you leave the company, you should have a plan that can direct you with the steps that you can take. Where are you going to apply next? What income do you desire to have? Know your preferences so that you can achieve your goals. Set goals that can make you be successful. By having a plan, you will not notice it and you will be working for a new company that can be better than your last job.Thank Your Boss: Before you leave your company, you must thank your employer. Be sure to thank your boss and show gratitude. You have worked for him or her for a long time. You have paid your bills with the help of your boss. This is something that you should be thankful for. Have the courtesy to thank your boss. If you will do this, you will be on good terms with your employer. Who knows if you may need to work for him or her again in the future? It is better to have a good relationship with your employer even up to the end. If your employer will be asked about you, you can be sure that he or she will tell good things. Besides, you should show gratitude always so that you can leave a good name to everyone. Be nice even up to the end of your business relationship.Ask for Recommendations: You should ask for recommendations before you leave. You can request a recommendation letter that you can use in searching for new jobs. This is something that you should get from your employer. Some jobs require recommendations before they can hire employees. So, do not lose your chance to ask for recommendations. You may not have the chance to do it after you have left your company. Go to HR and ask for a letter of recommendation. It is better to have it while you are in the company. When you are gone, HR may be too busy to find time for you. It may take you days before you can have it. What if you will need it immediately for your new job? So, while you have an opportune time, get recommendations from your company.Answer Questions: In the work notice, be sure to explain why you are leaving your company. But be also prepared for the questions that you can get if they will ask you why you are leaving. Be sure that you can say good things. If your boss has questions, be sure to tell the truth. If they will sense that you are lying, you may not have a good reputation from them that you can use if ever your future employer will ask them about you. Even if you have issues in the company, you must tell the truth to your employer. Explain your reasons and they will surely understand. If you are having a good offer from another company, be polite to tell your boss.

How to Write a Work Notice

Do you need a work notice template or a work notice letter template? Are you going to write a work notice? if you are about to resign and you do not know what to do, we can help you. We can offer you some steps that you can use in writing. They are the following:

1. Make a Subject Line

The first step is to create a subject line that will identify your purpose. Under the subject line, you must include your name and address. You should also put the date when the work notice is written.

2. State Your Resignation

After your primary details, you must state your request for resignation. You should politely inform your company about your resignation. If you do not know how to do this, you can refer to templates so that you will have an idea of what things are you going to say. You can choose the right words that can make your notice look professional. Find templates on the internet and select the best one that can suit your taste.

3. State the Date of Your Last Day

Then you should mention the date that you will leave the company. It will be the last day that you will work for them. You should give a work notice period. The period can be 1 week, 2 weeks, or even a month. Sometimes, the work notice period is stated in your employment contract. In this case, follow the period that is written in your contract.

4. Mention the Reason for Your Resignation

The next thing is you have to explain your reason why you are resigning from the company. You must explicitly explain your reasons so that your employer will understand you. Be truthful in telling your reasons. You should be honest so that they will understand your reasons.

5. Show Gratitude

You should add a statement of gratitude to your employer. Pay this courtesy because your employer has employed you for a long time. Show them that you had good years with them. Being thankful is a good thing to show that you are a good person.

6. Put Your Signature

Close your letter with a good note. Then, sign the letter. Your signature is important because a work notice is a formal letter. After that, you can email your work notice to your supervisor or HR manager.


When should I give the work notice?

The work notice is given 2 weeks in advance of your resignation date. Some submit the work notice 1 week before or even 1 month before.

Is a work notice important?

Yes, it is important. Through the work notice, your company can be informed that they will lose an employee. Because of that, they can find enough time to find a replacement for you.

Sending a work notice is a good courtesy that you can pay to your company. Be responsible not to leave your post just like that. Consider the workplace and the welfare of the company where you have worked for years. Well, do you need a template for a work notice? This post has 20+ SAMPLE Work Notice in PDF. They can help you to write a great work notice. Download now!